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    I have both The World BSPQ, and The Heirophant BSDV. They are a perfect pair. Both sweet in their own way, love each other and show lots of affection. But the vocal one is slightly more annoying. Love her anyway.... i know its not fair but my BSPQ is my soulmate cat.

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    "Feline Purrsonality."
    It was already worth clicking the link just for that!

    BSPV (Bold Social Compliant Vocal)

    Bold and Social, the BSPV cat enjoys adventure and companionship. It is easy to make friends when you meet a confident cat with a vocal communication style, who actively seeks attention. When her vocal style includes a large vocabulary of pleasant chirps and mews, the BSPV can be the 'perfect' cat. However, if your idea of the 'perfect' cat is a quiet house quest who is pleasant but undemanding, the BSPV cat may be too needy for your tastes. When her vocal communication style is loud and repetitive, with a limited vocabulary, this attentive cat may drive you nuts.

    As a kitten the BSPV cat is likely to be the one that meows in greeting, runs over to you, climbs into your lap, and steals your heart. If you like a conversational cat, go for it. If you prefer a quiet household try to find her quiet counterpart, the BSPQ kitten. Whenever possible, acquiring two kittens will make it easier to satisfy the social needs of the BSPV or the BSPQ. Bold, social, compliant cats generally live happily in groups. Sociability in cats is not indiscriminate however. Who and what any cat chooses to befriend is dependent on mutual compatibility and previous experience. BSPV/Q cats are just easy to get along with so the chances of forming friendships is greater than with some other temperament types.

    Even though the BSPV is a compliant cat, she may actually be intimidating when you attempt to do things to her (like trim her nails or groom her) because her vocal commentary may sound more angry and reactive than she actually feels. Once a kitty learns that you are easily intimidated, even a compliant cat can dictate your behavior. Siamese cats have a bit of a reputation for being difficult in a veterinary exam room. Actually they are often just vocal cats, and are not necessarily any more likely to bite, scratch or struggle than any other cat. BSPV cats express their opinions out loud. It is perfectly reasonable to expect that a vocal cat will make less than happy sounds when placed in a potentially threatening situation. Over reaction to their vocalization can result in a confrontation rather than a pleasant exam. If your veterinarian or other experienced cat handler recognizes that your BSPV cat is just expressing her opinion, they will find her to be quite manageable.

    That's her alright.

    My kitty cat Babe.

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    Default Type Your Cat - Based on MBTI with cute tarot card names for the personality types

    Have a cat? Let us know which one...

    Type Sorter

    I have....

    The World & The Heirophant

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    I got BSPQ (Bold Social Compliant Quiet)
    Is there something similar for dogs?
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    Oh, you're literally supposed to type your cat. I answered as if I were a cat. Mine is probably about the same though -

    BSPQ (Bold Social Compliant Quiet)

    For most people this is a cat with a delightful temperament. A confident, easy-going, quiet, friendly cat, whose bold nature may cause him to get into mischief, but his charming, compliant attitude makes you love him anyway. The SPQ cats, whether bold or cautious, are often the 'beloved' cats in your life. Because he is bold, the BSPQ cat does not require the patience of an experienced cat lover to reveal his social inclinations. This kitty tends to have a repertoire of cute endearing gestures that he uses to get attention and initiate contact. Unlike his vocal counterpart, he is rarely annoying or perceived to be demanding. He may physically interfere with a project by laying on your computer keyboard, book, or newspaper, or by knocking beads, papers, tools, or other craft items on the floor. When he wants your attention at least he is quiet about it. Once he does get your attention, he then puts on a 'cute act' and disarms your anger over the interuption.

    The BSPQ will most likely be a charming kitten. Bold and friendly, he welcomes attention and is likely to investigate anything or anyone new to his environment. Being a compliant cat, he will probably allow you to pick him up, unless he is feeling particularly frisky and playful. It is often a good idea to acquire kittens in pairs, this is especially true with bold social kittens who may be bored and lonely without a companion. The BSPQ will generally do well in a multi-cat group. He is probably pretty flexible when it comes to indoor or indoor / outdoor lifestyle choices as long as his indoor environment is sufficiently stimulating. Bold social cats need adventure and companionship, it would not be fair to leave him alone in a small apartment for long periods of time.

    Your BSPQ cat will generally accept a reasonable amount of manipulation; so grooming, pilling, nail trimming and the like are not a major ordeal. Not only will your veterinarian be able to work with this cat, but you will also be able to follow through with treatment at home. However, a very bright BSPQ cat may make you feel as though he is always one step ahead of you. A master of the subtle art of body language, he will be able to read you like a book. Before you know it he will have you trained. He is a bold cat so clapping hands and verbal admonishments will probably not discourage unwanted behavior. As with most cats, encouraging appropriate and desirable behaviors is a matter of negotiation rather than a declaration of law.

    The BSPQ is often the cat who is able to make a cat lover out of a skeptic. He is the cat who can cause a person to sheepishly recant previously stated notions about the undesirably of cats as friends and beloved companions. This is the cat who most often elicits the declaration, "I've always been a dog person, but this cat is different!"

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