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    The Girl Next Door
    51% Sexy-Cute, 53% Dark-Light, 60% Artsy-Stylish

    Cute, neither Dark nor Light, and neither Artsy nor Stylish. This sounds like a blah category, right? Oh, my, no. The Girl Next Door has been the subject of more dirty fantasies than you could possibly count. She's so sweet, and innocent, and infinitely corruptible. Every morning you glance out your window hoping she'll have forgotten to draw the blinds. You may feel bad about it, but you know you'll be doing it again tomorrow.

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    Your result for The Your Type of Girl Test ...
    The Bettie Page Girl
    51% Sexy-Cute, 34% Dark-Light, 70% Artsy-Stylish

    Cute, Dark, and Stylish, the Bettie Page Girl is a rare but fascinating combination. How does one look innocent while leaning over a table in a black leather teddy? Not sure, but Bettie knew how, and her disciples seem to have it down as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    My result for The Your Type of Girl Test ...
    The Debutante
    60% Sexy-Cute, 64% Dark-Light, 76% Artsy-Stylish

    Cute, neither Dark nor Light, and Stylish, you'll find the Debutante at high-class New York parties, making the rounds. She'll have a glass of champagne in one gloved hand, her hair perfectly coifed, her makeup exactingly applied. Her slinky, perfect little black dress keeps many an eye firmly on her, wondering what lies beneath.
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    The Favorite Friend

    57% Sexy-Cute, 81% Dark-Light, 54% Artsy-Stylish

    Cute, Light, and neither Artsy nor Stylish, she's that friend we've all had. The great girl. The one we've been friends with since the third grade. The one who laughs at our jokes and sends funny text messages. The one with whom we secretly, desperately want to crawl under the covers and spend the next eighteen hours naked.

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    Girl Next door
    57% Sexy-Cute
    53% Dark/light
    52% Artsy-Stylish

    no surprize to me but interesting test anyway

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