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Thread: DISC Profile

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    your profile type is Analyzer

    D 57

    R 35

    O 43

    C 64

    General Description
    As an Analyzer, you tend to seek perfect outcomes in all of your plans and projects. In many situations, you “take things apart” in your mind and think about ways to do them better. You excel at this kind of mental examination, but you may tend to see family and friends as “projects,” rather than as people.

    Typical Areas of Strength
    Analyzers, like you, tend to be analytical, logical, direct, confident, and they like new challenges. They excel at seeing the larger vision, creating efficient methods and procedures, and listening carefully for the facts.

    Typical Areas of Struggle
    Due to your tendency to focus on tasks, you sometimes show a lack of sensitivity to the feelings of family members and friends. When you are sharply focused on a task, you may come across as being overly critical, judgmental, blunt, or impatient with others.

    Your Preferred Activities
    To maximize your talents, you look for situations in which you can offer logical solutions to complex challenges, and you evaluate and make the necessary changes to assure the desired outcome.

    Your Communication Style
    You tend to provide insights and direction by teaching, managing, clarifying, and advising.

    Well, that's interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReflecttcelfeR View Post
    I didn't take the test, but it gave me the type 'Transition'. Everything was in the middle.
    you've got to click back to the main page to take the test... I was initially busy swearing at the computer for taking me to the "transition" page instead of the test page... it's evil I tell you! :steam:
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    General Description
    As a Networker, you enjoy new people, new situations, and new environments. You build relationships and interact with an ever-widening circle of contacts outside of the home. You tend to enjoy using your verbal skills and wit to be engaging and persuasive.

    Typical Areas of Strength
    Networkers, like you, are normally strong communicators. You are outgoing, engaging, lively, optimistic, gregarious, persuasive, fun-loving, enthusiastic, and inspiring.

    Typical Areas of Struggle
    You may sometimes be prone to talking too much, being disorganized, impulsive, too emotional, too optimistic, or exaggerating. Sometimes you tend to overcommit and overlook key details.

    Your Preferred Activities
    Because you function best when given the opportunity to influence, meet, or entertain others, you need variety and opportunities to present your new creative ideas along with a minimum of detail work.

    Your Communication Style
    You thrive when given the opportunity to communicate new ideas, concepts, or the latest information to a group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    you've got to click back to the main page to take the test... I was initially busy swearing at the computer for taking me to the "transition" page instead of the test page... it's evil I tell you! :steam:
    Oh... well. thanks.

    I got Encourager.

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    Good retest reliability for me. (Unlike MBTI.)

    Profile type is Motivator

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    I took the test, and got transition.
    As indicated on the graph above, most of the scores for this profile fall in the Mid-Range section of the graph. A single Mid-Range score normally indicates a mixture of traits from each end of the continuum for that factor. When there are three or more scores in the Mid-Range, it is unclear which behaviors will be most prominent. Since this pattern of Mid-Range scores falls outside the parameters for any of the sixteen standard Blended Profiles, a complete report is not available.

    It is certainly possible for someone to be as flexible as this profile would indicate. However, for most people, this set of scores reflects a temporary condition or situation, rather than the individual's natural personality. Significant events, life changes, and periods of transition can temporarily mask the individual's ability to render a valid self-appraisal. If this is the case, some causes may be as follows:

    1. Significant changes or transitions in key life situations such as career, health, relationships, geographic location, or finances.

    2. Pressure to meet multiple expectations in the current environment.

    3. A conscious or subconscious attempt in taking the assessment to be "everything to everyone."

    Having this pattern of scores is not a cause for alarm. In fact, during situations as described above, a Mid-Range Profile is a very typical outcome. The passing of time usually gives the individual a clearer focus on his or her natural behaviors. Retaking the Personality I.D. Profile at a later date should provide more definitive and helpful results.
    although the data from the chart shows this:

    Directing- with a score of 53
    Reserved- with a score of 45
    Objective/Supportive- down the middle, score of 50
    Conscientious- score of 53


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    I'm a networker, too. That's probably right. I love to talk.
    I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my spout. Every time I steam up, I give a shout. Just tip me over and pour me out.

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    A 52 D
    R 33 I
    O 51 S
    U 63 C


    Finally getting around to my first DISC test. This was actually the second system I had heard of after the Galen temperaments. A friend of ours who my wife tested with the APS had suggested we take the DISC on some site. For some reason, we held off. There were a lot of these unofficial tests online, and my wife wanted to find the official one.
    In the meantime, I study the concept, and find it is basically an expressive/responsive system just like APS. (And then I lost interest in taking it, since it was basically the same thing). [edit; my wife said we did take a fake one, so I'll have to look for the printout in some folder somewhere. See? Don't even remember that].

    Expressiveness is Assertive/Passive and Responsiveness is Open/Controlled. A/P is obviously extroversion and introversion, and Open/Controlled would fit people/task. The types fit the factors and correspond to the Galen temperaments as follows:

    Dominance: Assertive, Controlled (Choleric)
    Influence: Assertive, Open (Sanguine)
    Steadiness: Passive, Open (Phlegmatic or Supine)
    Conscientiousness: Passive, Controlled (Melancholic)

    Those are the original names, and different tests rename them, keeping the same initials.

    Afterwards, I discover the similar Social Styles model, and then numerous others using basically the same matrix of expressiveness and responsiveness, under different names, but always yielding the same four or five types, under different names. Eventually, I learn about MBTI type, and find this same matrix mapped to it in the form of the Interaction Styles. Then, I was set to correllating all the systems.

    So this version of DISC I had never seen before, as it doesn't simply give you one letter for a type, but treats all four letters as separate scales (like MBTI's dichotomies), with "opposite" letters (AROU) and provides "type" names. (Have to find out how many types, and what the names are).

    So I imagine the way to determine which of the four letters you are is the one you scored highest on.
    So for me, it's C, at 63. That's Melancholy, but it makes sense for me, as this test does not distinguish between social and leaderships skills, so my Supine-Choleric traits will blend together into a sort of Melancholy. D was next in line at 52, and S neck and neck at 51. So that pretty much covers my Supine-Choleric.

    I once did see a site offering DISC combined with another instrument, with DISC being social skills and the other one (whose matrix was shaped like a triangle) measuring leadership skills. I'll have to find that again. Probably wasn't free, anyway.

    Here is a site that links the ancient temperaments to Keirsey's and DISC like I do:
    Temperament and Personality

    BTW, the creator of DISC, William Marston, later went on and created the character Wonder Woman.
    APS Profile: Inclusion: e/w=1/6 (Supine) |Control: e/w=7/3 (Choleric) |Affection: e/w=1/9 (Supine)
    Ti 54.3 | Ne 47.3 | Si 37.8 | Fe 17.7 | Te 22.5 | Ni 13.4 | Se 18.9 | Fi 27.9

    Temperament (APS) from scratch -- MBTI Type from scratch
    Type Ideas

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    Personality I.D. is a free, fun, fast and accurate personality profile sponsored by Career Direct®
    lady x - your profile type is Motivator





    General Description
    As a Motivator, you excel in blending your high energy and enthusiasm with the desire to achieve goals and results. Your superior communication skills enable you to effectively motivate others and mobilize them to action.

    Typical Areas of Strength
    Motivators, like you, are passionate, highly interactive people who love to achieve, influence, and relate with others, especially large groups. You thrive on variety, changes, new challenges, and opportunities to convince others of your viewpoints. You point to the future with great optimism.

    Typical Areas of Struggle
    You sometimes may push your strengths to the extremes; and you may exhibit weaknesses, such as exaggeration, hyperbole, becoming too emotional, or overlooking key details. You may then begin to be controlling, impatient, or impulsive.

    Your Preferred Activities
    Because you demonstrate a desire to achieve and be recognized, you function best when you have frequent people interaction and have opportunities to set ambitious goals.

    Your Communication Style
    You communicate through your superior verbal abilities and combine your zeal and passion to motivate others to action. You sometimes need to wait for other family members to catch-up to your ambitious goals.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    General Description
    As a Harmonizer, you excel at promoting harmony and cooperation within a family.Your natural instincts are to help and support others in carrying out tasks and building cooperation in the process.

    Typical Areas of Strength
    Harmonizers, like you, foster a cooperative atmosphere by seeking ways to help, carrying out duties, completing tasks, and encouraging others in practical, tangible ways. You relate well to others and excel as mediators and at conveying care and compassion.

    Typical Areas of Struggle
    You may sometimes compromise principles or convictions in order to maintain harmony or preserve a relationship. You have a tendency to vacillate, resist change, or be too naive or passive in certain situations.

    Your Preferred Activities
    Because you demonstrate superior people skills, you are well suited to promote interaction with individuals or small groups of people that need your help.

    Your Communication Style
    You communicate by being a good listener, offering helpful words of encouragement, and performing thoughtful acts of kindness.


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