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    The Patron Saint's Heart
    Dependent, Realistic, Passionate, Indulgent

    You are the most protective of hearts, the Patron Saint. You crave love and value harmony with your match. You are passionate and rambunctious, but at the same time you are observant and down-to-earth about your relationships. You care deeply for those you love and will watch over them as a guiding light. You are sensual and enjoy the fiery aspects of a relationship, but can also be needy and value you and your partner as one. For this reason, you will always be on guard to protect those you love.

    REALISTIC? really?

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    Heart of Gold
    You are 60% Independent, 80% Idealistic, 80% Intimate, and 60% Indulgent!

    The Heart of Gold
    Independent, Idealistic, Intimate, Indulgent

    You are the most loving of hearts, the Heart of Gold. You possess all the most loving qualities, intimacy, the desire for closeness, and an idealistic view of love. At the same time, you are not bound by love, and so stand on tall on your own. You know you will find love and aren't worried about not acquiring it - it is only a matter of time, and you are happy in the meantime waiting. You are the purest of all hearts, loving and self-assured, as complete and whole as a heart can be.

    Matches for the Heart of Gold:

    The Slave to Emotions
    The Slave to Emotions values all your ideals of love, but is more dependent on it than you are. This if okay for you, because though you're independent, you also want to be loved and being loved so much makes you happy. The Slave will definitely appreciate you for loving them, and you will appreciate them in the same way, making for a very strong match.

    The Heart on Sleeve
    The Heart on Sleeve is idealistic and intimate, just as you, but desire love and is more prone to want conflict. But being the loving type that you are, you can put up with this,k as you know their true nature, and will come to respect them for not holding back their true emotions.

    Your exact opposite is Soldier of Fortune.

    Avoid Realists, who may not live up to your ideal standards, and perhaps Explicits if they do not live up to your ideals of love, but there are few types you don't get along well with.


    Yea baby, Austin Powers would be proud ! Gold omg, argh

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    Oh well.
    "You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him."
    Norm MacDonald

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    You are 60% Independent, 70% Idealistic, 40% Intimate, and 50% Indulgent!

    You are the most fervent of hearts, the Lively Heart. You have high ideals for love, but follow the beat of your own drum. You are passionate and aren't afraid to speak your mind. You have chutzpah, energetic, spirited and outgoing, and someone who believes in true love. You want to find love on your own terms, and you plan on finding that perfect mate.
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

    8w9 sx/so

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    Your result for The Heart Test...Lord's Heart

    70% Independent, 10% Idealistic, 30% Intimate, and 40% Indulgent!

    The Lord's Heart
    Independent, Realistic, Passionate, Explicit

    You are the most proud of hearts, the Lord's Heart. You are down-to-earth and stand on your own two feet. You rule a relationship with an iron fist. You are passionate and know what you want and know what is important to you in terms of love and romance. You are not the mushy type, but are self-sufficient and dignified, the sovereign of any relationship you enter.

    Matches for the Lord's Heart:

    The Pragmatic Heart
    The Pragmatic Heart mirrors you in every way, but is more intimate than passionate. You will find the Pragmatic's independence something you greatly respect, as you are independent yourself and aren't very needy. You will also appreciate the Pragmatic's more intimate nature, which will provide a nice contrast to your passion. You can count on the Pragmatic to care for you, but to not be too clingy, leaving you the freedom you desire.

    The Reclusive Heart
    The Reclusive Heart matches your independence and realistic nature, but is more intimate and cares more about harmony. The only difficulty here is making sure you put in the time to make a relationship work, as the Reclusive will not want much conflict. But you will appreciate the Reclusive's self-sufficiency and caring nature, but you will have to bend a little to be more of a partner than a leader.

    Your exact opposite is The Slave to Emotions.

    I think I fit as the pragmatic heart about the same... but none of the descriptions really fit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Donna Cecilia View Post

    I´m a Lady. Still, the test result is accurate.
    Yes, a bit biased, isn't it?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    And this test made me want to puke on myself.
    LOL mhmm... some of the questions were so sappy-like that I thought bugs were going to attack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    I like how the Lord's Heart is not recommended for anybody. It gave two recommendations to me in the result, but none of the other Hearts were recommended the Lord's Heart.
    Wow really? Kind of funny, but just because we're not the mushy type doesn't mean that no one can love us.

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    Meh... the results sound so boring.

    Your result for The Heart Test ...
    Heart of Gold

    You are 60% Independent, 60% Idealistic, 60% Intimate, and 60% Indulgent!
    My stuff (design & other junk) lives here:

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    The Healer's Heart
    Independent, Realistic, Passionate, Indulgent

    You are the most altruistic of hearts, the Healer's Heart. You are realistic in your approach to love and value your independence. At the same time you are very passionate about love and want to do whatever in your power to make things run smoothly. You will relieve whatever pain you can in your mate. At the same time, you recognize the need to be there for others as well. Still, you will always be there for your mate and will never hurt them if you can help it.

    Matches for the Healer's Heart:

    The Lonely Heart
    The Lonely Heart wants to be loved, but may not know how to go about it. Your healing nature will bring out the hidden aspects of their heart and you will appreciate their intimate nature and need for love, and associate with their realistic views and want for harmony.

    The Broken Heart
    The Broken Heart needs to be loved, which is fine with you, but they also can be a bit quarrelsome, something you may not like. But your healing nature should help them with this, and your independent nature can allow you to give them the space they need to cool off. Ultimately, you will find it very rewarding to be the one to mend the Broken Heart, and you will come to cherish them.

    Your exact opposite is the Heart on Sleeve.

    Avoid Independents when you can. You are independent yourself, but aren't happy unless you are helping others, so you need those who need you to be fulfilled in a relationship. Explicits may also be difficult to get along with as you value harmony, but you should be able to work it out.

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    You are 60% Independent, 40% Idealistic, 100% Intimate, and 50% Indulgent!

    The Pragmatic Heart
    Independent, Realistic, Intimate, Explicit

    You are the most practical of hearts, the Pragmatic Heart. You very much so value the depth of a relationship, but at the same time you are individualistic, know what you want and don't settle for anything less, and are practical and reasonable. You like to scrutinize another's heart for defects and will only settle for what you deem worthy of your love, and you have much love to give. Only those who will respect your analytical nature will you open your heart to, otherwise you are a closed book.

    Open your heart and i will take it apart ,either to repair it or examine its inner workings.

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    You are 20% Independent, 10% Idealistic, 90% Intimate, and 30% Indulgent!

    The Broken Heart

    You are the most easily hurt of hearts, the Broken Heart. Your need for love and your want for intimacy makes you a very loving type, but your down-to-earth vision and direct and self-serving attitude can make it difficult for others to be with you, ultimately leaving you with a broken heart. Your sensitive nature can easily be hurt when you are rejected for your more practical and conservative beliefs.

    seems to be not very common.

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    Patron Saint's Heart
    You are 40% Independent, 50% Idealistic, 50% Intimate, and 80% Indulgent!
    It's entirely possible and realistic to live your life in such a way that you don't accidentally rape people. ME
    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. FEYNMAN
    If this is monkey pee, you're on your own.SCULLY
    You have to let the metaphysical guy chase you. ABIGAIL

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