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    Well, I know (at least) 5 other people with my birth day. We do have some things in common. We're all very lively and excentric, but somehow we all have a very calm vibe. This especially counts for the two other people who I know of that they were born on the exact day as I (one of them is a silent wigger who always has strange haircuts and always says what he thinks, the other is a very calm and funny but dumb right wing extremist).

    The Birthday Profiler — Personalities Described for All 366 Days of the Year
    SIGN: 8º-10º Libra
    STRENGTHS: Witty, Charming, Attractive
    WEAKNESSES: Cutting, Repressed, Fearful
    Those born on October 2nd don’t mince words. They are usually very candid about their opinions and rarely leave much to doubt when it comes to expressing where they stand on a given subject. One is generally more impressed by their reserve, however, and by their skill in framing concise, pointed, and witty remarks. Those born on this day not have to get angry or even emotionally upset to let you know how they feel.
    October 2nd people run the risk of being too sharp or pointed in their remarks. Consequently, they can arouse antagonism among those who do not know them well and take their words too literally or personally. Often, October 2nd people are not fully aware of how devastating their comments can be, directed to sensitive and thin-skinned people. Sometimes they can be accused of being quite ruthless in both word and deed.
    October 2nd people have a certain grace, underlied by charm or raw power which impresses others. They should not be mistaken for softies, because they are very tough inside, particularly when it comes to matters of survival. Their attacking capability is equally matched by a resilient defense, and therefore they do not make good enemies for anyone to have. Those born on this day can sometimes have problems with their aggression – at one time overly shy, at another overly assertive. In their younger years, October 2nd people may also have a thing about violence, either being disturbed by it or prone to indulge in it. In this, they must learn to be less obsessed and cultivate an inner calm and equilibrium. It is of great importance that those born on this day express disapproval, negativity, aggression, and ambition in a way that does not put others off, or leave doubts about ulterior motives.
    Often, October 2nd people can be found with a hint of a smile on their lips and a twinkle in their eye. They like nothing more than entertaining or being entertained. The humorous thrust of their often dry, sardonic wit is evident, and it may well be that others are the butt of their jokes, rather than themselves. Indeed, those born on this day are rather thin-skinned when laughter is directed at them, and in this respect have a double standard toward humor.
    The extreme sensitivity of an October 2nd person is often masked or armored by either a forbidding or light playful exterior. Both of these disguises may well hide their true natures, as they are very adept at using wit, distancing, or aggressiveness in order to direct attention away from their inner selves. Only those very close to them may ever see their emotional vulnerability.
    HEALTH: Those born on October 2nd must be careful not to attract violence, either personal or accidental, due to suppression of aggressive impulses and/or fear of injury. If they are of the more aggressive type, they must also beware of hurting others. Psychological counseling may prove beneficial to October 2nd people in helping them discover what makes them tick and how they may correct their attitudes and behaviors. Those born on this day must particularly beware of accidents involving the back and abdominal organs. Above all, they must not believe themselves invulnerable. Settled physical habits, a balanced diet, and mild-to-moderate exercise will help keep them in line. They should avoid going overboard in any of these areas.
    ADVICE: Don’t hide behind your public persona. Allow others to see you as you really are. Work to lessen fears and cultivate self-confidence. Find the right balance in expressing negativity. Your bark may indeed be like a bite to other people. Let others into your life.
    MEDITATION: Silence can be more powerful than speech, not as a weapon but as a means of quieting the mind and reaching the Self.

    I think this is actually really accurate for me and all the other October 2nd people I know.
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    SIGN: 5º-7º Leo
    STRENGTHS: Observant, Loyal, Concept-Oriented
    WEAKNESSES: Opinionated, Clannish, Restricted
    Those born on July 29th are highly adept at sizing up the characteristics, potentials, morality, and accomplishments of those around them. In addition, they are often able to make very impressive predictions about the outcome of dynamic processes within their family, society, or organization. Those July 29th people involved in the competitive world of business, politics, government, or the military also tend to be shrewd assessors of foreign entities and/or opposing forces.
    One difficulty attendant to this birthday, of course, is that in making observations about cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities, those born on this day may somehow contribute to stereotyping or prejudiced thinking. Many July 29th people tread a fine line in this regard. Sometimes they have a blind spot concerning the group to which they themselves owe their allegiance; most often, they are more correct about the other groups they observe than about their own. Their patriotism, it seems, can cloud their objectivity.
    The metaphor of patriotism can, of course, apply to other loyalties, perhaps for sports teams, companies, social set, etc. Within their circle, July 29th people function well as organizers and planners of events. Those born on this day usually take great pride in their children, mates, and relatives, and place importance on social functions that involve the whole family. They tend to be particularly protective of their own conjugal family unit, defending it against any threats to its integrity or material security.
    Because of their knowledge of group character and relations, July 29th people may prove to be excellent arbiters in disputes. Understanding the culture of representatives and negotiators gives them an immediate insight into how to approach the parties concerned, including various protocols. As classroom teacher, social workers, labor mediators, or political party workers, those born on this day can be extremely valuable.
    Of course, since July 29th people have a tendency to place individuals in groups and categories, they can sometimes overlook important individual differences. As parents, they must insure that they treat their children as individuals, and encourage individuality in general. Due to their exceptional group loyalty, those born on this day may forget that they too are individuals of free will who need to be decisive in their personal lives. Too often, they relinquish responsibility and accountability for their mistakes, and in fairness, credit for their successes, to groups to which they belong; in doing so they may lose sight of their personal ideals and fail to develop their own ideology.
    HEALTH: Some born on July 29th are overly concerned with hereditary illnesses suffered by their parents or siblings and are unfortunately convinced that they too are bound to a similar fate. They may also perceive their addictions, psychological instabilities, or deficiencies as familial. Many diseases are indeed genetically transmitted, but July 29th people must recognize that even in such cases lifestyle and health choices are a factor and that treatment, rehabilitation, and overcoming disabilities are not a matter of genetics but active processes. Being structure-oriented, July 29th people usually subscribe to the wisdom of a particular diet and sleep pattern, and generally have a sound idea of health care.
    ADVICE: Try not to overgeneralize; remember that each person is an individual. Do not neglect your own personal process. Be proud of your heritage, but don’t wrap yourself in it.
    MEDITATION: Forget to remember; remember to forget.

    Mine is nothing like me.

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    SIGN: 28º Taurus - 0º Gemini
    STRENGTHS: Exciting, Innovative, Expressive
    WEAKNESSES: Overly Talkative, Undisciplined, Unfulfilled
    Whatever it is that May 20th people like to do, they like to do it a lot. These are people who really can’t keep what they’ve got inside – they’ve just got to let it out! Moreover, they are not content to express themselves in a vacuum but must bring their prodigious energies to bear on all around them. Examining, probing their environment, they subject ideas to the rigorous examination of their keenly analytic minds. Perhaps they would be bottled up in their hands, were it not for a very strong physical side which also cries out for expression.
    It seems as if those born on this day must seek amusement to keep from being bored. This can put a strain on those around them, who sometimes feel cast in the role of entertainers. Since May 20th people are very outwardly directed, they may not take the time and trouble to get to know themselves. Yet this is essential for both their spiritual and emotional evolution. May 20th people may find themselves accused of superficiality, as some born on this day do indeed skim along the surface of life, never putting down deep roots anywhere. But for other May 20th people, this perception has more to do with their interests being so wide-ranging or their output so high that their sincerity or profundity is called into question.
    Many born on May 20th are addicted to travel, whether it be globetrotting or just getting out of the house and going somewhere. When their pace gets too frenetic, however, it is inevitably followed by a partial or complete breakdown. Indeed, much of their energy manifests as nervousness, and though they are capable of successfully producing time after time, they are more apt to express themselves in periodic bursts of energy.
    May 20th people tend to be enthusiastic, yet also highly critical. This mental outlook manifests as quick thinking but also endless worry, and is particularly susceptible to fears of all kinds. Indeed, many May 20th people have a mind that is like a motor that will not turn off, often connected to a mouth that works the same way. Two spiritual lessons that they must learn are, first, to still their mind, to empty out, and second, to stand back and observe themselves at a distance. If May 20th people can master the meditative and objective lessons, they will proceed on their evolutionary path. If not, they will get bogged down in an endless mental mess of unrealized dreams and broken-down schemes.
    One of the principal characteristics of May 20th people is that they jump from one project to another with alarming speed. They learn quickly, but after reaching a plateau of proficiency often move off to something fresh, a new challenge. “Variety is the spice of life” may well become the credo. However, the most successful of May 20th people often restrict themselves to one discipline in which they can exercise a variety of abilities of talents. They learn that having set something up, it is necessary to stick with it and administer to it as well – in a word, maintain.
    HEALTH: Where the health of May 20th people is concerned, stability is the watchword. Dancing, regular sex, childbearing, or physical exercise may serve to ground them in their bodies. In addition, the responsibilities of a family, and the role of provider, promote stability, and lend structure to their lives. The use of drugs (tranquilizers, sleeping pills) may be temporarily helpful when recommended by a physician, but must not become a long-term solution to nervousness or insomnia. Of course, hallucinogenic of all sorts should be eyed with extreme caution. As far as diet is concerned, if May 20th people are eating on the run or bringing home take-out food, they may have to take food supplements to provide the vitamins and minerals lacking in their diet. A good daily dose of vitamin C is recommended.
    ADVICE: Observe yourself living. Meditate. Find your center and remain in touch with it. Turn off the motor. Limit yourself to the task at hand whenever possible, and finish what is on your plate.
    MEDITATION: In the human sexual arena, roles can be quickly reversed.

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