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    SIGN: 13º-15º Taurus
    STRENGTHS: Caring, Warm-Hearted, Stable
    WEAKNESSES: Self-Denying, Resentful, Unfulfilled

    Those born on May 4th are destined to impart to others what they have learned through study or experience. Whether they teach formally in a school or not, they will pass on the ins and outs of their field of expertise to those who work with them or seek them out for coaching or advice. Although they may appear mild-mannered, May 4th people have a magnetic power which frequently lands them in positions of responsibility. Rather than being leaders, however, they should seek to be part of a team.
    One of the legacies of this day is a propensity for risk-taking. Many May 4th people do not discover this tendency until late in life when they feel a pressing need to change in order to further their spiritual growth. May 4th people seem anything but compulsive – in their calm, often conservative appearance they belie the gambler within. Their risk-taking need not be physical, but rather a daring to dream, have new ideas or break the mold. At some point in life they will have to confront this challenge.
    Again, because of a mild, pleasing exterior, May 4th people may be mistaken for an easy touch. They are, however, strong enough inside to withstand exploitation and also possessed of tremendous stubbornness and a severe temper. Thus, May 4th people are not always what they seem. Although tractable, diplomatic, and agreeable in most situations, they can dig in their heels and refuse to budge over important issues. Their ideals are extremely dear to them and are rarely compromised.
    May 4th people have inner stability and nurturing natures which attract those seeking guidance and support. Therefore, they must beware of devoting all of their time to others (families and friends) or investing their entire personalities in the betterment of organizations or causes. They may be quite happy doing so, but after so many years of dedication can come to resent such responsibilities and long to be free.
    Those born on this day generally handle retirement well, as it is a period of time in which they are at last free to attend to personal interests. May 4th
    people are often late bloomers, perhaps daring to make one single life change (in their forties or even fifties) which will bring them success and happiness they never thought possible.
    May 4th people are dependable and there to help. Their statements are made less through words than through example as they believe strongly in manifesting their beliefs in action. Sensible and down-to-earth, those born on this day are happiest when at home, creating a beautiful atmosphere in which to live.

    HEALTH: Those born on May 4th must guard against energy depletion, often a result of the excessive demands of others. Regular eating and sleeping patterns are necessary for maintaining health and happiness. Raising children is often of great importance to those born on this day and the highest expression of nurturing talents. All forms of beauty have a highly positive influence on the health of May 4th people; deprived of it in their surroundings, they will suffer physically as well as psychically. Due to their Taurean love of food, those born on this day have to control their appetites; they can gain weight in a short period of time if they let themselves go. Mild forms of exercise such as walking and gardening are good for them. May 4th people must take special care of their vocal chords, particularly if speaking or singing is part of their profession.

    ADVICE: Avoid being too self-sacrificing; pay more attention to your own needs. Have faith in the ability of your children or dependents to go it alone. Don’t worry so much about your image to the world; express what you feel. Remember that you won’t get anywhere without daring to fail.

    MEDITATION: Only the painting feels no desire.

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    Mine is very accurate - but wait - this is astrology - ...
    I read my friends' profiles too, even the strengths and weaknesses fit.

    My strengths: Electric, Creative, Influential
    Weaknesses: Maladjusted, Unstable, Self-Destructive

    Sounds like me.
    And the profile fits 90%, a very NF profile.
    But I know other people who were born on Jan 19 and one of them is INTJ and I doubt he would fit this same profile.

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    SIGN: 7º-9º Leo
    STRENGTHS: Observant, Expressive, Visual
    WEAKNESSES: Anxious, Disturbed, Isolated
    Those born on July 31st take a special interest in what it means to be a human being. Philosophical and moral questions concerning the nature of humanity absorb them, especially where unusual and abnormal aspects of people are concerned. Consequently, no question concerning the behavior of humankind is off-limits to them, and rarely will a subject be too upsetting to examine and discuss. Stories of persecution, imprisonment, tyranny, and torture may hold a fascination for those born on this day, as do martyrs, saints, and other highly spiritual figures, and their acts of kindness and courage. This is not to suggest that those born on this day reserve their interest in humankind to the exceptional alone; on the contrary, they are also absorbed with the everyday life, customs, and habits of people.
    July 31st people have a great need to share and communicate what they have learned. The more introverted personalities born on this day often record their impressions in writing (diaries, letters, essays) or fine arts, particularly drawing and painting; extroverted July 31st people may wish to make their contribution through direct social interaction. In either case, there is a marked descriptive or visual talent associated with those born on this day. Both the introverted and extroverted types often display an interest in promoting their notions of ideal men or women, and the ideal society.
    Most July 31st people put their work ahead of all else, which may not always make them the favorite of their family and friends. As family members, they are not infrequently the subject of controversy and the object of criticism. Some July 31st people may even choose to live alone precisely for this reason; it is as if they are too much involved with mankind in general to have time for a great deal of personal interaction.
    Those born on this day generally have a practical, realistic outlook, but may tend at times toward the pessimistic. If their assessment of life around them becomes overly negative and ten gets turned inward, it can make for true unhappiness. Thus the realism of July 31st people can be valuable and healthy but must never become a destructive negativity. Those born on this day must remind themselves that the immediate world around them can be greatly improved through their efforts, and that their dedication to more universal social issues may be of less usefulness. Perhaps practicing daily acts of kindness themselves constitutes their best chance of becoming the ideal human being they so greatly admire.
    HEALTH: Those born on July 31st must beware of neglecting their health. They may be so taken up with the welfare of others or in intellectual concerns that they forget about the importance of a balanced diet, healthy sleep patterns and constructive physical exercise. A well-balanced diet, with a high proportion of grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and a moderate but regular protein intake is suggested. Endless ruminations may cause insomnia if July 31st people are unable to “clear their screen” at bedtime; recapitulation the day’s events is wise. Any healthy pursuit that helps take them out of such a pattern, such as reading, meditation, or perhaps sex or conversations, is a good idea. The above-mentioned interest in human behavior and interaction makes team sports attractive to many July 31st people but unless professional athletes, those born on this day should keep their involvement at a moderate level.
    ADVICE: Don’t let pessimism occupy a central position in your life and work. Your realism should not be a prescription for unhappiness. Share your knowledge and bring insight to those around you.
    MEDITATION: All words are lies or approximations.

    So my birthdate says I should be an INFJ or something?
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    The Birthday Profiler — Personalities Described for All 366 Days of the Year
    SIGN: 20º-22º Cancer
    STRENGTHS: Daring, Goal-Oriented, Stalwart
    WEAKNESSES: Impulsive, Unforgiving, Self-Denigrating

    The lives of July 13th people seem to revolve around maximizing opportunities for success. Less highly
    evolved people born on this day don’t recognize their chance when it comes or continually make false starts,
    resulting in setbacks or outright failures. Most July 13th people, however, have a feeling for kairos (the right
    time for something to happen) and through a single opportune move may set themselves on a path leading to a
    full expression of their abilities with commensurate monetary or spiritual rewards.
    Less highly evolved people born on July 13th may come to think of themselves as unlucky, which is not
    only devastating to their self-confidence but may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. More successful July 13th
    people rest easy, confident that their time will come, regardless of their temporary setbacks or slow progress;
    their self-confidence and self-esteem rarely waver, even in times of great trial.
    Successful July 13th people may start at rock bottom but as long as they are moving up, they are content.
    In this respect, they are like patient and stalwart mountain climbers toiling their way to the top. At some point
    in their ascent, they may need to take a high-stakes gamble or series of calculated risks as a result of which they
    are able to proceed with even greater alacrity. Fate has a way of rewarding them for their risk-taking, which can
    be as extreme as leaving everything they have and know behind to emigrate to a new country, quitting a regular
    job to go into business, or setting out in an entirely untried new direction. Their courage in risking total failure
    is sometimes bolstered by the fact that they may have nothing to lose in the first place.
    After formulating a project or founding a business, July 13th people usually stick around to run it and
    reap the benefits as well as the trials, tribulations, and sometimes the losses. Should they be totally wiped out
    financially or face defeat in their endeavors, they most often simply put their affairs in order and begin to try
    again in another field – they are not the types to cry over spilled milk.
    The families of July 13th people have to trust in their risk-taking instincts. If the mate of someone born
    on this day is not understanding or supportive enough, the relationship will come under enormous stress and
    most probably fail.
    July 13th people are capable of being faithful friends. However, they are not the most forgiving types
    and in extreme cases can dump a fair-weather friend quite unceremoniously with a “friends to the end – and this
    is the end” attitude. Those who become involved with July 13th people must watch their steps, for those born on
    this day don’t have a lot of time for duplicitous nonsense.

    HEALTH: July 13th people must beware of accidents and psychological stress during periods of radical
    transformation; perhaps they see their objective clearly but overlook their own delicate physical or psychic
    state. To break down just as the goal within reach would be truly tragic, so they should use their periods of
    slow build-up or recovery to better their health, through improving their diet and engaging in regular exercise.
    Usually, July 13th people are curious about all sorts of foods, and make excellent cooks if they invest the time.

    ADVICE: Always wait for the right moment; this is your great strength. Like a trigger, know when to lie still
    and when to leap. Your patience will be rewarded. When you make your move, give it all you’ve got. During
    to fail is your key to success – don’t bad-mouth yourself.

    MEDITATION: Everything is changing all the time, from one moment to the next.

    i don't understand how there can be typos in such they not proofread wth
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    The Birthday Profiler — Personalities Described for All 366 Days of the Year
    SIGN: 29º Leo - 1º Virgo
    STRENGTHS: Intense, Poised, Technical
    WEAKNESSES: Self-Involved, Detached, Emotionally Blocked
    Those born on August 23rd often stand aloof from life, and thus appear to be detached and cool. Whether due to disinterest in mundane affairs or preoccupation with their own needs and wants, they can strike others as selfish. In reality, they are not so much selfish as self-involved, thoroughly taken up with their interests and what they wish to accomplish in life.
    Many August 23rd people are adept at making money and amassing material possessions. Ultimately, however, it is their need to lead or direct those around them which is more important to them. Those born on this day tend to be compact, driving, intense personalities completely focused on their goals. The means they employ to accomplish their ends are most often straightforward and bluntly effective. Most people who stand in their way back off, but of course not all; thus, August 23rd people can arouse powerful antagonisms.
    This does not mean, however, that those born on this day are necessarily outgoing personalities. On the contrary, they prefer to be left alone with their work and their projects much of the time. Though in interpersonal relationships and jobs they demand autonomy and are rather aggressive in fulfilling their needs, their attitude is generally live and let live, as long as they themselves are not impinged upon.
    Technical skills are often granted those born on August 23rd. They have a knack for discovering how things work, are often handy around the house, and generally bring expertise and a command of the medium to whatever profession they choose. They are able to focus their incisive mental powers on the material world with which they are so intimately involved. However, they tend to be rather possessive both with regard to objects and people, and therefore must learn to be less controlling. Their need to express kindness and love finds a ready outlet in altruistic acts, particularly since they enjoy being helpful in most situations.
    August 23rd people have tremendous stores of energy as well as a combative streak; they will rarely back down from confrontation. Often they see themselves as defenders of the weak or disadvantaged, but must not get too enthusiastically involved in such protective behavior (when it is not warranted). It is essential that those born on this day learn to control and constructively direct their energy, hopefully during adolescence. Perhaps their highly competitive, aggressive urges can be well sublimated in sporting activities and exercise of all types. A love of excitement may lead August 23rd people to associate with exciting people, whether free-spirited types who bring out their wilder side or solid individuals with whom they can have a relaxed time.
    HEALTH: Those born on August 23rd are prone to various psychological difficulties, the most common being emotional inhibition. Too often, their feelings are conveyed in an abrupt manner or, in extreme cases, they can withdraw into a shell and become numb to pain. Psychological counseling is strongly recommended for those August 23rd people suffering from such difficulties. As far as diet is concerned, August 23rd people may not be able to handle excess sugar, although they often crave it, and this sensitivity along with potential food allergies should be kept in mind. As mentioned above, vigorous and regular physical exercise is highly recommended for the intense people born on this day, particularly competitive sports; such competition not only provides a chance to experience the thrill of victory but also an opportunity to demonstrate grace in defeat.
    ADVICE: Try to stay sensitive to the feelings of others, but more importantly get in touch with your own needs on a deeper level. Keep aggressive urges under control while remaining uninhibited. Make a conscious effort to give unconditionally. Don’t lose yourself in material concerns.
    MEDITATION: The greatest achievement of a truly ambitious person may be simple kindness.

    Couldn't be more off.

    'Cause you can't handle me...

    "A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it." - David Stevens

    "That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is."

    Veritatem dies aperit

    Ride si sapis

    Intelligentle sparkles

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    SIGN: 16º-18º Sagittarius
    STRENGTHS: Romantic, Fiery, Energetic
    WEAKNESSES: Misdirected, Fantasy-Dominated

    Those born on December 9th are active, imaginative individuals who love to be in the spotlight. To them, life is a romantic adventure, involving daring exploits and surprises. More than most, they must feel that they are the star of the show, the central character in the drama that is their life.

    As children, those born on this day are commonly quiet, sensitive types with a highly active sense of fantasy. The exciting, heroic roles they assume in their imaginations while young can become models for a much more extroverted adult persona. Those adult December 9th personalities who lead quiet lives usually continue to fantasize about bold and daring exploits. They may have to (sooner or later) recognize their need to express themselves outwardly if they are to be happy. Thus, overcoming shyness and inhibitions is an important theme of this day.

    Many December 9th people live in a highly subjective world, where their perceptions of a given situation can vary greatly from those of their friends, associates, and families. For example, others may be quite satisfied with the status quo when a December 9th person sees an obvious and pressing need for change. This may be due to the heroic orientation mentioned above which tends to make for a rather uncompromising personality.

    To their children and lovers, those born on this day can be bold protectors, battling the dragons of this world and giving no quarter. Such a role can be difficult to live up to, as rapidly evolving circumstances make for changing needs and concerns. Thus, if December 9th people wish to remain in such a role, their idea of what it means to care for those dependent on them must be equally flexible and adaptable. This may also mean taking on responsibilities of a less-glamorous and immediately-satisfying nature.

    If aggressive qualities of December 9th people do fully emerge, they must not be allowed to run riot, since such behavior can alienate loved ones and colleagues alike. In addition, those born on this day must learn to put the lid on their volatile tempers which, when they erupt, can cause damage that is difficult or impossible for them to repair.

    Achieving a maturity which brings consistency and a sense of calm is perhaps the greatest challenge for December 9th people. Meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles is an inalienable part of their personalities, but learning to give and take in an easy manner, accepting circumstances as they unfold without dramatizing them unduly, will contribute greatly to their personal evolution. By growing into wiser roles which come with advancing age, they will have to leave some of their active, ebullient, but also adolescent attitudes behind. As they become more philosophical about life and objective about themselves, they will be increasingly effective and useful to others.

    HEALTH: More overt December 9th people must try to soften and guide aggressive impulses. More covert types must avoid escaping to a romantic dream world and repressing aggression. Sometimes this repression inexplicably attracts personal violence, break-ins, or damage to their houses. A process of self-discovery aided by psychological counseling can be extremely helpful to both types. Vigorous physical exercise (gymnastics, aerobics, running) is recommended, but care must be taken in connection with martial arts.

    ADVICE: Dare to be ordinary, too. You don’t always have to be the star. Discover the joys of inner peace; live and let live. Don’t let anger build up – find a positive way to alleviate it. Keep your feet on the ground.

    MEDITATION: True heroism can be demonstrated in having the strength to face up to one’s own ethical and spiritual shortcomings.

    The weaknesses listed at the beginning, ethical shortcomings, volatile temper, and the desire to be always in the spotlight, don´t apply to me at all.

    "An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise."
    Victor Hugo

    LII/INTj (Analyst) - 1w9 Sp/Sx - RC|O|EI - Melancholy/Choleric

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    SIGN: 16º-18º Scorpio
    STRENGTHS: Physical, Insistent, Open
    WEAKNESSES: Impulsive, Troubled, Materially Stuck

    Those born on November 9th face a tremendous temptation to give themselves completely to the here and now, to earthly pleasures of all types, and to submerge themselves in an unremitting search for experiential highs. They are often completely caught up in the excitement of what they are doing at the moment, and thus not fully aware of dark forces that may be operating behind their drives. For those born on this day to look themselves squarely in they eye is a tremendous and potentially rewarding challenge, as is learning how to direct their prodigious talents and energies in a constructive and productive way.

    Temptation itself figures as a major theme in the lives of November 9th people and along with it corresponding moral dilemmas involving upbringing v/s adult experience, societal v/s personal morality, etc. Usually the ethical instincts of those born on this day are well-developed so, when they sin, they are fully aware of what they are doing. Nevertheless, some born on this day may reach a point where they are only able to find satisfaction, whether mental or physical, when engaged in dangerous, shadowy, or outright illicit activities.

    A very positive theme central to the lives of these complex people is the joy of discovery. Often they emerge from their intense experiences having made important realizations about themselves and life itself. Those November 9th people who grow more philosophical with age are capable of withdrawing into a contemplative or meditative state where they can assess their actions and make prudent choices for the future. Still, even after acquiring a large measure of wisdom, those born on this day rarely pause in the think of battle to ponder their direction; for them, such work is to be done afterwards, preferably in tranquility.

    November 9th people live close to the edge and therefore must learn to protect themselves. In addition, it is important for them to maintain respect for their fellow human beings, and to beware of becoming mercenary in their relationships. As they are highly sensitive to rejection, those born on this day also face the danger of retreating into themselves, nursing private grudges and fears, and even in extreme cases coming to live in a dark fantasy world.

    More highly evolved individuals born on November 9th use their profound relationship with the dark side to gain insight into how life and the Universe work and, equally important, learn to share these insights with others. Like Orpheus rising from the underworld, November 9th people must never look back but constantly move onward and upward, toward the light. The greatest danger is that they will get stuck (particularly in the physical and material realm), and for this reason should set themselves high moral and ethical, albeit worldly, goals.

    HEALTH: Those born on November 9th at some point will have to deal with their internal emotional roller coaster. Ups and downs might be evened out by a balanced diet and plenty of exercise; perhaps practicing yoga and meditation could also prove beneficial. Foodwise, it may be necessary to cut down on yang foods (particularly meat) and to move more in the direction of a vegetarian diet. Vigorous activities that favor betterment of objective goals (gymnastics, rock climbing, surfing, etc.) may meet the rugged appetites of November 9th people. Plenty of sleep is important, but should not be abused as an escape from the waking world.

    ADVICE: Cultivate your spiritual side. Learn to float. Don’t just enjoy your pleasures but also be aware of their effects. Step back from time to time and observe yourself living. Heed your inner voice and follow your higher self.

    MEDITATION: The act of succumbing to temptation holds many mighty challenges

    I'd say it's kinda hit-and-miss. I did lol at how... ESFP-ish it all seems though.

    Teacher (Idyllic), ESE-IEI (Si-ESFj), SLue|I|, Sanguine-Melancholy
    Sage, True Neutral (Chaotic Good), Type III Anti-Hero
    Inventive > Artistic > Leisurely > Dramatic
    7w6 > 4w3 > 9w8, weakside sp/so

    Dark Worker (Sacrificing)
    Freewheeling Designer

    Hayekian Asshole

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    SIGN: 7º-9º Sagittarius
    STRENGTHS: Thorough, Funny, Dynamic
    WEAKNESSES: Thin-Skinned, Reactive

    Those born on November 30th have an instinct for knowing when and how to attack whatever challenge they wish to overcome. Not ones to rush, their approach is usually calculated, careful, and effective. Those born on this day are highly intuitive and capable of springing surprises on those who would hinder or obstruct them. On reflection, rivals, opponents, and competitors may come to realize just how much homework and preparation went into their defeat at the hands of a November 30th person.

    One can learn a great deal about those born on this day by watching how they work. In lining up a client, preparing a concept, or making a pitch for someone’s affections, they practice many scenarios over and over again in their minds so that can be prepared for almost any eventuality. After this initial stage of preparation, they will set the time and place of the meeting, both chosen with great care and usually with the full consent of the “victim”. Finally, they move in for the kill. What they wear, how they speak, their timing – all are beautifully composed. Normally, as a result, they are very difficult to refuse. However, they too must learn to recognize, handle, and accept their defeats for not everyone is swayed by them, no matter how convincing they are.

    November 30th people also have a way of doing the utmost with what they have. Whatever talents they possess are pushed to the nth degree, with little waste of energy. Most November 30th people also have a fine sense of humor and a knack for presenting serious matters in a palatable form (always with a smile). Their humor is subtle, but it can also expand to the full-out thigh-slapping and raucous guffaw as well. Excellent mimics, those born on this day use satire in such a subtle way that others may miss the
    intention…almost. Their humor is indeed of the thought-provoking variety.

    Despite their affable manner, November 30th people become very defensive when attacked. They must learn not to overreact to what people say, nor reveal their underlying insecurities so readily. Thin-skinned to the extreme, they do not take kindly to being laughed at. Direct attacks are generally first met with a hard wall of defense – later with a measured retaliation that will really hurt. Because of their tendency to wait, those born on this day must beware of nursing grievance, suppressing their feelings, and in general driving their frustrations inside. It is a mark of more highly-evolved individuals born on this day that they handle negativity directed at them with grace, equanimity, and absence of rancor.

    November 30th people often display a childlike nature, and thus unpretentious suggestions and offerings are those most likely to move them. In fact, those born on this day are stubbornly resistant to all the threats or cunningly logical arguments in the world, yet find it hard to refuse openness and simple honesty.

    HEALTH: November 30th people must beware of depression when their carefully-laid plans do not work out or when they suffer rejections or setbacks. Because of their tremendous self-confidence, they often show bewilderment when met with loss. Moreover, if they suffer from lack of either energy or emotional stability they can get quite frightened. Learning to accept what comes and adapt readily is vital to their mental well-being. Physically, those born on this day are alive, energetic people with a healthy relationship to food, sex, and exercise. Contact with nature in rural settings or the companionship of a cat or dog in the city can be greatly beneficial to their mental and physical health. They should beware of overworking and learn to pace themselves, since taking on too many responsibilities can overstress their nervous systems. They will be better off absenting themselves when they encounter chronic negativity in others, rather than wasting their energy trying to overcome it.

    ADVICE: Allow yourself to improvise; loosen up. Your control is admirable, but so is spontaneity. Laugh at your foibles and faults. Remain childlike.

    MEDITATION: Someone who always knows better is often someone who does not know at all.


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    SIGN: 23º-25º Sagittarius

    STRENGTHS: Visionary, Imaginative, Guided

    WEAKNESSES: Impractical, Out-of-Touch, Troubled

    Those born on December 16th are among the most imaginative people in the year. However, this is not to understate their physical side, which is highly developed and stakes out its claims on their personality as well. As a matter of fact, one of the major themes in the lives of December 16th people concerns transcending physical limitations of the body and reaching for the stars.

    December 16th people are not the easiest to live with. Emotional problems of all sorts plague them,usually as a result of their own complex natures. Those who live with them must be extraordinarily understanding and sensitive to their needs, not the very least of which may be a need for periodic solitude. Indeed, some born on this day must be in their own world to work effectively. Thus, they do best away from offices and organizations, in an environment where the demands they meet are primarily their own. Often, December 16th people feel guided or even instructed by a higher power in whose service they find themselves. This power may be social, religious, or universal in nature, but is ultimately liberating for them. Through this association, they are freed from their earthbound problems at least for at time.

    December 16th people are capable of feats requiring titanic energies. Once they are directed towards an inspiring but also realistic goal, there is little that can stop them from achieving far-reaching success in their work. Yet, they can be easily sidetracked and fall prey to all sorts of slights, real or imagined, annoyances and (to them) trivial problems involving other people’s feelings, to which they are not always the most sensitive. Living on what may or may not be a high spiritual plane, or metaphysical cloud, they can have trouble relating to those mere mortals busy with more mundane and petty considerations.

    It is extremely important that December 16th people remain well-grounded in daily reality. Taking an interest in the life around them is important for their human side and keeps them in touch with the world. Thus, their mates, friends, and children play crucial roles in their lives. Working out their emotional problems, learning to trust and love more fully – these are matters that can only be dealt with through interaction and encounters with others. Explosive reactions alternating with remoteness or indifference, manic periods followed by depressions, the highs of laughter and the depths of deep silence are all colors found on a December 16th palette. The more successful of those born on this day find expression their high idealism and feelings through creative work, hobbies, or social activities. Thus they are able to communicate with and touch their fellow human beings through shared interests.

    HEALTH: December 16th people often suffer from a variety of seemingly vague or hidden physical complaints. Sometimes these difficulties have strong psychosomatic overtones. Chronic problems with their digestion and internal organs may arise over the years, but perhaps can be headed off with a healthy diet, particularly one stressing fresh high-fiber vegetables and grains. Regular walks, swimming, and outdoor activities of all types admirably suit the December 16th need for exercise as well as maintaining contact with nature.

    ADVICE: Keep yourself grounded. Work through your physical problems. Attend regularly to matters of everyday life. Be sensitive to the feelings of others.

    The storms of life eventually blow over.

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    The description for my birthday was like the Anti-Trin. Is it like tarot cards, as in if you come out backwards it has a reverse meaning? o.O

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