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    These strong shouldered quadrupeds are closely related to horse personalities. But since zebras have evolved in the competitive environment of the African plains, they've developed a tougher exterior and more aggressive demeanor than their cousins.

    Those that come into contact with the zebra find it to be a powerfully loyal and intelligent friend. Its black and white nature shuns the gray zones of compromise and its decided idealism is incapable of accepting defeat in an argument. Zebras find it difficult to be punctual when it comes to meeting commitments that have little value to them, and close examination of this trait reveals the subtle arrogance that pervades the zebra's personality.

    While its behavior might be construed as selfish, the zebra is generally appalled to discover that others have perceived it to be egotistical. Zebras always expect to be given the benefit of the doubt and are perpetually on the offensive when it comes to setting the record straight with regard to their motives.

    Wild and untamable, zebras have quite an aggressive streak and their enormous self-confidence gives them an unusually swaggering gait. Quick to anger, a zebra's temper often gets the better of it and they are considered so volatile that even lion personalities will think twice before accosting them. However, they rarely initiate these confrontations and are peaceable and self-contained if left alone. Zebras have a tendency to view the world in black and white and have a strong sense of right and wrong. Unlike their horse cousins, they are unwilling to be saddled with the burdens of others and insist that everyone carry his or her own weight.

    Once the zebra's mind is made up, it is difficult to shift its position, which explains its reputation for stubbornness. This reputation is somewhat unfounded however, since the zebra's opinions are only formed after deliberate and logical consideration. This analytical thinking primes them for careers in science, engineering, accounting and football refereeing.

    Zebras' strong sense of justice makes them ideal for careers in the legal system, including police work or law, while their ability to endure a long race might bring them success in politics. Their love for things tangible makes it unlikely that they'll excel in the arts, and a distaste for physical labor makes zebras largely unsuitable for blue-collar jobs.

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    Jock, Warthog beats Zebra on any given day.

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    wild cat.

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    ouh yeah

    Otters are petite, engaging creatures overflowing with positive energy. Intelligent and bright, they are also popular, eminently lovable and display the highly developed social skills that typify the small carnivores. Otters mix easily with a wide range of animal personalities.

    Lazy? Let's just say easily distracted. Life has so many diversions for the otter that it's impossible to predict how it will fill its day. But when an otter gets focused on a problem, its keen intelligence rises to the challenge and it will not give up until the nut is cracked.

    Otters feel entitled to the good things in life and a general sense of well being gives them the confidence to not have to save for the future. A lover who wants to impress an otter should know that otters love to eat out and have a predictable penchant for sushi.

    Although intelligent and witty, otters have a tendency to suffer from self-doubt and fear of failure can prevent them from living up to their true potential. Still, they are a great problem solvers, with the ability to spend endless hours on abstract or practical challenges. As workers, they are dedicated and capable and always eager for a chance to prove themselves.

    Their determination makes otters valuable employees, and although they often feel that their contributions are undervalued they would rather accept lower pay than risk confrontations in their workplace.

    Although they are fine motivators otters avoid taking leadership roles, performing better in group situations with their social skills coming in handy when counseling coworkers through their problems. Their dexterous hands are useful in a wide range of careers, and they're ideally suited for work in engineering, advertising, and design.

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    I've also tested as Fox (and another one I don't remember)

    Wild Cat

    Genus and Species:
    Felis sylvestris

    Collective Term:
    A clowder of wildcats

    Careers and Hobbies
    Travel agent

    Famous Wild Cats
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Heather Locklear

    Wildcat personalities do not differ substantially from their domestic cousins and exhibit the aloof behavior that is common to all felines. With their well-deserved reputations as creatures of comfort, wildcats jealously guard their independence while indulging in the finer things in life. Attractive, solitary, creative and curious, these individuals are quite happy to observe the world from a distance.

    The wildcat would never take a conventional route and prefers to explore life from off the beaten track, relying heavily on its instincts and powers of observation to guide it safely through the jungle. Its air of indifference and need for privacy keeps it on the outskirts of society, but its love for comfort always brings it back.

    Exceptional personal hygiene is a hallmark of the wildcat personality, and from their hair to their fingernails they are immaculately groomed. Shopping for clothing or personal-care items spices up long, dreary days.

    When someone wrongs a wildcat, they make it their business to even the score. Displaying superb patience, wildcats will even wait years for the right moment. When the occasion comes to strike, they gather all their force and attack. In the face of a ferocious display of hissing and blustering, their surprised victim has little chance of escape.

    The wildcat differs from its lion relatives in its approach to its social structure. With an aversion to the complex family organization of the lion, the wildcat finds freedom and self-indulgence to be far more compelling. As a natural explorer it disdains staying in one place for long, preferring the freedom of solitary roaming in exotic locales. This wanderlust makes it ideal for a career as a travel agent, explorer, mountain climber, researcher or writer.

    Although wildcats are uncomfortable performing in front of large groups, their grace and lithe bodies make them natural dancers or gymnasts.

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    Something interesting dealing with animal archetypes:

    Animal Totems

    Which animal on this list do you relate to the most?

    From what I've read of the list, these choices tend to ring home for me:

    To unite with others. but retain ones individualism. Freedom in flight

    Mysticism. Hypnotic hold over others. Can move between the seen and unseen worlds with clarity
    (Druid legends say that the three birds of Rhiannon are blackbirds and their song can put the listener into a trance state which enables them to travel to the otherworld )

    Changling. Able to transform. Balanced in all things. Grace and beauty

    Crows are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunites to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us! Council with wisdom, Resourceful.

    Wisdom. Ability to see in to shadows. Insight (for self and others). A solo worker but able to assist others when required.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    Lion. I wanted to be either cat or fox.
    I wonder if @Jenaphor would like to change. Lion is more like her.
    I lack a tightly bonded family unit to be a lion although when we eat together, it's everyone for themselves.

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    It is funny what can a simple animal test tell you these days.


    Physically and socially, the vulture is a clumsy creature and its unusual features border on homeliness. Its somewhat bloated body is unusual for a creature of the air, since birds can't afford excess ballast when they're flying around. So vultures are forced to soar at the mercy of the currents and wait for opportunities to present themselves, and unlike the smaller birds are unable to control their own destinies.

    Don't make the mistake of underestimating the vulture though, for it's awkward outward appearance masks an intensely sharp mind capable of long range vision. With infinite patience, the vulture uses its keen senses to detect when the moment is ripe before swooping in and claiming its prize. Most people only encounter the vulture's devious mind when it's feeding at the carcass of their dreams. Nope, the vulture is no angel and those wings on its back have no connection to the divine. For a vulture would look ridiculous wearing a halo while taping her friend's intimate conversations for the special prosecutor.

    Like most birds of prey, vultures love to travel. They particularly favor long trips and are always on the lookout for business opportunities. Even when vacationing with family, a vulture would interrupt the trip if they spied a chance to make money.

    Vultures hate to work, preferring to shadow other aggressive characters until opportunities arise. They circle these situations with infinite patience and have an uncanny ability to determine when the moment is ripe. Only when assured of a reward will they swoop in and take control. They can be extremely possessive with their prize and will defend it against all intruders. However, cultures won't risk injury, and they take flight when the situation becomes volatile.

    When others observe a vulture circling they can be confident that an opportunity is at hand. Always alert to the opportunity to buy or sell, they make excellent stockbrokers and trade their services for a percentage of the profits. The species also earns a living by buying up ailing businesses and selling off their assets to make a quick buck.

    With their excellent vision, vultures are also able to provide far-sighted leadership as business advisers, lawyers or company directors.

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    Are there no other baboons? REALLY?

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