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    54 optimism, 54 faith, and 50 logic!
    The skeptic constantly lives in a state of denial - everything is false until proven otherwise. Skeptics refuse to follow religion, since it relies on theories that cannot be proven true or false. Likewise, they refuse to believe in most scientific research, since logic is viewed as an inadequate measure of truth (Just because A = B, and B = C, there's no proof that A = C). Although they can sometimes be depressing to talk to, skeptics are vital to scientific advancements, since they constantly look for problems with new theories.

    Famous skeptics include: David Hume, Rene Descartes.

    The opposite of Skepticism is Optimism.

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    Regressionist - 54 optimism, 21 faith and 79 logic. Asking why to regress back to a point of questions being posed which can be answered. I guess that is sort of me, going down the rabbit hole from the top down to the murkiest depths of the quantum haze.

    The problem with the test is that my viewpoints were either a) not included in the test or b) a combination of two answers. One which comes to mind (Q12 I believe) is that I believe you should be proud of success but also understand that it is ultimately meaningless as its legacy would come undone. My perspective would be akin to islands in a lake or planets in space - perhaps it is of value and worth in its immediate context but outside of its context it is meaningless and without worth.

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    49 optimism, 27 faith, and 79 logic!
    Regressionists believe that every question must have an answer, and anything that cannot be answered must not be true. Thus, their search for truth is based around asking the question "Why?" rather than "How?". They're also the most annoying type to have a conversation with. "It's hot today." "Why?" "Because there's no clouds blocking the sun, and no wind to create a breeze." "Why?" "Because the vapors in the air haven't condensed enough to form clouds, and the wind patterns haven't shifted to our region." "Why?" And so on. Famous regressionists include: Paul Feyerabend. The opposite of Regressionism is Spiritualism.

    I like how the test creator couldn't spell the plural form of phenomenon. Said a lot about this test. I really think I'm more of a nihilist.

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    67 optimism, 79 faith, and 50 logic!
    Spiritualists rely on faith more than anything else. They will always believe in a supernatural power over scientific reasoning. Although they may worship different deities (God, Allah, Buddah, Zeus, and so on), the underlying philosophy is the same. Most spiritualists will seek higher answers in religious works, rather than philosophical reflection, and they tend to be fiercely devoted to their beliefs, even when all evidence points against it.

    Famous spiritualists include: Blaise Pascal.

    The opposite of Spiritualism is Regressionism.

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