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    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post
    It's impossible in most test, since very few can measure those heights above 160 because of the small sample.
    I am unsure of what you mean by most tests. I have taken a number of tests offered on campuses and publicized websites and gotten within 140-165 depending on my mood.

    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post
    Check out the Titan or Giga Society's tests if you're interested
    I am not interested, but thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ne-Monster View Post
    Point 2-abstract IQ appears to be inherited as my son did not get the abstract IQ from me.
    That's weird, because most research has pointed in the direction that brainpower is inherited mostly from the mother. There's nothing conclusive yet, though.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    That's weird, because most research has pointed in the direction that brainpower is inherited mostly from the mother. There's nothing conclusive yet, though.
    Lol .. Are you having a laugh.

    I would love to say i was incredibly smart but just above average does me fine. Whereas my 12 year old, who is an egotistical little bugger* is in the 140-150 range.

    Now if brainpower can skip a generation and i can say my sons abilities are down to my father then spot on as my dad is an incredibly smart/knowledgable man.

    Well .. He got it from my side of the family so that will do. Lol

    * Still love him though
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    Quote Originally Posted by polikujm View Post
    To Evan: you really think it's impossible to get more than 160 on an IQ test? No, it is considered unlikely.

    I did not say I had a higher IQ than 29999/30000 of people. What do you define as IQ? Do you know how it works? Then don't try to assume those statistics mean anything.

    Maybe you will point me in the direction of the best possible IQ test and that will be our ultimatum for who is smarter.
    I was saying that it's essentially impossible for everyone on this thread to have a 160 IQ. I was responding to a hypothetical.

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    Since no one here has taken the same IQ test, I googled IQ test and took the first four tests. I'm thinking that if everyone else takes those same four tests, we can at least determine who is at the top of this food chain. I only took each test once and I drank coffee for the first test, smoked a funny cigarette for the second and for the third and fourth I listened to bill hicks and david cross, respectively. I suggest doing the same, for the sake of something.

    Dear Maybelogic,

    Thank you for your interest in the test at

    Your general IQ score is: 140

    You may login at at any time to view your score, purchase your Complete Personal Intelligence Profile or The Consciousness Exercises, or edit your account settings:

    Login email: XXXX
    Password: XXXX

    The Team at
    Personalized IQ report for maybe logic !
    Your age adjusted IQ score is 126 and the average score of all test takers is 100.
    Your IQ score is the result of a formula based on the number of questions answered correctly on the test. This score has been further adjusted to account for the differences in capabilities among various age groups.
    maybe logic, your IQ is 132
    What does this mean?

    Based on the answers you gave, we calculated your IQ to be 132,

    -Listening to david cross while testing can raise one's IQ slightly, but only immediately after listening to bill hicks.

    -Smoking and listening to bill hicks negatively impacts one's IQ.
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    What if I estimate my IQ to be 3? There was no option for that. I was smart enough to figure that much out. Yay me!

    OK. So I will make my standard comments when it comes to IQ.

    Why are people so worried about peoples IQs? Because they believe it to be a determinant of how far you will go in life? Hardly. IQ is a good predictor to be sure, but that is because very few actually do what it takes to achieve excellence. Most people are just average at the things they do with slight variations due to IQ.

    Examples of people practicing and improving IQ abound. Even those Raven's Progressive Matrices (the most g loaded) can be practiced. Though, I don't really see the benefit of increasing your IQ scores directly. IQ can increase for various other reasons that represent real progress...overcoming a learning disability, changing a predominantly negative mindset when it comes to cognitively difficult tasks, improved nutrition, better sleep hygiene, etc.

    I still maintain that continued deliberate practice is what leads to human excellence. IQ may be a good measure on average. But those that aspire to be excellent at something should look into the research of Anders Ericsson, on what makes good practice vs. bad.

    For instance in chess, past a certain point, the hours of study of positions is the best predictor of chess rating...while hours playing social and blitz chess is virtually meaningless as a predictor (and can even be detrimental).

    For those specifically interested in excellence in science (and to some extent technology), art, and leadership, the research of Dean Keith Simonton is good.

    One of his key findings:
    Although at least a moderately high IQ is important for the achievement of eminence, statistical analyses demonstrate that intelligence accounts for only about 4-5 percent of the variance in measures of cultural eminence. Developmental, motivational and personality factors seem to matter a great deal more. Thus, very intelligent people do not necessarily accomplish great things (Simonton, 1999a; Simonton, personal communication, July 5, 2003)
    Human Intelligence: Dean Keith Simonton

    Also, I wasn't able to find the list of professions and IQ ranges again. But an average IQ is no barrier to entry in most fields (notable exceptions being Doctors and Lawyers)...and with an IQ of about 120 or above, you don't need to worry about any profession.

    Get over your IQ obsession people. There are other things more important (and more changeable) that determine success.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
    Robot Fusion
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    Get over your IQ obsession people. There are other things more important (and more changeable) that determine success.
    Plus, there's also emotional IQ which is just as, or more, important possibly...
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    Actually, I've heard the best balance for success is high enough to be able do what you need, but low enough that you've learnt to work hard. I think the optimal range was 110-120 maybe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post
    I was saying that it's essentially impossible for everyone on this thread to have a 160 IQ. I was responding to a hypothetical.
    Well that's fine. I honestly don't think my real IQ (whatever that means) is really that high, but who can be certain? It could very well be within that range.

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    Accurately measuring intelligence is impossible as one cannot fully understand one's mind. Here's a nice quote by Lao Tzu I've always referred to for many situations:

    "knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom"

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