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    Default Cognitive Functions Test?

    For quite a while I have been debating as to whether I am and INTP or an INTJ. Most MBTI tests have come up with INTJ, and quite a lot have come up with INTP. However, quite recently I have taken the cognitive functions test declaring that my type could either be INTP, ENTP, or INFP. INTJ, however was not mentioned at all.

    So I decided to take a closer look at ENTP and INFP profiles as well. The ENTP profile fits me relatively accurately, but I am almost certain that I am an introvert. I appear shy, withdrawn, and aloof to even most introverts. I can relate to several aspects of the INFP profile, yet it is still not the most accurate.

    In the end, none of the four profiles (INTP, INTJ, INFP, ENTP) seem to describe me most accurately. There always seems to be a small set of characteristics which applies to me that seems to be missing in one profile, but exists in another (and vice-versa).

    Should I trust the standard MBTI tests more, or should I rely more on the Cognitive Functions test?
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    None of them. You have to use multiple ways. has a page to explain the method.

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    I've had a lot of the same problems. I've identified with all four of the IN__ types, as well as the two IS_J types at various times, never sure what my type was. The best way I've found to determine it is to have other people analyze your behavior according to their ideas on type. The problem is, this just isn't defined precisely enough, and is too vague.

    I wouldn't worry about that Cognitive Functions test. If I went by that test, I would be either an ISFJ, INFP or INTP, with no reasonable pattern of functional development, because my Fi and Fe are too strong for INTP, my Ti is too strong for INFP, and my Ne is too strong for ISFJ. And anyone who knows me would tell you that I rely heavily on rules and ideas to deal with reality, and am not at all a flexible and spur of the moment kind of person. Obviously their assessments of what represent a particular function are botched.

    Could you try describing your typical behavior in general situations over the course of your life? Focus especially on aspects that have appeared throughout the majority of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkw View Post

    In the end, none of the four profiles (INTP, INTJ, INFP, ENTP) seem to describe me most accurately. There always seems to be a small set of characteristics which applies to me that seems to be missing in one profile, but exists in another (and vice-versa).
    This might always be the case, Merkw, depending on how devloped your other functions are. I look at the INTJ profile and most times it's like I could have written it; but often there are little things that just don't apply. I don't imagine it's ever a 100% fit.

    Seeing how other types react to situations has helped me to see just what type I am though. For a short while I thought I might be an ISTJ, because of my attention to detail and ability to remember facts and trivialities, but then I lived with an ISTJ for years and realized we're fundamentally different in how we process information (and boy does it cause some problems). I simply have a superior memory, but one that works best noticing patterns and associations.

    Hanging out here and watching how INTJs, INTPs and ENTPs interact might help you figure out what you are.

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