The Psychopath is simply a sick individual. S/he's an insane killer, who doesn't particularly care about wealth or power, because s/he lives off killing, corrupting and hurting. S/he might seem normal on the outside, but s7he's mentally insane and very, very dangerous.
Strengths: Total lack of emphaty. The Psychopath doesn't know the meaning of pity or mercy, because s/he's unable to feel such emotions. That's why s/he's so reckless and dangerous.
Weaknesses: The Psychopath has the normal physical weaknesses of a human being, though his/hers mind is far away from being humane.
Famous Psychopaths: Hannibal Lecter from the Silence of the Lambs, Norman Bates from Psycho, Michael from Halloween.
If you ever became a fictional villain, you'd be the Psychopat because "normality" makes you feel terribly anxious all the way up to the point in which you're ready to do anything to shake the system just to feel like something is real in this world. To avoid this, try to keep in touch with the real world, get heklp if you feel like you're losing it, and if you really feel like you're missing something in your life, change your life before you snap.
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