I hate tests. I always worry that I'm subconsciously nudging myself one way or the other based on my expected results... so I had to check over my answers and change them to be as accurate as possible.


Paul's scores on the main set of questions:

Extraversion (E): 4 52 : (I) Introversion
Sensing (S): 7 95 : (N) iNtuition
Thinking (T): 5 59 : (F) Feeling
Judging (J): 38 15 : (P) Perceiving
You scored as an INFJ.

Assuming that you are an INFJ,
Your DOMINANT function is Introverted Intuition.
Your AUXILIARY function is Extraverted Feeling.
Your TERTIARY function is Introverted Thinking.
Your INFERIOR function is Extraverted Sensing.
Please bear in mind that the supplementary questions are experimental and may be highly unreliable. If these scores conflict with your previous scores, it is probably because the questions are still not reliable enough.

Paul's scores on the supplementary questions:

Extraverted Thinking / Introverted Feeling : 12
Extraverted Feeling / Introverted Thinking : 48

Extraverted Intuition / Introverted Sensing : 33
Extraverted Sensing / Introverted Intuition : 9

Rationality (Dominant Judging Function) : 33
A-rationality (Dominant Perceiving Function) : 18
According to the supplementary scores, Paul could be an ESFJ or an INTP. These are opposite types, because the supplementary questions measure for preferences that opposite types share in common. See the FAQ for an explanation.

These results conflict with the evaluation of Paul as an INFJ.

I've been testing as INFJ a lot recently, though INTP started creeping in a few weeks back. I think it's probably best that I stop taking these things and come back in a decade or so when I've had chance to grow as a person.

Personally, I'm happy with INFJ as my type; after a fair amount of research (and lengthy discussions with a confirmed INFJ) it would definitely seem that INFJ is a very good fit for me. I sometimes wonder if I could be an INFP because I occasionally have what I assume is 'Si' recall of memory (memories that aren't necessarily rich in detail but I can sort of 'pan' around and pick out finer details, it's weird) and I can be quite nostalgic. I have a good memory for faces too, which apparently is a Si thing. That aside, my memory is utterly terrible.

When I originally got into MBTI, I mistyped as INFP and then later ENFP during a phase in my life in which I desperately needed to get out there and live a little. My quest for absolute clarity in recent times (purely to attain better understanding and closure) has had me in what is apparently a Ni/Ti loop. Not a great deal of fun, I assure you.

Meh. Time will tell I suppose the cognitive processes for INFJ seem to match me well so I'm rolling with it! I guess I was just uncomfortable with that particular label because of their supposed rarity and what have you. Also, the alarming number of mistyped INFJs threw me off the scent somewhat.