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    Default Which Chess Figure Are You? (Chess Mess Test)

    I wonder if there will be correlation with MBTI
    Also I wonder how long it will take for people to understand why I wonder.

    Chess mess test

    I am

    The King's Bishop

    To others, the King�s Bishop projects confidence. This can be mistaken for arrogance; but its source is easy to find. From an early age most of the King�s Bishops are specialized in their knowledge. When it comes to an area of expertise the King�s Bishop has several. They can know immediately if they can help you and how. They know what they know, but more importantly they know their limits.

    This Bishop is a perfectionist. They will always attempt to improve upon anything of interest. They have an unusual independence of mind which frees them from authority, convention or sentiment. Anyone who is slacking will lose respect � and be made aware of this. The King�s Bishop can be secretive when making critical decisions. However they are even-handed and will recognize contributions others give.

    This Bishop is highly ideal with their goals. They attempt to pursue high degree of quality in solutions and can be critical of ideas that compromise this quality. Because of their unwillingness to accept �good enough� they can be unrealistic. They are at their best when they have time to think through a problem, at which point they may have a plan to solve the dilemma. The King's Bishop is an individual with a very analytical attitude. They are like the Queen's Rook, in that they prefer the ascetic quality of solitude. They are not as sociable as others, but are quite prepared to lead if they deem the current leadership as weak. They are thankfully pragmatic and logical individuals. They have very low tolerance for emotional rampaging or the spinning of 'truths'.
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    The Kings Rook

    The Kings Rook is the epitome of the word clever.

    They are the professor who juggles ideas for papers and grants while joking with a highly entertaining lecture. They are stand-up comedians who are accurate with truths. They are quick with their brains and can love to argue if only to play devils advocate. Others should be aware that this can result in hurt feelings or confusion if you cant handle debate for debates sake. This Rook is wonderful at finding short-cuts and performing mental gymnastics. They are fond of physical or intellectual toys the more sophisticated the puzzle the better. Tetris anyone?

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    Falcarius' test result.

    Quote Originally Posted by test result

    Post your results

    Your result for The Chess Mess Test ...

    The Rook's Hawk

    Congrats! Only 12-16% of the population score this!

    The Rooks Hawk is like a judge. They have a great sense of right and wrong especially in their area of interest or responsibility. They are devoted to duty. They are punctual. People who set their clocks on others are typically measuring their time with the Hawk. It is common to perceive that the Hawk is cold or aloof. They frequently protect their emotions via practicality.

    They work systematically to get the job done. When a new procedure is proven, they can be depended upon to carry it out. The Rooks Hawk is deeply frustrated by the inconsistencies of others, especially when it comes to commitments. They will keep their feelings to themselves but when asked expect truth over tact. They are quite able to make the tough call and carry it out. You will find the Rooks Hawk at home in government, schools, military or any other organization which maintains strict hierarchy. They are the traditionalist and are perfect for balancing out the idealists of other types.

    The Rooks Hawk thrives on organization. They keep their lives and environments well-regulated. They bring painstaking attention to detail in their work and will not rest until satisfied with a job well done. They are obviously hard workers. They will sort through ideas and find the most practical ones, again revealing how common sense prevails in this type. This Pawn is the cornerstone of an ethical working society. They are centered on dealing with the present and most practical affair. They observe life and promote consistency in society. They value loyalty and others are best to acquaint themselves with this type if they wish to gain a fruitful insight to what makes the world tick.
    Apparently, this test thinks Falcarius is a SJ.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
    Oh our 3rd person reference to ourselves denotes nothing more than we realize we are epic characters on the forum.

    Narcissism, plain and simple.

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    The Queen's Rook

    Congrats! Only 5-6% of the population score this!

    The Queen's Rook

    The Queens Rook is a pensive, analytical individual. They dont mind spending long periods of time on their own to work through problems. They may venture so far into thought they appear vacant or detached; often they really are oblivious of the world at that moment. These wayward princes are precise about descriptions and by habit correct others (or feel sorely tempted) if the shade of meaning is slightly off. This is annoying to the less concise, but this is what gives the Queens Rook a gift for gab, especially in writing.

    This Rook is relatively easy going until their principles of truth, knowledge and justice are violated. Because of this they hate the formalities of bureaucracy, politics, and authority which tend to mask the truth of operations. They will respond with a flip of the switch and become outspoken and inflexible. They will eventually drop the issue, because they do prefer a reserved and benign ambiance. The problem with the Queens Rook is when they are debating a point; they may be convincing themselves as much as their opponent. They spend a considerable amount of time second-guessing their abilities and may come to multiple conclusions that offer plausible solutions.

    An indicator that a friend may be a Queens Rook is an obsession with logic. If a mistake is made, it is because there wasnt enough data or it was placed out of context. Another indicator youre friend is a Rook, throw a strategy game at them. They enjoy Risk, Bridge, Chess, and word games. Never rush the Rook. They dont draw conclusions very quickly. If one were to gather a bunch of Rooks together to form a group they may debate:

    1.) Whether or not there should be a group.

    2.) Exactly what name should the proposed group choose?

    3.) Which of the persons in the group should take responsibility or should they rotate?
    Think I've seen this as an INTP profile somewhere.

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    damn, 36 questions but it got me the wrong answer (FiNe=the queens knight)

    but its probably supposed to be an inf..perceiver profile

    but their depth of emotion can remain hidden even from themselves.
    my ass ...

    here is the full profile of the queens knight

    The Queens Knight is armed with rose-colored glasses. The mundane comes to life and nature becomes expressive of spirit. The interesting thing about this Knight is the ability to switch from fantasy to reality. There are exceptions to the rule, but this is the type that may have had imaginary friends as a youngster. Their stuffed animals also were great companions. The Queens Knight will see the good in almost anyone or anything but their depth of emotion can remain hidden even from themselves. Circumstances tend to reveal sudden responses.

    Not all life is rosy and this Knight is not exempt from disappointment or frustration with humanity. They may feel incompetence when dealing with their own ethical values. Things arent simply white black, but a grand battle of Good versus Evil. Evil must be reckoned with but Good shall eventually win. It is not that they fight evil, but that they fight for the essence of moral good. Doing something good is quite satisfactory for them and indeed increases their happiness. It is when something is not reciprocated to them that they are saddened and disappointed by others. They learn that others arent as self-sacrificing.

    The Queen's Knight is dominated by an inner world of intense feeling and deeply rooted ethics. They seek to form their life based on their views. They are highly curious of those around them so are readily accepting of others unless their values are being threatened. They promote insight and understanding amongst others and contribute well thought ideas. They however can be a bit too idealistic.

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    SEE Fi


    I got the Queen's Rook like Jock did.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    Appearently i'm that dang bishop that utilizes the lighter diagonal. Either myself or some entity in control of my movement keeps gettin me killed too early to see what or what could take shape from my potential actions or the actions of the entity in charge of my actions. Myself or that entity in charge of my actions use me for bait or to set something up that takes way too long to develope. Then myself or that entity in charge of my actions leaves me for dead in order to seek benefits of a newly generated direction of strategy. More often than not that bait or set up would have worked. But that entity in charge of me wasted a move early on fortifying defence.
    everyone uses every function about evenly. take NE for example. if there are those who don't use it much, then why are there such massive amounts of people constantly flowing through Wallmart with 20 items or less?

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    Bishop's Clerk

    Congrats! Only 6-8% of the population score this!

    The Bishops Clerk is both an idea and people person. Everyone and everything is part of a bizarre cosmic whole. They really do want to help and be liked and admired by others. By principle they are intrigued by new ideas but ultimately discard most for one reason or another. They are zany with charm which can allow them to warm up to even the stodgy types. They are outgoing, fun, and they genuinely like people. This Clerk is warm and affectionate and spontaneous.

    This Clerk can have strong, if unconventional convictions which are usually tied into their cosmic view. They will often use their social skills and contacts to persuade others gently of the rightness behind their views. They may tie themselves with trying to save the world and end up forgetting the nearest and dearest to them (if only in a temporary sense.)

    People will love working with the Bishops Clerk because they are easygoing, pleasant and great at brainstorming. They are wonderful in groups of people but need fresh projects to work on. They dislike bureaucracy in principle and practice; they will make a point of launching crusades against some aspect of the political agenda. It is honesty they are fighting for. The Bishops Clerk is a type of Pawn, but fret not, the Pawn is idealized because of its potential to do many great things and to think of the rest of humanity.

    91/100 You scored 15 on Energy, higher than 91% of your peers.
    69/100 You scored 5 on Reason, higher than 69% of your peers.
    37/100 You scored -5 on Choice, higher than 37% of your peers.
    98/100 You scored 45 on Action, higher than 98% of your peers.
    Hmmm. Ok.
    You can't always do it right, you can always do what's left.

    Thoughts rearrange. Familiar now strange. All my skin is drifting on the wind.~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    The Kings Rook is the epitome of the word clever.

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    Queen's Knight

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