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    SEE Fi


    Chaotic Good.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    58% Good, 64% Chaotic

    Plane of Existence: Arborea, "Arvandor, Olympus, Olympian Glades". Notable Inhabitants: Titans & gods of Greek mythology; Eladrin.

    Examples of Chaotic-Goods (Ethically Chaotic, Morally Good)

    Tifa Lockheart (FFVII)
    Captain Kirk
    Robin Hood
    Thomas Jefferson
    Oscar Wilde
    Peregrin Took
    Jim Hawkins
    Austin Powers
    Walt Whitman
    Han Solo
    The Flash

    Unwilling to be governed by the laws and desires of any group. Interacts with others on a one-to-one basis and, within such bounds, follows the good ethic of upholding rights. The stereotypical chaotic-good [person] is the white knight who refuses to join any group and goes about on his/her own, doing good.

    Will keep their word to others of good alignment
    Would not attack an unarmed foe
    Will not use poison
    Will help those in need
    Prefers to work alone
    Responds poorly to higher authority
    Distrustful of organizations

    Chaotic Good "Beatific"

    A chaotic good [person] acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He is kind and benevolent, a strong individualist hostile to the claims of rules, regulations, and social order. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He will actively work to bring down unjust rulers and organizations and to liberate the oppressed. He finds lawful societies distasteful and will avoid them, often living as a nomad or hermit. The best example of a chaotic good [person] is one of the benevolent rogue who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

    Chaotic good combines a good heart with a free spirit.
    Much better than the official WotC one, imo.
    "All humour has a foundation of truth."
    - Costrin

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    Neutral Good

    That's a pretty good test!

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    I wish I could take all of you and put you in a big room, divided into the nine alignments.

    I wish I could do the same thing for MBTI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancynobullets View Post
    Since I was very young I have always wanted to be a DnD nerd. Sadly, I live in the UK where it's even less socially acceptable than in America.

    That said, I'm sure many of you have heard of the DnD alignment system. Take The Alignment Test

    Chaotic Good here. I predict most INTPs will be chaotic good/neutral, if the test is any good.
    Ha! I don't care whether it is socially acceptable. It's fun!

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    True/Pure Neutral
    50% Good, 54% Chaotic

    Not actively for or against anything. Has his or her own reasons for doing everything. Usually difficult to understand.

    Well, this only proves my neutrality towards the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Ha! I don't care whether it is socially acceptable. It's fun!
    Im not even sure how it's played. It seems very complex...
    I hope I'm wrong, but I believe that he is a fraud, and I think despite all of his rhetoric about being a champion of the working class, it will turn out to be hollow -- Bernie Sanders on Trump

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    46% good
    52% chaotic

    True Neutral

    uh, well it's pretty much right. A tad evil and chaotic though, yay!

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    40% Good, 48% Chaotic

    Plane of Existence: The Gray Waste, "Hades". Description: Here, all emotion and compassion is drained away, until only hopelessnes, selfishness and apathy remain.

    Examples of Neutral-Evils (Ethically Neutral, Morally Evil)

    Hojo (FFVII)
    Long John Silver
    Stalin (revolutionary/governor)

    Puts self-interest before all else. Will only cooperate when material rewards are high. Untrustworthy; has contempt or fear for all others. The ultimate motive is self-preservation and promotion of their schemes. There are no barriers to their actions. Amoral.

    Will not necessarily keep their word
    Would attack an unarmed foe
    Will use poisons
    Will not help those in need
    May work with others
    Indifferent to higher authority
    Indifferent to organizations

    Neutral Evil "Pure Evil"

    A neutral evil [person] does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has.

    A thief and a mercenary is an example of a Neutral Evil [person].

    Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies.

    Neutral evil is pure pragmatism without honor and without variation - survival of the fittest.
    Under Construction

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    Plane of Existence: Mount Celestia, "The Seven Heavens". Description: Countless paladins and saints have ascended here. Notable Inhabitants: Angels and Devas.

    Examples of Lawful-Goods (Ethically Lawful, Morally Good)

    Aeris "Aerith" Gainsborough (FFVII)
    The Tick ("Lawful Stupid")
    Abraham Lincoln
    Sherlock Holmes
    Phileas Fogg
    Captain Picard

    A person with a lawful good attitude believes in the use of authority and rule of law to bring good to the greatest number of people. Her/His actions support the status quo and s/he uses systems and organizations to achieve good goals.

    S/He will keep his/her word and value truth.
    S/He will avoid the use of poison and use violence only when authorized to do so or in self defense.
    S/He may or may not be disciplined, organized, emotionally restrained, caring, compassionate, and peaceful, but s/he believes that these are admirable qualities.
    Respects law and order and is willing to suffer limitations on individual freedom for the benefit of the group.
    Puts moral principles before material considerations.
    The lawful good person will be a very faithful member of a group, but if the laws of the group clash with the ethics dictated by his or her moral alignment, the lawful good person will probably leave that group and look for a group more closely aligned with his or her ethics.
    The lawful good person is an active advocate of his or her beliefs.

    Lawful Good "Saintly"

    A lawful good [person] upholds society and its laws, believing that these laws are created to work for the good and prosperity of all. He is both honest and benevolent. He will work within the established system to change it for the better, and strives to bring order to goodness that other good-aligned [people] might pool their resources to better the world. A lawful good [person] combines a commitment to oppose evil with discipline. Most lawful good [people] live by a strict code of honor, or by the rules of conduct set down by their deity. They will generally selflessly act by these codes even at the cost of their own life.

    Lawful good combines honor and compassion for the innocent.

    A knight/paladin who always follows the orders of his superiors is an example of a lawful good [person].

    ...Wow, I thought I'd at least get neutral-good. ;-p not that I'm complaining.

    "I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well."
    -Teddy Roosevelt

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