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    Away with the fairies Southern Kross's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    4w5 so/sp


    I got ENFJ
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

    I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas;
    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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    is an ambi-turner BRMC117's Avatar
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    Jan 2010


    "I put the fires out."
    "you made them worse."
    "worse...or better?"

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    Jul 2010


    First try:
    ISFJ - The Protector
    You scored 50 I versus E, 100 N versus S, 20 F versus T, and 60 J versus P!

    Second try:
    ISFP - The Composer
    You scored 50 I versus E, 60 N versus S, 40 F versus T, and 40 J versus P!


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    Geolectric teslashock's Avatar
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    I got INTP. I can see that, actually.

    I'm with an ENTP now, and things are very good, but I think his extroversion intimidates me a little bit when we are with a group of people (he's sx/so, and I'm sx/sp, so I'm naturally a bit more reserved).

    I think the more withdrawn nature of most INTPs would contrast with me well, inadvertently forcing me to be more vibrant in social situations to make up for his own lack of energetic friendliness.

    I've found that I'm a lot more outgoing when around introverts than I am when around other extroverts, and I wish I could be more vibrant around ENTP and his extroverted friends, but it just doesn't come as naturally as it does when I'm around introverts.

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    Lungs & Lips Locked Unkindloving's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    ENFj None


    0 I versus E
    0 N versus S
    0 F versus T
    40 J versus P

    Your ideal mate is known as the healer. As a romantic partner, this type is usually supportive and nuturing, however, they have a high need for individuality. Harmony is extremely important to this type as they are very affected by conflict and tension, which also makes them resist confronting their partners directly about problems. When this type gets angry, they usually blame themselves, rather than their partners. This type can also be stubborn and unyielding when they feel they are being criticized or mistreated. They feel the most appreciated when their partners listen to them carefully. They need to be understood. They need to hear their partners express their feelings, the more often, the better

    I approve... and am highly amused at the only score-score being toward Jness. That figures so hard at the moment
    Hang on traveling woman - Don't sacrifice your plan
    Cause it will come back to you - Before you lose it on the man

    .:: DWTWD ::.

    There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked - It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

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    12 and a half weeks BerberElla's Avatar
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    Sep 2008


    INFJ - The Counselor

    I always get this result, always lol. So far though the INFJ dudes I have met, have fallen into the instant love of a friend bracket. It's like finding my soul mate but in a sibling way.

    Would love to meet an INFJ who didn't fall into that bracket so quickly, but damn it, you guys melt my heart so rapidly that I quickly categorise you as my brother.
    Echo - "So are you trying to say she is Evil"

    DeWitt - "Something far worse, she's an Idealist"

    Berb's Johari Berb's Nohari

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    Jul 2010

    Default ISFJ

    Your result for The Best Personality Type for You Test ...

    ISFJ - The Protector

    You scored 25 I versus E, 60 N versus S, 40 F versus T, and 100 J versus P!
    Your ideal romantic partner is known as the proptector. As a romantic partner, this type is generous and gentle. Occasionally they may be taken for granted because of this fact. they are tireless in providing acts of service for their loved ones. They run the risk of always being exhausted because they won't say no to their partners. They are sensitive to criticism and will withdraw rather than fight back. They wish to be appreciated for their loyalty and whole hearted nuturing. Their values must be respected and they thrive on consideration and kindness.

    The group summary: Guardians (SJ)
    The Type Summary: ISFJ
    This is absolutely true to people who assist me. But not to my ideal romantic partner. My ideal partner shouldn't be perfect, just human and kinda serious. My partner should be loyal to me, but may break up with me if it doesn't work any longer. In practical terms like an ISFJ, in other terms diverse, romantic, undogmatic, accepting, balanced.

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    meinmeinmein! mmhmm's Avatar
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    Jul 2010


    ISTJ - The Inspector
    You scored 50 I versus E, 60 N versus S, 60 F versus T, and 100 J versus P!

    been there. done that.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    INFJ - The Counselor

    You scored 50 I versus E, 20 N versus S, 40 F versus T, and 60 J versus P!

    The result is not that off when it comes to my preference. I like IxFJ's in general, ISFJ's on the coin are good, but at the same time i crave the little extra that INFJ types give.
    "Where can you flee? What road will you use to escape us? Our horses are swift, our arrows sharp, our swords like thunderbolts, our hearts as hard as the mountains, our soldiers as numerous as the sand. Fortresses will not detain us, nor arms stop us. Your prayers to God will not avail against us. We are not moved by tears nor touched by lamentations."

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    Senior Member Uytuun's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    Most ENTJ males I know are fairly controlling (with the best of intentions, but still, controlling). I end up feeling like I have to fight for my autonomy, for being me and doing things my way (and being an NTJ myself I can't stand to be controlled like that and I *will* feel the need to fight people that try to steer me around). Not that direct control is the only kind of controlling behaviour. Passive-aggressive controlling behaviour is just as bad. Didn't mean to bash ENTJs. They are fun, intriguing, impressive and easy to click with, but there's not really that pull beyond the one that initially occurs when you sense you've found another NTJ.

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