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    Are your fingers broken?
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    Well, like in questions where it asks if you can be "mean-spirited" I'm guessing they're taking off points for that, even though Fs can be plenty mean-spirited if they want to be, as well as forcing me to choose whether people should be more considerate or playful, I'm going to say "playful." The words "warm and kind" were also included in at least two questions.

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    I didn't answer mean-spirited because that would be a lie. so how did I get 14 for t and 7 or 8 for f?
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Are your fingers broken?
    No I just don't know what the code means. It would be easier to link the specific questionable examples.

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    here's the code... when it says VALUE=f/t/n/s, that's what that answer (the following one, in the same row) scores a point as.

    basically the code is broken down like this:

    < (indicates beginning of a command set)
    INPUT (tells the computer to generate an input field - box/button/text field/etc)
    TYPE=RADIO (the type of input field will be a radio button, one of the round ones where you can only select 1 choice at a time)
    NAME=Q1 (a shorthand name, for convenience)
    VALUE="ff" (indicates what the answers "counts" towards)
    > (indicates end of a command set)
    <br> (line break)
    <p> (indicates a new "paragraph")

    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q1 VALUE="ff">(A) It is more important to seek consensus in decision-making than to make decisions quickly. <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q1 VALUE="tt">(B) Making the correct decision is more important than trying to pander to everybody's concerns. <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q2 VALUE="nn">(A) Don't waste time endlessly gathering facts -
    learn how to shift interpretive frames. <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q2 VALUE="ss">(B) Don't waste your time imagining unrealistic possibilities - learn how to use statistics to assess the viability of a strategy.
    3. <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q3 VALUE="tt">(A) Isn't one better off learning how to detect significant causal connections than trying to be sensitive to mood swings?
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q3 VALUE="ss">(B) Isn't one better off learning how to
    make accurate observations than trying to honor mere hunches?<br>

    4. <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q4 VALUE="nn">(A) It is more important to be able to appreciate the profound meaning of a central metaphor than to notice what color shirt someone is wearing.<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q4 VALUE="ff">(B) Being skilled in empathic listening is more important than knowing how to decide whether a syllogism is valid.<br>
    5. I am more intrigued by <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q5 VALUE="n">(A) puzzles and anomalies<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q5 VALUE="s">(B) patterns<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q5 VALUE="t">(C) causal connections<br>
    6. When I am in a leadership position I often find I am best as <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q6 VALUE="f">(A) a behind-the-scenes catalyst<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q6 VALUE="n">(B) a visionary<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q6 VALUE="s">(C) a good steward<br>
    7. I would least like being called<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q7 VALUE="s">(A) an idealist<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q7 VALUE="f">(B) a logical positivist<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q7 VALUE="t">(C) a humanist<br>
    8. When I am conversing with someone, I get most annoyed when they speak in a way that is<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q8 VALUE="s">(A) mystifying<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q8 VALUE="n">(B) desultory<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q8 VALUE="f">(C) manipulative<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q8 VALUE="t">(D) sappy<br>
    9. I'd say that I'm most often concerned with <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q9 VALUE="f">(A) what ought to be<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q9 VALUE="s">(B) what is<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q9 VALUE="n">(C) what could be<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q9 VALUE="t">(D) what will happen in certain circumstances<br>
    10. I am most likely to feel <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q10 VALUE="t">(A) uneasy about disruptive emotion<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q10 VALUE="s">(B) disoriented by too many choices<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q10 VALUE="n">(C) oppressed by accidental contingencies<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q10 VALUE="f">(D) imposed upon by impersonal rules<br>
    11. I would miss it most if at my workplace there were an absence of
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q11 VALUE="t">(A) clear lines of authority <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q11 VALUE="n">(B) individual autonomy<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q11 VALUE="f">(C) teamwork<br>
    12. I am least offended when I am labeled a <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q12 VALUE="t">(A) rationalist<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q12 VALUE="s">(B) empiricist<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q12 VALUE="f">(C) humanist<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q12 VALUE="n">(D) romantic<br>
    13. Although I don't like it, I must admit that I can sometimes get <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q13 VALUE="t">(A) moody and sentimental<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q13 VALUE="f">(B) stubborn and trite<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q13 VALUE="n">(C) too detailed and pedantic<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q13 VALUE="s">(D) superstitious and somewhat flakey<br>
    14. Although I may not brag about it, I can sometimes be<br>

    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q14 VALUE="s">(A) perfectly precise and thorough <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q14 VALUE="f">(B) really compassionate<br>
    15. People with whom I am not compatible might misconstrue my actions as <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q15 VALUE="t">(A) mean-spirited<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q15 VALUE="f">(B) a bleeding-heart<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q15 VALUE="s">(C) uptight<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q15 VALUE="n">(D) mystifying<br>
    16. In most situations, the bottom line for me is <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q16 VALUE="t">(A) what is true<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q16 VALUE="f">(B) what is of real value<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q16 VALUE="n">(C) what is meaningful <br>
    17. At this point in my life I probably need to learn how to be more<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q17 VALUE="t">(A) loving <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q17 VALUE="f">(B) productive<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q17 VALUE="s">(C) creative<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q17 VALUE="n">(D) successful<br>
    18. I least trust people who insist on being<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q18 VALUE="t">(A) ethical<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q18 VALUE="n">(B) factual<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q18 VALUE="s">(C) profound<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q18 VALUE="f">(D) logical
    19. I never seem to impress others as being very<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q19 VALUE="t">(A) caring<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q19 VALUE="n">(B) observant<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q19 VALUE="f">(C) persuasive<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q19 VALUE="s">(D) insightful<br>
    20. I most admire people who <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q20 VALUE="t">(A) can get things done<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q20 VALUE="n">(B) are profound<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q20 VALUE="f">(C) are warm and kind<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q20 VALUE="s">(D) are stable and successful<br>
    21. I don't like to admit it, but sometimes I regret that I <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q21 VALUE="n">(A) have paid too little attention to material things<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q21 VALUE="s">(B) don't have a more meaningful life<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q21 VALUE="f">(C) am not more assertive<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q21 VALUE="t">(D) don't have close friends <br>
    22. The bottom line is that reality is, in essence <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q22 VALUE="f">(A) consensual<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q22 VALUE="n">(B) paradoxical<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q22 VALUE="s">(C) complex and predictable<br>
    23. Generally, I prefer to<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q23 VALUE="t">(A) deduce (draw conclusions) <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q23 VALUE="s">(B) induce (generalize from particulars)<br>
    24. In groups to which I have contributed most successfully, I have functioned as
    the group's <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q24 VALUE="f">(A) heart<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q24 VALUE="t">(B) head<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q24 VALUE="n">(C) soul or spirit<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q24 VALUE="s">(D) backbone<br>
    25. I'd rather <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q25 VALUE="s">(A) classify<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q25 VALUE="t">(B) analyze<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q25 VALUE="n">(C) brainstorm<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q25 VALUE="f">(D) connect<br>
    26. Its a shame that others aren't able to be more <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q26 VALUE="n">(A) playful<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q26 VALUE="f">(B) considerate<br>
    27. In life I look for what is <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q27 VALUE="n">(A) meaningful<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q27 VALUE="t">(B) true<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q27 VALUE="f">(C) good<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q27 VALUE="s">(D) real<br>
    28. I most often seem drawn toward that which is <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q28 VALUE="s">(A) elegant<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q28 VALUE="n">(B) ineffable<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q28 VALUE="t">(C) elite<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q28 VALUE="f">(D) egalitarian<br>
    29. In the past I have usually been more interested in <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q29 VALUE="t">(A) effectiveness<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q29 VALUE="n">(B) innovation<br>
    30. Although I wouldn't brag about it, I am most proud of those occasions on which I have been<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q30 VALUE="n">(A) profound<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q30 VALUE="t">(B) brilliant<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q30 VALUE="s">(C) exceptionally precise and thorough. <br>
    31. People see me as <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q31 VALUE="s">(A) efficient<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q31 VALUE="f">(B) collaborative<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q31 VALUE="t">(C) influential<br>
    32. I have <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q32 VALUE="s">(A) astute observational powers<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q32 VALUE="t">(B) sound judgment<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q32 VALUE="f">(C) a warm and kindly nature <br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q32 VALUE="n">(D) penetrating insight<br>
    33. I feel most uncomfortable when I am not allowed to express my<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q33 VALUE="n">(A) inquisitiveness<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q33 VALUE="t">(B) decisiveness<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q33 VALUE="s">(C) competencies<br>
    <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Q33 VALUE="f">(D) concern for others<br>

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    Ohhhh, I hadn't scrolled down enough. Thanks.

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    I don't see the big deal, when weighing alternatives such as "concern for others" versus "decisiveness."
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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    Default I'm an ENTP and prpls an INTP.


    Maybe we just don't have very much Fe.

    Sometimes F questions seem skewed toward Fe and S questions toward Si.

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    It was a decent effort...

    Maybe what MBTI lacks is something like Reinin dichotomies (and even then, those are too reductionist). What tests basically amount to are oversimplified S/N T/F differences. That's pretty broad. This one is still doing the same, but tried to be more precise ("desultory".. heh). I don't know if that's the right approach to a good test or not. Precision or introducing more dichotomies.

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    Okay, reading it like that is a little comical. Apparently, I answered as an F because I get annoyed talking to people who are trying to manipulate the conversation.

    Anyway, most tests are flawed, I at least appreciated the original wording on this one.

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