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MBTI Complete uses the same 93 questions as the MBTI. Then it walks you through an online interpretation. You don't see your results, for example, until you read about E and I and answer a few questions. Then you see E or I. And so on. You get the short profile from Myers at the end.

The Myers and Briggs Foundation decided to develop MBTI Complete since there were so many other online resources. It will never be free. It's as effective as a quick face-to-face interpetation but obviously there are better, more indepth face to face.

I've taken it. There are some good things in how they set it up.
Thanks. As stated, when I originally took the Step II (November 2000) my results were INTP. Since I have learned a great deal about type over the past 8 years I am considering taking it again, however as Geoff says taking at this stage may be of little consequences.