Analytical, diligent, modest.

Your true zodiac sign is Virgo. Detail-oriented and organized, you make the necessary arrangements to have things done right the first time around and strive not to leave anything to chance. Your need for perfection occasionally leads to you become bogged down in detail and lose sight of the bigger picture. However, you always manage to find your way back to the larger perspective where you are in balance with yourself. Intelligent and hardworking, you are a lifelong learner who seeks out new opportunities to learn and marvel at the sum of human creativity. You prefer a tranquil, down-to-earth lifestyle without too many dramatic hiccups, and feel the most at ease when you have clearly defined goals that you know how to work toward. Though you may come off as shy or reserved around strangers, this is really due to your tendency to weigh whether someone is worthy of your energy, friendship, and trust. Serving others is important to you, but the friendships you invest in have to be genuine.