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    Default Political Scales, <<DBHQ Edition>>

    This is not same test!

    Test: PolitiScales, DBHQ Edition

    PolitiScales - Results

    Additional characteristics

    Politics objectively boils down to looking at where the problems are and trying to solve them according to the means available.
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    Additional Characteristics

    When the people are being hit with a stick, they are not happier if the stick is called “the stick of the people”. The State is an oppression that must be abolished.

    Politics objectively boils down to looking at where the problems are and trying to solve them according to the means available.

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    These were sort of hard to answer, hence my results are not strong results. Nonetheless, I have no clue how ecology wasn't a stronger preference.

    PolitiScales - Results

    I also got pragmatist.

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    PolitiScales, DBHQ Edition.

    Motto (translated to Latin): Humanitas, Iustitia, Æqualitas.

    Constructivism (57%): Constructivists consider that people build themselves from their environment (notably social) and that the characteristics that make them who they are, are acquired.
    Rehabilitative Justice (60%): Those in favor of rehabilitative justice consider that the role of justice is to put the condemned on the “right path” again by making them understand why they should not do what they did and why they were condemned and by accompanying them all along the process.
    Progressive (86%): The progressives try to build social progress, make a better society without caring about traditions. They often consider the present as better than the past and that it is necessary to keep on this path.
    Internationalism (71%): Internationalism is a set of different ides which have for common point to stop making a hierarchy between countries and their inhabitants and to promote as much as possible their cooperation. Pushed to its maximum the final objective is the abolitions of borders.
    Capitalism (50%): Capitalism is as well an ambivalent concept. In this test a majority for capitalism simply signifies that you are for a private property of the means of production.
    Regulation (64%): This axis represents the attitude that a government needs to have concerning the market economy in which an important part of the means of production are private. Regulation or interventionism is an idea in which the economical activity should be regulated for the common interest. It can be through legislation, planning, subventions, a variable taxation.
    Production (43%): Production privileges human needs notably by supporting the increase of the production or the use of methods that have an uncertain impact on the environment.
    Reform (50%): Reformers have a tendency to privilege legal action to reach their goal: reform the political organization step by step. This can be done through the institutions, via elections, authorized demonstrations, petitions.

    Other: Vegan. Human beings must stop at all costs the consumption and exploitation of “sensible” being. [Comment: I am not a vegan although I imtellectually sort of agree with it. I don't know how to make a healthy diet change from omnivore to vegetarian/vegan diets and sometimes I just like beef too much to give it up entirely.]
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