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    Default Which Sopranos Character Are You?

    The New & Improved "Which Sopranos Character Are You?" Quiz

    I got Silvio

    You're usually pretty even-keeled and levelheaded, but certain situations really grind your gears. You're more than okay with being out of the spotlight, which makes you a reliable and trustworthy person on a personal and professional level. Your biggest flaw is you tend to follow even the most cruel of orders and not see the human side of things.

    Pretty good, I always do well in advisory type roles but would not want to manage. Like the time Sil is acting boss and has a panic attack

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    Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri

    Whatever others may think of you, you'll never be called boring. You've done some pretty nasty things and you're neurotic, but there's nobody more affectionate than you when it comes to the people you care about. And if someone you care about tells you to take care of someone else, you'll treat that person like family, too.
    Totally agreed. Probably there is a Forer-like bias but I don't know.
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    You got: Meadow Soprano

    You've always been a great student, but you're a bit naiive from having compartmentalized your personal & academic/professional life for so long. You put on a tough exterior and used to think you wanted all the space in the world, but your heart is happiest near family and other close friends.
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    First of all, I fucking love this show. I had major surgery my sophomore year of high school, and this show made my time recovering.

    You're Dr. Melfi. You're intelligent, kind, and devoted to your patients. In terms of your friend circle, you've never been one to need a million buddies. There have been a couple of negative situations in your life, but they were largely out of your control. If there's one piece of advice that I think would resonate with you, it'd be to remember you're not always on the clock. Let yourself live a little.

    Not bad; always thought she was pretty hot.
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    You Got: Livia Soprano

    You're Livia Soprano. You don't exactly have the best outlook on life, but as far as you're concerned, you did the best you could, and you're kind of just "over it" at this point.
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