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Thread: Four Elements

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    Default Four Elements

    Four Elements Quiz using Modern and Ancient Psychology

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    You are Fire!

    Fire is the element of will-power, courage, and vision. Fire is an active, focused, goal-oriented element. It is courageous, bold, strong-willed, passionate, ambitious, and fiercely dedicated. Fire insists on always moving onward and upward, always boldly going somewhere. It needs a goal, a direction, a dream to pursue. When given a noble goal, nothing is more majestic than Fire as it breaks through all obstacles, transcends all boundaries, and forges ahead through all hardships to make dreams into reality. Fire has a strong sense of justice, honor, and integrity. Fire is the spark of inspiration, flashes of deep insight, and bold visions for the future. It is creativity, plans, goals, intuition, patterns, archetypes, and the sense of a cosmic driving purpose. Fire is passion, so apathy is a foreign concept to it. Fire has strong opinions and beliefs about pretty much everything. This passion carries over into all areas of life, whether it is work, school, hobbies or personal relations. There is no more fiercely dedicated friend, lover, or enemy than Fire. Fire can be the warm-hearted fireplace to give warmth to the weary, the torch to give light and direction in darkness, the Sun that brings life and light to the world, the Promethean Fire that inspires invention and science, the forge that drives industry onward, or the raging fire that annihilates every enemy in its path. It has such tremendous mental and emotional energy that other elements often feel overwhelmed. However, just like physical fire without fuel turns to ash, so Fiery people sink into deep, restless depression when they lose their drive and have no dream and no goal to pursue. Also, Fire’s single-minded zeal can at times turn into arrogance and a tendency to belittle and devalue anything or anyone that stands in the way of Fire’s Goal. Immature Fire can also have issues with anger, harshness, being judgmental, bossiness, hasty decisions, and being excessively competitive.

    Intellectually, Fire is goal-oriented. So long as the learning in question is related to one of Fire’s goals or passions, Fire devours knowledge like kindling. Fire always asks “why.” It quickly grasps deep and complicated concepts, easily integrating the new information into its mental structure for how the world works and how best to achieve its goals. Of course, if the information is viewed as useless, then it is quickly disregarded and forgotten. It is drawn to big ideas, grand theories, and deeply desires to understand why the universe works the way it does. Also, Fire is essentially structured and task-oriented. It loves order and efficiency. Fire’s only intellectual weakness is its great focus. In its single-minded desire to accomplish what it sees as good and worthwhile, Fire can easily miss important things that it erroneously consigned to the “irrelevant information” pile. However, no element is more intelligent than any other. It is merely a different pattern of thinking.

    Emotionally, Fire is definitely extroverted. Fire has strong feelings, but also is very much concerned with honor and reputation. Fire likes to think of itself as strong and as a leader. So Fire may often hide and bottle-up any emotions it sees as “weak.” For instance, Fire rarely admits to being sad, hurt, afraid, lonely, or depressed. This can cause those feelings to intensify and cause more problems. Happiness, confidence, and anger on the other hand are emotions that Fire is much more likely to express. That anger, of course, is Fire’s negative emotional tendency. Fire can’t stand anything it views as evil or unjust, but often is equally angered by inefficiency, stupidity, or weakness.

    MBTI: ENTJ is the ideal example. Fire tends to be extroverted, decisive, and highly intuitive/abstract. Other fiery MBTI types include the ESTJ (Earth/Fire), INTJ (Fire/Earth), ENTP (Fire/Air), ESTP (Air/Fire), ENFJ (Fire/Water), and INTP (Water/Fire). Debatably, ENFP (normally Air/Water) might be somewhat fiery.

    Functions: Extroverted Thinking, Introverted Intuition, Extroverted Intuition, and introverted thinking

    Enneagram Types: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8

    Platonic Solid: Pyramid (Tetrahedron)

    Aristotelian Environment: Warm and Dry

    Temperament: Choleric

    Cardinal Virtue: Courage (Fortitudo)

    Yin-Yang: Full Yang

    Opposite Element: Water – while Fire is brave, willful, lively, inventive, and visionary, Water is wise, cautious, calm, innovative, and harmonious.

    Core Strengths: Fire is brave, bold, ambitious, strong-willed, energetic, charismatic, honest, loyal, just, honorable, dedicated, idealistic, independent, creative, and passionate.

    Possible Weaknesses: When immature, Fire might be arrogant, angry, harsh, have judgmental tendencies, be hasty, impulsive, restless, bossy, rebellious, excessively competitive, and too focused.

    Possible traits (overlap with other elements): Fire might be curious, adventurous, communicative, socially skilled, orderly, structured, strong, fair-minded, rational, and dependable
    Life Path 4. True Neutral 8 1 6 3 7 5 Teexcellent>Niexcellent>Figood>Tigood>>>>Siaverage>Fe unused
    The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson
    ===Logical Crusader===

    Dail [or Daer] ú-[o] chyn [or fyn/thyn] [?] Ú-danno i failad a thi; an úben tannatha le failad.
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    Got the exact opposite of what I expected...

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    I consider myself more of Earth, but I often test as Fire.
    i thought i was dead inside, but i survived

    my type me thread

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