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Thread: Four Elements

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    Default Four Elements

    Four Elements Quiz using Modern and Ancient Psychology

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    You are Fire!

    Fire is the element of will-power, courage, and vision. Fire is an active, focused, goal-oriented element. It is courageous, bold, strong-willed, passionate, ambitious, and fiercely dedicated. Fire insists on always moving onward and upward, always boldly going somewhere. It needs a goal, a direction, a dream to pursue. When given a noble goal, nothing is more majestic than Fire as it breaks through all obstacles, transcends all boundaries, and forges ahead through all hardships to make dreams into reality. Fire has a strong sense of justice, honor, and integrity. Fire is the spark of inspiration, flashes of deep insight, and bold visions for the future. It is creativity, plans, goals, intuition, patterns, archetypes, and the sense of a cosmic driving purpose. Fire is passion, so apathy is a foreign concept to it. Fire has strong opinions and beliefs about pretty much everything. This passion carries over into all areas of life, whether it is work, school, hobbies or personal relations. There is no more fiercely dedicated friend, lover, or enemy than Fire. Fire can be the warm-hearted fireplace to give warmth to the weary, the torch to give light and direction in darkness, the Sun that brings life and light to the world, the Promethean Fire that inspires invention and science, the forge that drives industry onward, or the raging fire that annihilates every enemy in its path. It has such tremendous mental and emotional energy that other elements often feel overwhelmed. However, just like physical fire without fuel turns to ash, so Fiery people sink into deep, restless depression when they lose their drive and have no dream and no goal to pursue. Also, Fire’s single-minded zeal can at times turn into arrogance and a tendency to belittle and devalue anything or anyone that stands in the way of Fire’s Goal. Immature Fire can also have issues with anger, harshness, being judgmental, bossiness, hasty decisions, and being excessively competitive.

    Intellectually, Fire is goal-oriented. So long as the learning in question is related to one of Fire’s goals or passions, Fire devours knowledge like kindling. Fire always asks “why.” It quickly grasps deep and complicated concepts, easily integrating the new information into its mental structure for how the world works and how best to achieve its goals. Of course, if the information is viewed as useless, then it is quickly disregarded and forgotten. It is drawn to big ideas, grand theories, and deeply desires to understand why the universe works the way it does. Also, Fire is essentially structured and task-oriented. It loves order and efficiency. Fire’s only intellectual weakness is its great focus. In its single-minded desire to accomplish what it sees as good and worthwhile, Fire can easily miss important things that it erroneously consigned to the “irrelevant information” pile. However, no element is more intelligent than any other. It is merely a different pattern of thinking.

    Emotionally, Fire is definitely extroverted. Fire has strong feelings, but also is very much concerned with honor and reputation. Fire likes to think of itself as strong and as a leader. So Fire may often hide and bottle-up any emotions it sees as “weak.” For instance, Fire rarely admits to being sad, hurt, afraid, lonely, or depressed. This can cause those feelings to intensify and cause more problems. Happiness, confidence, and anger on the other hand are emotions that Fire is much more likely to express. That anger, of course, is Fire’s negative emotional tendency. Fire can’t stand anything it views as evil or unjust, but often is equally angered by inefficiency, stupidity, or weakness.

    MBTI: ENTJ is the ideal example. Fire tends to be extroverted, decisive, and highly intuitive/abstract. Other fiery MBTI types include the ESTJ (Earth/Fire), INTJ (Fire/Earth), ENTP (Fire/Air), ESTP (Air/Fire), ENFJ (Fire/Water), and INTP (Water/Fire). Debatably, ENFP (normally Air/Water) might be somewhat fiery.

    Functions: Extroverted Thinking, Introverted Intuition, Extroverted Intuition, and introverted thinking

    Enneagram Types: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8

    Platonic Solid: Pyramid (Tetrahedron)

    Aristotelian Environment: Warm and Dry

    Temperament: Choleric

    Cardinal Virtue: Courage (Fortitudo)

    Yin-Yang: Full Yang

    Opposite Element: Water – while Fire is brave, willful, lively, inventive, and visionary, Water is wise, cautious, calm, innovative, and harmonious.

    Core Strengths: Fire is brave, bold, ambitious, strong-willed, energetic, charismatic, honest, loyal, just, honorable, dedicated, idealistic, independent, creative, and passionate.

    Possible Weaknesses: When immature, Fire might be arrogant, angry, harsh, have judgmental tendencies, be hasty, impulsive, restless, bossy, rebellious, excessively competitive, and too focused.

    Possible traits (overlap with other elements): Fire might be curious, adventurous, communicative, socially skilled, orderly, structured, strong, fair-minded, rational, and dependable
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    Got the exact opposite of what I expected...

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    I consider myself more of Earth, but I often test as Fire.

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    Water. This is the element that I can relate the least to.

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    I got Ice, which is described as possessing characteristics that somewhat do and somewhat don't match me:

    Ice is cool, calm, collected, logical, and abstract. It combines the calm, serenity, insight, adaptability, and wisdom of Water with the order, consistency, loyalty, and practicality of earth. They are creatures of cold, crystalline beauty – elegant and unapproachable. They are deep, mysterious, and inscrutable – yet they see the rest of the world with astounding clarity. They have a big-picture view of life and tend to be meticulous planners. Ice is also generally a very good judge of character, so long as Ice does not give in to pessimism or cynicism. That is one of Ice’s great internal struggles – the conflict between an intense inner idealism and pessimism about how corrupt the world is. Ice is exceptionally perfectionistic. Ice is also known for its subtly determined nature. Instead of trying to break through barriers, Ice finds another way. When the barrier is weak or if Ice finds just the right angle, it breaks through with the force of a massive iceberg. Yet against stronger or more aggressive forces, Ice adapts, melts, flows around boulders, through piles of debris, over dams, and even through the smallest cracks. When it finds such small opening, it freezes – expanding and cracking the barrier apart. Ice plans everything meticulously in advance and can be seen as opportunistic since it never lets any opportunity go to waste. Ice is very independent and often stubborn, but not aggressive or bossy. Rather than try to force the world to conform to itself, it bends and moves to suit the circumstances, subtly influences the world from the shadows, or else it simply leaves. Ice knows when to withdraw and leave a hopeless organization, pointless debate, or harmful relationship. Solitude is natural and comfortable for Ice, so it very capable of leaving toxic situations behind and not looking back. This tendency to choose an isolated lifestyle may be in reaction to past hurt or betrayal or it could just as easily stem from being highly introverted. It often views society as a whole as being cruel, stupid, chaotic, or threatening. Ice is very structured, orderly, rational, and logical. They are punctual, organized, detail-oriented, planned, and are excellent at either creating or running vast, complicated systems – whether for business, politics and other practical concerns or for philosophy, religion, science, or other more abstract pursuits. They have both the creativity and wisdom to create as well as the practicality and diligence to administrate. They are strong and stable, honest and loyal, fair-minded and rational, orderly and reliable. Under stress and pressure that would break anyone else, Ice still stands like an ancient, unconquerable glacier. This ability to think well in both abstract and concrete ways makes Ice a natural planner. Everything in Ice’s life goes to serve The Plan: an extremely complex life-long plan for success that incorporates every foreseeable variable and contingency. Often, Ice begins making The Plan while still a small child and continues to refine it and re-work it across his or her life. Their ability to predict the future is mysterious and can be either inspiring or terrifying depending on whether Ice is a friend or enemy. Ice generally uses its towering intellect to solve problems, express deep truths, create inventions, or unravel the mysteries of the universe rather than make money or get fame. Fame is of very little interest to Ice. Ice often has a strong creative and artistic streak, loving music, literature, philosophy, and the arts. The Icy person often has a natural and effortless gift at creating pristine, elegant beauty – whether in artwork, abstract systems, or even in the clothes she or he wears. Yet all of these tremendous strengths do come with weaknesses. Ice is extremely introverted and cautious. If Ice is ever surprised and has no plan at all for the current situation, Ice often freezes up entirely – unable to act. Ice may be adaptable, but improvisation is very difficult. Ice does not like surprises and is often stubborn. Further, Ice is very emotionally withdrawn. While Ice usually has a rich, complex internal world of emotions, Ice is very poor at expressing those emotions to others – and some Icy people may even have difficulty reading the emotions of others. Ice tends to be distant, remote, and very difficult to read - often having a constant poker face or unintentional icy death glare. Even when emotions are expressed, getting the right words out with the right vocal tone is frustrating. This often tends to push away the very people Ice wants most to get close to. This over-abundance of caution, difficulty improvising, and difficulty expressing emotions are Ice’s three great weaknesses. Yet for anyone who manages to get close enough to Ice to make a real emotional connection, they will find Ice to be very loving, devoted, and absolutely loyal. As a general rule, anyone who earns the love or friendship of Ice will enjoy lifelong, unbreakable commitment and they will get the rare treat of enjoying the warm and compassionate heart at Ice’s core.

    Intellectually, Ice seeks understanding and efficiency. Water asks both “why” and “how.” It is holistic and sees everything in the universe as being connected with everything else. Ice is drawn to everything deep, abstract, and complex. It intuitively sees the connections between ideas and between cause and effect. It builds up complex networks of information with each bit connected in its mind with all the other bits that compare and contrast with it. Yet it also has an intense drive to make sense of things. Ice creates order out of chaos, efficiency out of waste, and elegant systems out of aimless wandering. Budgets, long-term plans, engineering, and business management are second nature to Ice. It misses no detail no matter how small and excels at innovation and gradual improvement in general. While everything fascinates Ice, it’s logical, orderly systems that are most interesting. Put together, this makes Ice well-suited for the humanities, sciences, and business – at least in theory. One of Ice’s intellectual weaknesses is its tendency to become lost in its own mind. This can be due to going down rabbit trails on related subjects, getting distracted, or simply getting so absorbed that it never even gets to make the decision in question. The other is making the assumption that all people behave logically. Ice can easily misread a situation by failing to take into account the more emotional and chaotic elements of human nature, often missing subtleties and social cues. However, no element is more intelligent than any other. It is merely a different pattern of thinking.

    Emotionally, Ice is the most introverted of all the elements or element combinations. Ice has strong feelings and ideals, but has great difficulty expressing them. Due to the fear of an embarrassing emotional outburst, Ice generally suppresses unwelcome emotions like anger, sadness, or fear. Ice may express positive emotions, but even then usually in a controlled way. This can cause negative emotions to build up and churn inside, magnifying them over time. Sadness, fear, and bitterness tend to be especially strong. If not deal with in a healthy way, this can lead either to sudden outbursts releasing days, weeks, or even years of frustration all at once. Ice’s wrath is rare, but terrible - especially if Ice believes the object of its anger deserves it. However, Ice may just internalize their emotions even further, withdrawing into themselves until they begin to view all the world as a hostile, threatening “other.” Sadness, fear, and bitterness are Ice’s negative emotions.

    MBTI: INTP is the perfect example – though INTJ and INFJ can work as well. Occasionally, ISTPs may show up as Ice (though they are normally Earth/Air).

    Functions: Introverted Thinking, Extroverted Intuition, Introverted Intuition, extroverted thinking

    Enneagram Types: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9

    Platonic Solid: Round (Icosahedron) and Cube (Hexahedron)

    Aristotelian Environment: Cold (either Wet or Dry)

    Temperament: Phlegmatic/Melancholic, Melancholic/Choleric, or Phlegmatic/Choleric

    Cardinal Virtue: Wisdom/Caution (Prudentia) and Self-Control (Temperantia)

    Yin-Yang: Yin

    Opposite Element: Lightning – While Ice (Water/Earth) is wise, logical, calculating, self-controlled, dignified, calm, and innovative, Lightning (Fire/Air) is brave, willful, lively, free-spirited, dramatic, and visionary.

    Core Strengths: Ice is calm, imaginative, wise, patient, adaptable, observant, artistic, idealistic, rational, practical, dependable, fair-minded, respectful, honest, loyal, and insightful

    Possible Weaknesses: When immature, Ice might be depressed, pessimistic, passive, indecisive, self-loathing, overly cautious, unsocial, shy, stubborn, bitter, judgmental, callous, excessively serious, or withdrawn from reality.
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    Lightning (Fire/Air)

    You are Lightning! (Fire/Air)

    Fire is the element of will-power, courage, and vision. Air is the element of freedom, independence, and curiosity. Therefore, Lightning combines the best of Fire’s courage and dynamism with Air’s freedom and flexibility. This is a passionate crusader for freedom, justice, and independence – and often quite the daredevil. Lightning’s overwhelming energy means that it can easily prove to be a dynamic leader in politics, business, science, the arts, or entertainment. Anywhere that quick thinking, adaptability, and fiery determination are in demand, you will find Lightning there to enthusiastically take center stage. Lightning is quite the talker – whether it’s telling a story, telling a joke, giving a speech, acting in a play, or getting into a spirited debate, Lightning always has something to say. Lightning tends to be especially bewildering in debates due to its ability to be both very forceful and jump from subject to subject like the zig-zagging bolt of electricity for which it’s named. If you debate a person whose element is Lightning, be prepared to defend against countless arguments at once. This dynamism extends to Lightning’s personal life as well. There’s never a dull moment for any of Lightning’s friends – there’s always an adventure to go on, a problem to fix, a far-off destination to explore, or a tragedy that needs justice. As might be expected, Lightning is very much a daredevil – no height is too high, no speed too fast, and no thrill too risky. It’s common to see it in extreme sports, martial arts, or exploring the great outdoors. Lightning’s quick reflexes, keen senses, and can-do attitude often mean it is quite athletic. It is passionate in everything it does and can be either a fierce and unpredictable enemy or a passionately devoted friend.

    Since this Mixed Element combines the two warm elements (Fire and Air), Lightning will tend to be very hot. Here, “hotness” refers to being highly active – i.e. being extroverted, brave, socially-skilled, excitable, and adventurous.

    Lightning can be made by Fire and Air in many ways.

    ESTP is essentially Air with the added courage and will-power of Fire.

    ENTP is essentially Fire, but is flexible, talkative, and unpredictable like Air.

    ENFP is technically a mix of Air and Water, though with enough courage, will-power and vision, an ENFP can end up here.

    On rare occasions, ENFJs may end up here.

    MBTI: Lightning tends to be highly extroverted, highly intuitive/abstract, and possessing a paradoxical combination of orderly and chaotic tendencies.

    Functions: Extroverted Intuition, Introverted Thinking, Extroverted Feeling, and introverted intuition

    Enneagram Types: 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8

    Platonic Solid: Pyramid (Tetrahedron) and Diamond (Octahedron)

    Aristotelian Environment: Hot (either Wet or Dry)

    Temperament: Choleric-Sanguine or Sanguine-Choleric

    Cardinal Virtue: Courage (Fortitudo) and Justice (Iustitia)

    Yin-Yang: Yang

    Opposite Element: Ice – while Lightning (Fire/Air) is brave, willful, lively, free-spirited, dramatic, and visionary, Ice (Water/Earth) is wise, calculating, self-controlled, dignified, calm, and innovative.

    Core Strengths: Lightning is adventurous, communicative, socially skilled, independent, cheerful, flexible, adaptable, curious, adventurous, generous, forgiving, optimistic, energetic, creative, brave, bold, ambitious, strong-willed, energetic, charismatic, honest, loyal, just, honorable, dedicated, idealistic, independent, creative, and passionate.

    Possible Weaknesses: When immature, Lightning might be unrealistic, lost in fantasy, arrogant, angry, harsh, have judgmental tendencies, be hasty, impulsive, restless, bossy, rebellious, excessively competitive, frivolous, impatient, impulsive, hedonistic, fickle, and lecherous.
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