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    Default WEPSS - Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales Test


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    Your Core Enneagram Style
    Your WEPSS Total scores indicate that you identify most strongly with Style 4 as your core Enneagram style.
    People with a FOUR style value originality and authenticity more than anything else. You have an innate sense of quality. You want to make the world a more beautiful place, and believe this can be done by honoring your uniqueness, expressing your creativity, and deeply connecting to others and the world.

    Your scores indicate that you identify more with the Less-Resourceful than the Resourceful aspects of Style FOUR. You are very sensitive to your own suffering, and may feel that it has made you special. You may often believe that others cannot understand the heights and depths of your feelings. At times you may become so focused on the losses and tragedies of life that you neglect to notice and benefit from its joys. You may find it difficult to accept the ordinary aspects of everyday existence.

    On the other hand, the Resourceful aspects of Style FOUR are also available to you. You are sensitive to and can find solace in beauty. Your ability to transform your inner experience into artistic forms provides you with a ready course of creative expression.
    Your Preferred Wing Style
    The preferred wing style influences the way you express your core style. Your preferred wing style is 5.

    You identify most strongly with the Less-Resourceful aspects of this wing style. Your FIVE wing style may increase your tendency to get fruitlessly caught up in analyzing your inner experience, ruminating in looping directions that go nowhere. You may put so much energy into your creative fantasies that it becomes difficult to reach out and connect with others.
    What You Find Easy To Do
    Each Enneagram style has adaptive characteristics that make it relatively easy to do certain things. FOURs find it easy to look inward and analyze their own inner experience. You can also easily feel empathy for others’ pain. You may find that you can effortlessly tune into the mood and spirit of your surroundings, and can express what you discover in an artistic or ritualized form.

    What May be Difficult to Do / May be Avoided
    Each Enneagram style struggles with things that are relatively difficult to do. FOURs find it difficult to move from their fantasies and feelings into effective, purposeful action. It can be hard for you to persist through the ordinary, mundane routine that is usually required to achieve concrete goals.

    Because your Less-Resourceful characteristics score for Style FOUR is higher than your Resourceful characteristics score, your sensitivity to elements that are missing from a situation can blind you to what is actually there. When you look inward, you may feel that you are lacking something. This leads you to be envious of others who appear more complete, and makes it hard for you to feel nourished and satisfied.
    Defensive Maneuvers
    FOURs steer away from being ordinary by pursuing uncommon experiences and expressions. None feel as deeply as they do, none experience life in the same way they do. Mere words are not enough to express their responses; they need poetry, music, dance, painting, or some other kind of artistic sublimation to capture their experience.
    How You May Have Learned This Style
    During your early development, you were very aware of your own completeness and originality. This sense became lost to you when important people in your life became unavailable to you, leading you to feel unwanted. You may have believed that this was because there was something wrong with you, or that you weren’t special enough to be noticed. You may have even felt so different from others that you believed you were delivered to the wrong planet. You tried to make yourself unique and special so that others would not leave you behind.

    Stressful Conditions
    Sometimes stress brings out the best in people, and sometimes the worst. As a FOUR, your identification with the Resourceful side of Style TWO indicates that when you are stressed you may find that you can move toward others and connect with them in a mutually beneficial relationship. You may find that your strong ability to empathize with others allows you to be of genuine service to them. You need to be alert to feelings of resentment when your efforts are not acknowledged to the extent that you would like.
    Relaxed Conditions
    When people feel safe, secure, and relaxed, they can often express their positive side more readily than usual. Sometimes, though, in times of security they are more willing to show their flaws. As a FOUR, your identification with the Less-Resourceful side of Style ONE indicates that when you are feeling secure you may expend even more energy on self-analysis that takes on the tone of self-criticism. You may find that this increased sensitivity to inadequacy and impatience with ordinariness extends itself so that you become critical and dissatisfied with your close personal relationships. Try to include the positive aspects of yourself and your relationships in your analysis. Take a less passionate, more objective, problem-solving approach to those areas where you find dissatisfaction.

    How to be More in Balance
    You can be more in balance by remembering your inner wholeness. You alone possess the inner fulfillment that you look toward others to provide. Use your capacity for self-reflection and analytical ability to cultivate a spirit of impartiality rather than to compulsively analyze your own deficiencies and those of others. You can use your altruism and sensitivity to others’ feelings to help you develop balanced relationships. Balance in your relationships can also be enhanced if you do not let your expectations make you critical, resentful, and blind to the value of what you actually have.

    Alternative Types
    If you feel that Style 4 does not really reflect you, you may also want to look at Style 5 or Style 9.

    Anyone else taken this?
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