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    BLACK is the negetion of colour and means 'No'. Anyone who chooses it in the first position(which is rare) is in revolt against their fate. Chosen second, it means you are prepared to give up everything else to achieve what you want. It is normally put in seventh or eighth place, representing control of one's destiny and a balanced outlook. If yellow preceeds black in the first two positions, then a change is on the way

    Hmm, those colors are so hideous that it was kind of difficult to choose. So I chose the more sober colors. But If I were asked just asked I'd say Green and Brown are my favourite colors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    Black, red, grey, brown, green, violet, blue, yellow. And I don't know why I bothered.
    Scary, Jack -- we're in agreement on this one.
    (And not the color order.)
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    Blue - always my favorite
    Violet - I liked this one
    Red - great color
    Green - odd green
    Black - is black
    Yellow - meh
    Gray - totally neutral about it
    Brown - blah!

    Weird test, with odd colors and a hideous brown. I found myself assessing these colors, not the colors they represent. Had green been nicer I might have placed it higher. There are nice browns, but I never wear that color (or orange or yellow). But even if the colors were truer, I would always choose blue first and probably brown last. At least I didn't have to put orange in the line-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Owl View Post
    1) Yellow
    2) Black
    3) Blue
    4) Violet
    5) Grey
    6) Green
    7) Red
    8) Brown


    I like the yellow/black combo. Problems don't exist for me? Hardly! But I'm very optimistic. And a change is on the way? Is this some sort of horoscope?

    Why does yellow make me feel happy? I don't wear yellow, and I'd never paint my walls yellow. Maybe some yellow trim here and there... weird.
    Its not a horoscope because each color inevitably evokes a set of certain emotions from you. Whether or not this is true is easy to test, pay attention to each color for 10 minutes and record the emotional reaction that ensues as a result. Almost certainly, there will be a different reaction after you have examined each color for 10 minutes individually. In other words, looking at color blue for 10 minutes will make you emote differently than looking at a color brown for the same period of time. This would be even more clear in the case of an emotionally volatile or a highly emotionally reactive person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    Grey means lack of focus. Yet black an intense ambition to change your circumstances, which by definition means having focus.
    So then certainly it doesn't work all the time.
    Something is deeply wrong here.
    Yeah, it's the notion that everyone will pick the same color for the same emotions. Or even on the off-chance they would, then the confused idea that anyone's figured out exactly what each color represents for all individuals.

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    Well, this was dumb.
    1) Yellow
    2) Black
    3) Violet
    4) Red
    5) Brown
    6) Gray
    7) Blue
    8) Green

    Shitty colors. Shitty analysis.

    Yellow in first place means that you are ambitious and eager to please.
    Black Chosen second means you are prepared to give up everything else to achieve what you want.
    If you put brown in fourth or fifth place, you are not very concerned about your health and body. This means you are probably in good shape.
    The later blue appears in the sequence, the more unsatisfied you are and the more you feel the need to break from the ties that restrict you. But you probably aren't unfeeling enough to walk out on a family or job; instead, you will suffer in silence.
    If green is a later choice, your ego has been bruised and you have been humbled by the resistance to your progress.
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    Should we be chosing how much we like the colors as presented on the page or how well we usually like those colors in real life?

    Real Life color choices:

    1. blue
    2. black
    4. red
    5. green (red and green sort of tied really)
    6. gray
    7. yellow

    As presented on the screen for that test:

    1. Blue
    2. Black
    3. Violet
    4. Grey
    5. Red
    6. Green
    7. Yellow
    8. Brown

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    I concur. This test was teh lame.

    But for interest:


    Here are my interpretations for those colours (not the horrible computery ones they chose...real-life hues, I mean).

    Green: Green is the colour seen most often in nature, and when a location is balanced and healthy, the plants will be a rich green. Thus, it is not too far-fetched to associate green with good health, safety, and balance.

    Blue: Blue appears most in the two seemingly limitless areas of the earth: the sky and the ocean/water. Because of this, blue does indeed connote depth and tranquility, but it is also a colour associated with sadness--perhaps because of a colour temperature relation to this emotional state: blue is a cool colour because water is, generally, cooler than the air and in winter the environment takes on a subdued blue tone; whereas sadness is an emotion that slows down the body and depletes energy, one's blood sometimes runs cold in the face of grief.

    Yellow: The colour of the sun and a common colour in wild flowers. Worldwide, it is probably most commonly considered a colour of joy, vibrancy, warmth, and boundless energy. I suppose this might have something to do with our inherent need for sunlight in order to maintain optimal bodily function. It also could stem from an ability to see our surroundings better and, due to the sun's warmth, maintain homeostasis more efficiently.

    Violet: It's difficult for me to consider what violet could mean, since, apart from flowers, it isn't all that common of a colour to see. I suppose because of its position in the visual spectrum, it could be considered a highly energetic colour, but not in the same way yellow is considered energetic. Intense energy, focus, maybe. At the same time, depending on the hue, it could be a very delicate colour that connotes refinement.

    Red: Yes, red is associated with passion and sex. If only because our blood is red when highly oxygenated. It's the colour of excited blood vessels, which is certain areas can be attractive and/or threatening. Or it can suggest a good-hearted person--the idea of an apple-cheeked man or woman, that stereotype tends to suggest a person who laughs, eats, and exhibits kindness in enormous amounts. So, it is perhaps a colour of plenty.

    Black: I'm not sure black is necessarily always negative or means "No". It, like the colour white, can give an impression of a vast, empty space. But from another perspective, it is a colour that relates to something hidden and something unknowable, mysterious. Most likely because darkness is "black" and we cannot see well in darkness. It can also be the darkness of sleep.

    Brown: The colour of the earth and wood. Generally because of those two associations, brown could be considered a very stable colour. It's neutral, no nonsense, and relatively impartial. It is also a colour found often in foods that "stick to your ribs" or fill you up (like bread, cooked meats, grains, nuts, roots), so I suppose it could be considered to have a nurturing aspect. (Not to forget, brown is the colour of shit. But I don't know what use shit would be when thinking about this colour...aside from making you shudder a little and go "ugh...".)

    Grey: Like brown, grey is a neutral colour, but is not neccarily a stable one in my mind. I suppose because it is like the colour of storm clouds, rain, smoke, and fog. It could then be a colour that seeks to obscure what one perceives. Or something indicative of suppressed turmoil. Or a colour that is completely impratial.

    Right. So that's that. Probably just as bad, if not worse, than the ones on that website.
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    1. Yellow
    2. Blue
    3. Green
    4. Brown
    5. Black
    6. Red
    7. Grey
    8. Violet
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
    Oh our 3rd person reference to ourselves denotes nothing more than we realize we are epic characters on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bella View Post
    That test's no good. If the green was different I would have chosen it as the favourite.
    That green came second last.
    I had a problem with that colors as represented as well. I like generally like green, but I dislike yellowish green. The brown was a pretty ugly shade as well.

    Reading the results I was a bit annoyed at how there were fairly blatent "good colors" and "bad colors."

    I wonder if the orignal test is this bias in it's color description?


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