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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Your accusations are BS and your statements are untruthful and distorted as I have previously stated.
    I thought y'all just banned this one. Or was it the other one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind Up Rex View Post
    I thought y'all just banned this one. Or was it the other one?
    That was Jeremy8419.

    We meant it when we said we were going to be more diligent in enforcing the rules, especially where it involves persistent patterns of behavior, including a repeated and deliberate disregard of expected standards of conduct.

    Members can help us in this regard by reporting posts that they think cross the line. Sometimes we will determine that a reported post doesn't in fact break the rules. Other times we apply penalties or otherwise intervene in a way that only the affected member will be aware of. Things generally become public only when it reaches the level of a ban, which really does take some effort on the part of the banned member.
    I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, they've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. The time has come for all humanity to take a stand...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mystik_INFJ View Post
    To answer your post, this is proof of "political correctness and SJW-ness of the forum". You know why? Because when these people step into any space, the first thing that goes is humor. Making a joke or saying something "triggering" is seen as the ultimate offense for these people. Seriously, you want to see if something is infested with the SJW disease? Look for signs of humor. If you can't find any, then you know what's going on. Harmless memes and cat videos are not considered fun, it's actually the SJW favorite pastime.
    I know you're banned, but I'll still respond to what is written here. SJWs actually do have quite the humor, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. You also need to specify if you mean actual SJWs who do good work, following the ethics they set for themselves, or the fake SJWs who are fourteen years old and can't handle hate on the Interweebz.

    I don't understand how cats or memes relate to this. Especially considering cats and memes are some of an SJW's favorite ways to get their supposedly backward ideas across to others and spread the word of God (I use this jokingly, don't shoot me)...

    Sounds like you're a bitter millenial on the older side and missed the Tumblr train, qué triste por ti, señor mío.

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