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Thread: Banned Users

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bush Did 9/11 View Post
    It's all true. You've just been away from the ol' 'box for too long.
    Naw, I hacked it last year and read everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bush Did 9/11 View Post
    Yes. Yes, this is exactly how it's done. There's really no internal discussion about anything that happens, and we only even bother to list around a quarter of the people we ban in B&D. Even then, sometimes we forget to do it and then put it off and we get too lazy.

    On more than one occasion we've banned the wrong user on accident, but we didn't want to look incompetent so we left it. We double downed when asked about it.

    We do in fact actively target members who have been here for years, because we have to make room for the new blood. At least, that's why I do it; I can't speak for any of the other mods because I don't really know what they are thinking. Maybe they target veterans for a different reason.

    Now, to the above, I should mention that I say "we" not in the collective sense, as a group that communicates and coordinates, but rather as individuals who don't really talk to one another and just do what seems to make a bit of horse sense at the time that such actions occur.

    There are a lot of empty report threads in the modbox as well. They might have been resolved, but I'm not sure as I don't think any of us have accessed the modbox in months.
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