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    Hear, hear, to the gifs being prohibited, I think its nothing but an annoyance to honest.

    Big gigantic signatures annoy me too but thankfully its easy to conceal them behind a spoiler thing.
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    I think they are fine in a post to make a point. But in signatures they are a bit annoying, especially if they are big and busy. I like the idea of putting them in spoiler tags. That way people have the option of looking or not looking.
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    Avatars, no. Remember that guy who had the flashing dot as an avatar? *shudders*

    Signatures, spoilered. Save our eyes please.

    In posts, they are a significant burden to load. Slows page load time tremendously.

    Quote Originally Posted by chickpea View Post
    what an awful decision. distracting from what? this is 2015, if gifs are too over-stimulating, you should probably avoid the Internet in general.
    Animated gifs are so 1998 - 2003, actually. They re-popularized the last couple of years as an alternative to video and flash animations, not needing a plug-in to run and being used in fun, meme-like ways. However, as a web developer, they are a headache, as I mentioned slowing page loads and overall site load times. You can't start or stop them of your own volition. Many people who make them don't understand how to size or compress them properly, so they can be very large files. They are a significant reason for site complaints and behind sites crashing out. When the goal is to serve a website quickly, a site full of animations runs counter to efficiency. That's the reason some sites disable them.
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    i thought the issue was always them slowing down the site and that's why we got rid of them. people complain about the site being slow already, if you want more of those complaints sure.
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    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    The animation doesn't bother me. 1080px-tall image in sigs do. Those are just fine when they're under spoiler tags or something. That's a great balance between "expressing yourself" and "not pissing me off."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    Remember that guy who had the flashing dot as an avatar? *shudders*

    Of course I remember the seizure inducer.

    I'm not for animated avatars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obsidius View Post
    Animation should be allowed, who in the community even thinks that disabling this is a good decision?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    I do.

    Actually, I wouldn't say my position is that they should be disabled so much as there should be an option to turn off animation on the individual member's end. But I'm not sure that's possible.

    I currently have signatures turned off- I can't see anyone's signature- because I personally find ALL that stuff distracting. So as far as signatures go, I don't care. I do think a ceiling should be put on how seizure-inducing flashy an avi can be though, at least until the option to turn it off is available on the individual user end. eta: Because I don't want to have to turn off avis altogether to avoid the super flashy ones- I like recognizing posters by their avi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post

    Of course I remember the seizure inducer.

    I'm not for animated avatars.
    Thanks, now I'm having a seizurghfhdjridnrjfdkkfkrskdios.
    ~luck favors the ready~
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    Personally, I think we should be allowed to keep animated signatures, but they should all be sized down to a default size of around 300x175:

    [size example]

    That way, they're not huge, and taking up so much space and distracting users. I also think that they should be within reason, like others have mentioned. No seizure inducing signatures. No super bright colours that flash, and no super fast moving gifs.

    Does that sound reasonable? Personally, I think it does.

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