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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke O View Post
    If you're seeing a basic vBulletin board on mobile, your browser may have a "Request Desktop Site" option or equivalent. In Chrome in your options, scroll down and check the option there to get the old view for now.
    This is what I do, even on the smallest of phone screens. Then again, I like how navigable the site is in 'full-blown' mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Hm - it's supposed to look like this

    Attachment 13540
    Looks like that, but everything is too large for my taste. It kinda sucks that for some reason even tho i use desktop mode on my phone, i still get this overly compact version of the website. So it looks like the changes are not only for mobile version of the site, but to regular version of the site when accessed through non mobile view from phone. Would be cool if this only applied to mobile version of the site, because the changes are affecting people who like to view websites as if through regular browser. I mean people who use mobile version is the people in need of some changes to mobile version of the website, and people who like to use the website as "normal website" size are not.
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