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    Default User Reputation Display and History Changes

    I plan to provide a more thorough explanation of some overall site changes and directions over the weekend, but wish to mention quickly a change that we just put in place.

    We have had issues with performance of UserCP for some time. At least, anyone who has been on the forum long enough to accumulate a large number of reputations experienced significant delay in accessing that page. I had reduced the number of displayed reputations to 500 to reduce some of the problem but even with that, it resulted in substantial performance impacts on that page due to the large number of database lookups that were occurring. In addition, members were no longer able to see their full history of reputations given and received because it was limited to only the last 500.

    We just made a change to address this.

    1. UserCP can still be used to look at your reps but it will only show the last 10 given and the last 10 received. The page will load very fast now.

    2. Through a newly created rep history page , you now can see ALL of your reps given and received from the beginning of time. There is a menu option to access this at the top of "Quick Links" under the Forum Tab.

    Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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    Great solution! Two shouts for @highlander
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    you have laid your hand upon me.
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