... here's what's up.

If a thread you start gets locked, or if an exchange or derail you're in gets split or removed, it's not necessarily intended as a punishment. It's not even necessarily about you. Consider whether you actually end up getting warned, infracted, or explicitly talked to or mentioned by a mod--that's when you know that something's up.

Sometimes, placing something under mod review and posting that it's under mod review is just simply placing something under mod review. It means that another mod or I see something that should be reviewed by other mods and want to halt an exchange while we mull it over. Interpret it differently only when something else actually happens.

Sometimes, we don't want to disclose our specific reason right away, before we let another mod take a look, because to do so would be to make a judgment unilaterally. Usually in the span of an hour or two, but not always, a group of mods has talked about it and come to a decision/reason that we wind up sharing.