Note to all members on moderating of posts

To help in implementing the new rules, we are making some changes in how we moderate posts, specifically those containing insults. This is a process that we've been refining over the past five weeks, and will contine to refine as needed. The goal is prompt, fair, and consistent action, which is in fact harder to achieve than it might appear on the surface. To minimize confusion, we wanted to explain what we will be doing differently, and why.

Our aim is to retain as much as possible the integrity of posts, even when they contain insults. To the extent that we can, our intention is to edit out the insult but preserve the post. If the post is off-topic, it will be moved to the Off Topic Posts thread. We want to do this quickly - because conflicts tend to escalate quickly - but not at the expense of fairness and accuracy. Our response will therefore take one of two forms. (a) In straightforward cases, we will simply edit/move the post. (b) If the situation requires further discussion in the modbox, we will delete the entire post while the discussion proceeds. After a decision is made, the post may be restored in edited form. We will then follow up with a corresponding warning or infraction if appropriate.

We want to be transparent about edting, deleting, or moving posts. We will typically communicate information to the poster by one of several methods: "repping" the post, sending a PM, commenting in-thread (for derails), or using the official warning/infraction system. That notification will often not be as quick as the action. So, if you notice that one of your posts has "disappeared", it has been either (a) flagged for review and is under modbox discussion, or (b) moved to the Off Topic Posts thread or the Graveyard.

If you don't hear from us in a reasonable period of time (say 24 hours), don't hesitate to start a thread in the private feedback forum to give us a nudge. Please don't send PMs to individual mods or post visitor messages in response to mod actions including reps (we mention that specifically because it is traditional to respond to a rep with a VM or PM). Also, we ask that you not post comments on mod actions in the threads where they were taken because it just clogs up those threads with off-topic posts. Use the Feedback forums instead.

Finally, a reminder: our new rules were enforced in trial mode through the month of November. They have been in full effect since December 1st.