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    Default Code of Conduct and Policies

    Code of Conduct

    Advertising: No advertising is allowed on the forum, whether for profit or not for profit. This includes advertising for other internet forums.

    Duplicate accounts: If a member with no previous offenses is discovered to have multiple accounts, he or she will be asked to choose one and the others will be merged into the main account. If the merge results in a name change for the member, the change will be recorded in the Name Change Thread and will count towards the member's total allowable name changes. (If the member does not qualify for a name change, the merge will be automatically made to the original account name.) Members with previous offenses (including previous duplicate accounts) who create duplicate accounts will be subject to a ban, the length of which will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

    Flaming: Flaming and personal attacks are not allowed, including in reputation comments, visitor messages or social groups. A Personal Insult, or Flame, is:
    • A post with the sole apparent intent to enrage another user of the forum.
    • A personal attack or name-calling based upon lies and/or subjective statements.
    • Exception: There is leeway for obvious jokes (where the other poster clearly acknowledges this).

    Trolls: No Trolling. Trolling is considered a post or a repeated pattern of posting that involves one or more of the following:
    • An attempt to bait a user into an off topic debate within a thread based upon a personal insult or "flame."
    • An attempt to make a user "go off" on the other through use of personal insult, allusion to personal insult, or inflammatory comments.
    • Repeated antagonizing or harassment of other members, spamming, consistent off-topic posting or history of thread derailing.

    In addition to specific posts, the posters pattern of behavior over time will be considered in coming to a determination on trolling behavior. It should be emphasized that the primary consideration will be the overall impact of the poster on other forum members, whether that pattern involves direct, indirect or subtle trolling.

    Unrest: No Causing a "State of Unrest." A State of Unrest is considered:
    • A thread made with the intent of causing disorder and unrest throughout the forum. Orderly discussion of "forum politics" is fine.
    • A thread or post containing insulting and/or aggressive attacks on specific groups.
    • A post made to a thread of another topic about forum politics meant to cause digression into forum politics is also classified as trolling. If the post contains personal attacks on forum administrators and/or users, it is a flame.
    • Multiple threads on the same problem at a time. A single thread called "Mods SuX0r5" with the issue of the day in the Feedback sub-forum is fine; a second thread is not. These unnecessary threads will be closed.

    Fluff: Lesser annoyances, such as repeated and/or sole posting of "fluff" posts may be moved at the mod's discretion; any such action will be clearly indicated at the time by the mod concerned, as are all moderating actions. For the purpose of posting at Typology Central, fluff is defined as:
    • Consecutive posts topically unrelated to the original post (OP)
    • Consecutive posts that lack the seriousness deemed necessary for the topic at hand
    • Threads that single out members as their topic, i.e. birthday threads, baby announcements, etc.
    • Threads created for the sole purpose of frivolous socializing

    Censorship: There is no censorship of ideas, no matter how distasteful, apart from the obvious. This includes but not limited to:
    • Porn
    • Links to porn (this includes inserting an image or video that originates from a pornographic site)
    • Offensive, violent, or gory images
    • Spamming/trolling
    • Illegal software links
    • Advertising
    • Continual gratuitous vulgarity in posts
    • Hard obscenities in repeatable elements such as custom user titles, avatars, signatures, and thread titles

    Posts like these may be edited or deleted by a mod; in all cases, the mod will mark this in the post or thread itself and sign off. Members with offensive custom user titles or signatures may be given a warning.

    Common Sense: Members should just stick to the same rules of social intercourse as in a social setting. Screaming or starting fights will not be allowed. The mods and admins will use their best judgment to enforce the rules on a case by case basis.


    Name Changes: Information about Name Changes can be found in this thread.

    Post Counts: Spamming for the sake of reaching a post count milestone may be subject to removal and/or mod action.
    • 25 posts: Users may request access to Ventrilo voice/text chat.
    • 50 posts: Users gain access to "The Lounge" subforum which contains member pictures and videos.
    • 500 posts: Users gain access to the "Private Blogs" subforum which contains user blogs. Custom user-titles become available and may be changed at will.

    PMs, IMs, and Privacy: Private communications (including but not limited to Private Messages) are not to be posted on the open forum without the permission of the sender; this includes PMs from mods and admins. Posting private communication may result in at least a warning. Mods can not read your PMs. Reputation comments and logs from IM/Ventrilo chat sessions should not be posted without the permission of all participants.

    Posts and Account Deletion:We do not delete accounts or mass delete posts. If you choose to leave the forum your posts will stay behind. Exceptions can be made for personal blog threads.

    Pornography Policy: This forum caters to all sexes and ages. In order to preserve the integrity of forum content, we do not allow the posting of pornographic material anywhere in this forum. This includes reputation comments, social groups, visitor messages, and forum threads (including those in the Graveyard or Sexuality & Mature Topics). Pornographic material will be removed by moderators and administrators as soon as it comes to our attention. Pornographic material includes pictures, links, or urls of genitalia, exposed female nipples, penetration, and animated characters engaged in sexual acts. Posting pornography results in an automatic infraction.

    Sexual Harassment Policy: There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment on the public forum, social groups, private messages, reputation comments, and visitor messages regardless of sex and/or gender of the harasser. This is a difficult issue to navigate because it's hard enough to distinguish wanted and unwanted advances in real life, let online through internet communication. Please report if communication between you and another member is veering in this direction. We can't do anything about what we don't know about.

    Politics and Religion Policy: We encourage civil discourse and debate when discussing heated issues, particularly in the fields of politics and religion. Occasionally, discourse becomes increasingly heated and volatile, especially when dealing with hot button topics. Members are expected to maintain respect for other posters or voluntarily withdraw until they cool down. If a member becomes too raucous or disrespectful (as determined by madmins) he/she may be temporarily or permanently banned from participation in that particular thread. An infraction or warning may issue depending on the gravity of the offense.

    Posting other People's Material: Do not post full articles/content from other authors and website without the permission of the content owner

    Warnings, Infractions, and Bans

    Warnings and Infractions: Using the Report Post function (anyone can report a post) will bring a questionable post to madmin attention, preserving the original post. The madmin team will discuss whether or not the reported post requires any action.

    A warning is used when a member is close to breaking a rule, or has innocently broken a technical rule, e.g., posting links to personal business websites in one's signature. If a member continues to break the rule an infraction will ensue.

    When issuing warnings and infractions a madmin will try to open a rapport with the member. During this rapport, the madmin will communicate to the offending poster which guideline/policy they violated. The contacting moderator or administrator will stress a review of this FAQ and hopefully, all will be well.

    If a member continues breaking the rules, particularly if it's the same problem repeatedly occurring, then we will issue the infraction. Depending on the severity of the offense, warnings do not have to be administered before infractions, and infraction points do not expire.

    Confinement and Banning: Banning is established as a last resort in the event that voluntary, corrective measures are ineffective. It is the solution to an unending pattern of disruptive behavior.

    Typology Central has two types of bans: tempbans and permabans.

    Tempbans are short term, the length of which is determined by the offense. Factors such as number of warnings, infractions, and/or magnitude of the general forum disturbance are taken into consideration. Temp bans are given if there is a belief via madmin consensus the member will reform their behavior if given extensive time away from the forum.

    Permabans take all of the above factors into consideration minus the belief that rehabilitation is possible. Permabans are of course permanent so gather email addresses and teary goodbyes before your number is up.

    Madmins discuss the forum member within the modbox to see if a ban is necessary. Bans factor in the complete spectrum of a user's behavior on the forum including but not limited to their general "tone" on the forum (abrasive, hostile, incendiary), number of reported posts, warnings and infractions, non-fluff contributions (see the definition of fluff), posting history, prior bans, and possibility of rehabilitation. As a general guideline, three infractions in a short period of time will result in a ban.

    Banned and confined members are listed in the Banned and the Damned Thread in the Policy and Announcements subforum.
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