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    Default Which MBTI Type tends to excel at pure mathematics

    I always had an interest in "pure" mathematics relative to "applied." I just enjoyed solving proofs in a unique original way instead of resorting to sources of information to attain the answer. I liked how there were multiple ways to arrive at a sound conclusion. On one instance, I created a way to solve a typology problem prior to a midterm and ended up using it on the exam, which I knew was a risk. I also tried solving the "Goldbach conjecture" as a mathematics major, and spent an entire week trying to tackle it. My mom mentioned that I was very insensitive during that period. I never intended to be, however, I was very unaware of my environment at the time. I ended up creating some algorithm to solve for the set of all non-prime integers. I also created many "non practical" equations during that time, one of which was vedic multiplication. Lately, I have been doubtful of my type...I always obtain "INTP" for my result, however, I am quite indecisive regarding my preferences. I have narrowed down the possibilities to either INTP, ISTP, or ISTJ. Also, I am quite adept at making predictions based on patterns/trends and due tend to have emotional outbreaks at times. I also tend to ignore females if they get emotionally "close" to me.

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    You are almost certainly INTP (like me). INTP are known as the Thinkers or Architects... math is the architecture of strictly structured abstract entities. We love to absorb interesting information, and we often disappear into our heads analyzing it. As you mention about the Goldbach conjecture, you disappeared from the world for an entire week (you became "unaware of the environment" and "insensitive" to what was going on with other people). That is an almost cartoon-level stereotype of INTP. A deep introverted focus on complex abstract concepts, while losing contact with the physical world.

    IST types are physically oriented, INT types are conceptually oriented. IST are oriented to physical objects, physical systems, or physical performance. An IST is like an INT who thinks with their hands. An IST might be an athlete, or a mechanic disassembling and reassembling a motorcycle engine. INTP wants to design the architecture for a bridge, the IST is the master builder for the bridge. The INT wants to know if it works in theory, the IST wants to know if it's physically practical.

    ISTP will generally envision a single solid practical way to solve a problem, an INTP will generally envision endless creative new possibilities and they are often inclined towards unconventional solutions even if they may be less practical. An INTP wants to know "why", and ISTP wants to know "how".

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    Nice info, thx

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