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    Default What type would you think I am based on my writing style?

    Hello! I'm curious what type one may think I am based on my college essay. If anyone is willing to read it (it's only 350 words) I'd appreciate any insight. Don't worry about giving me feedback or criticism on the quality of the paper. I know it's not amazing, but I've also already gotten into a college.
    Please let me know! thanks

    “Get a degree. Get a job.” The pursuit of a pre-professional college degree for the purpose of securing a job has never been more emphasized than it is today. A degree isn’t even considered practical unless its major ties directly into one specific job title. While this becomes more and more apparent with the ever-increasing amount of engineering, business, and pre-med majors, it only strengthens my social perspective that compulsory education does not actually teach kids to think both critically and skeptically, but rather conditions one’s mind to regurgitate information that they are given. How are people supposed to think for themselves, defend their opinions using sound, logical arguments, and problem solve if the only thing they can do is parrot an equation that they don’t even understand? While my goal isn’t to undermine these career paths, as I do recognize the intellect and work ethic required to succeed in these particular branches of study, I want to emphasize that over an extensive period of time there has been a huge deviation from the inherent value of a (seemingly impractical) liberal arts education. The lack of a direct application nearly leaves one’s ability to get a job seemingly null and void.
    For someone who prioritizes capability of thought over capability of practice, what I want to take away from my college education is ultimately an enhanced ability to analyze, reason, and imagine; ergo Philosophy is a discipline that has piqued my interest. A branch of study that is inherently a cocktail of both verbal and reasoning intensives is ideally what I want to immerse myself in for the next four years. Sharpening one’s ability to perceive and deconstruct different abstractions when given complex information is something that I recognize to be both a versatile, and applicable skill. While being a Philosopher isn’t exactly an occupation, lawyers, writers, and all sorts of entrepreneurs could greatly benefit from development of the skills used by one.
    As seen by the preceding statement, it should be apparent by now that what I want from my education is not qualifications or proficiency in a specific trade. Rather than to be someone capable of doing only one thing, I want to be a capable person overall. That is why I want to pursue a degree in something as pure and abstract as philosophy.

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    I can offer a few tips regarding writing. I didn't understand writing as much when I was younger, but my sister studied it and always said "think what you want to say then just say it!"

    I tend to see language as a bit like computer code or logic, but with additional considerations like clear communication, intended impact, flow, etc. The form of the sentence is often dictated by the words needed to say it. e.g. A is B, B acts on C, who does what to what, etc.

    Also, try to use adjectives sparingly, because overuse of adjectives kills flow and reduces their impact when used. Just because adjectives are overused in scientific journals, doesn't mean it is a good thing.

    For example, a quick attempt at changing your first sentence might be:

    "People typically emphasize the need to have a college degree for securing a first professional job."
    Freude, schöner Götterfunken Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! Deine Zauber binden wieder Was die Mode streng geteilt; Alle Menschen werden Brüder, Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

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    the trouble i am having with use this for typing is that it is more or less a performance piece.. regardless of how much of yourself you threw into this, in the end it was written to sell yourself... regardless of your intention, there would be no escape from the thought of who your audience would be, what they wanted to hear, and the most impressive way you could present that to them... you may have recieved outside advice or had help with trimming or adding words... do you have anything that you have written for pleasure or self expression?

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    You begin your college admission essay, by critiquing the education system that according to you doesn't really teach how to think but how to make a practical decision using information. Your critique is addressed to the whole system and may be also to the state. This seems to be induced by factual context in the country that you live in, which is a introvert sensing with some judgement of feeling extroverted.
    in your writing like you say that people do not understand equation is only like parroting. Reproaching someone who you see like a parrot that can say words but do not really understand what they say, is a sensation introvert-extrovert feeling psychological functions sentence. Parrot is an animal that is observable by the sightseeing and audible by the hearing sense likes to mimicking human words whereas they themselves don't understand what does it mean. This may have seen by you in the past. With this functions in you, you are able to stored this sightsenses and hearing sense facts and when you compare with a human that do not understand wholly, only try to mimicking, you sightsensates it subjectively that they are like parrots.
    In additions, I just guess that May be you have some problem with subject with equations, like math, physics, that you are forced to use equations. You yourself may have used the equation without understanding it; only parroting and you seemed not to want to be seen like a parrot also.
    Another Si-Fe is You seem subjectively sightsense philosophy resembles a drink: cocktails mixed with verbal and reasoning. A subject that you may have some "appetite" with.
    If philosophy was really a cocktail, would you drink that? Would you get yourself drunk with philosophy?
    You describe that a person who prioritizes thought over practice, like you, philosophy is the major you are most interested in. In this sentence you implied that that thinking is theoretical, and the practical will be feeling. It signifies a thinking -intuition as a conscious function, which is indeed theoretical and, sensation feeling as an unconscious functions, which is more practical.
    Based on this, My best guess is an INTP.

    May be this is off topic. I don't think that Philosophy is an INTP thing, since in greek Philo means love and Sophie means wisdom. Love is feeling, not a thinking, which is your conscious psychological function.

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