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    ISTP 964 sx/so
    ENFJ 379 so/sx
    INTJ 954 sp/sx
    ISTJ (he claims INTJ but I have a hard time believing that) 639 sp/so
    ISFP 964 sx/sp
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    At this point in life I think it's more about who I know I can talk too...

    ISTP-- #1 always. We always pick up where we left off. She doesn't need to listen to my baggage because seeing her just takes me back to being 10 and carefree. She's a vacation from myself, in the best way.

    INFJ-- There's never any judgement and nothing is too weird. Also, hilarious.

    INTJ-- I know some of my stuff scares him, but he's unwavering (almost to a fault) and shows he cares through processing and understanding why certain states happen.

    ENFJ(x2)-- They just always care in a way that I've never been able to express. When things are really bad I can talk to them. Even if everything isn't understood, they listen and try and that means everything.


    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap
    Quote Originally Posted by laintpe
    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap
    Ideally I'll be the woman

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    If I am my own best friend does that count?

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    Several of my close friends over the years have been ISFJs. One of my other good friends is an EXFP-flighty, but we get along great when she's around. Another close friend is an IXXX-she's kind of a mystery to me, but I think she tested as an INFJ once. I used to be friends with an INFP and after awhile she just got on my nerves. She was pretentious and thought of herself as some type of visionary/empath who had more depth than everyone else around her, but she never once did anything that proved these traits or impressed me. I tend to like INFPs very much though and think she was just immature in ways unrelated to MBTI.

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    I can’t decide if he’s an ISFP or an ISTP with anger issues.

    He’s not a ver6 emotional person but he get’s unbelievable and at the most insignificant things and I would say that all of his problems stem making reckless, stupid, decisions with zero thought for the end result.
    “ Rise up and raise the iron roof off
    Now, Rise up and riot 'til the bomb drops
    Now, Rise up the time is right to sound off, so
    Rise with me, rise with me, rise with me (RISE UP!)”

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    LII Ti


    I don't really have close friends, but for the people I'm currently associating most with...

    My Bro: ESTx 3w4 6w7 8w9 so/sx (in an undesignated order)

    ESFP 3w2 8w7 7w6 so/sx
    ENFP 4w3 6w5 9w1 so/sx (or at the very least sp blind)
    ISTJ 9w1 3w4 5w6 sp/so
    ENTP 3w4 7w8 1w2 so/sp

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    One of my best friends is a E8w7, probably an ESFP. (Though she used to claim sHe Is NoT aN eXtRaVeRt.)

    The other one, I am not sure about... Her enneagram is still a mystery to me. She agrees with E2 but I can't completely see it. I find that introverts are for some reason, a bit harder to type. MBTI wise she's probably an INFP/INtP. Enneagram I am stuck on E9, E2 or E5 (not as core). (Not sure which wings)

    Other friend INFP. E2w3, with probably some nine, 6w7 and/or four somewhere.

    One of my other friends is an interesting one. She once took an 'official' test (on paper) and they concluded she was an INTJ, she agrees, me is not sure. Enneagram she agreed with E2 but errr. I think she could be a 5w4.

    Last one I can think of could be an E6w5. IxFP.

    I am probably wrong about almost all of them. Except the E8w7 one. :')

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stigmata View Post
    This thread implies you have a best friend.

    * continues eating dry cheese sandwich in solitude while staring out the window and listening to Enya *

    ...Because I'm Mr. Brightside.

    Oh, we're always all right. You remember that. We happen to other people.

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    I would say my sister is my best friend, but I'm not entirely certain of her type. She has tested as INFP in the past, but I think she may be FJ. I think maybe INFJ actually, but I'm not certain.

    Except for forum people I don't have regular hanging out friends.

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