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    Hi @Icefire. I'm pretty new to MBTI myself and am no where near an expert, but I wanted to post this to maybe clear some things up for you because I know I'd have liked for someone to do this when I was new haha. Here's my take on things.

    The ISFP is a personality type, at least according to this theory of MBTI/Jungian Functions. All it basically means is, your function stack is Fi, Se, Ni, Te, so no matter what type of person you are, if this is your function stack (and therefore way you process information/make decisions), you are an ISFP. Websites often have type 'profiles' which are supposed to be a kind of 'general' description for what a person might look like if using this order of preference in functions, but sometimes people won't fit into them and that's okay, because if they identify with the functions then they're still classed as ISFP. That's my understanding of it, anyway. Two ISFP could be very different people, and manifest completely different behaviours, but the thought process behind their decisions is the same 'type' of thought process - they gather information in the same sort of way, and make decisions based on the same sort of criteria (but not necessarily the same criteria itself). Of course there will be similarities between people of the same type because their thought process is similar and so it's likely they'll be similar in a general sort of way, but not always.

    So you could still change your personality and still be an ISFP - you'd still have the same cognitive function stack, you'd just use them differently to be a different person. It's like having a set of tools to utilise - imagine if everyone is born with four different tools, out of sixteen. You have an axe, a sword, a spanner and a chainsaw. Some others also have this same combination. And people labelled it the 'ISFP' type. Everyone in this group has the same tools, but they may use them differently depending on their individual experiences/quirks. You might use the axe to chop down trees. Someone else might use it to make music by hitting things. Someone else might use it for murder. Okay, this metaphor isn't great, and I'm not trying to say that ISFP can be murderers or anything (though anyone can be I suppose) haha, just that sharing the same functions doesn't mean you'll be the same 'personality' or use those functions in the exact same way. So wobbly/bad metaphor aside, your personality 'type' isn't a definition of who you are, it's the ways in which your mind generally works, or naturally prefers to work. That's what I understand it as anyway, and of course all this personality business is only a theory (albeit an arguably observable one) too, from what I understand.

    Of course you could believe personality isn't something you're born with and is dependant on your childhood environment and that early experiences shape the order/preference of functions, though.

    Anyway, to answer your question with my opinion, yes ISFP is a personality type, but ISFP doesn't equate to a "selfish and somewhat lazy person who's too scared to speak out and uses very little of their brain too actually find their real personality", this isn't what ISFP is, ISFP is just Fi, Se, Ni, Te, which can manifest in being selfish/lazy or can manifest in being the opposite, just like any type. When you say you think you could have been a better 'personality type', I think a more accurate way of phrasing it (if I'm understanding your feelings correctly) would be to say you think you could have been a different person if your parents pushed you - a different 'version' of an ISFP I suppose. You could have been more outspoken and not as sensitive - that may be true, but if your functions are still Fi, Se, Ni, Te, then you'd still be an ISFP - just a more outspoken and tough-skinned one. So you might think you identify with the ISFP functions but not the stereotypes/general descriptions, which would mean you should probably still identify as ISFP, and not be reluctant to accept your ISFP-ness based on general qualities you might read about, in my opinion.

    If you have qualities that you dislike about yourself and want to change them, I think you definitely can do that, and that doesn't mean being a different personality type from ISFP. But since you're an ISFP, some qualities will probably never go (such as needing alone time to recharge or finding it more natural/easier to sense rather than intuit). But I definitely think you can become more outspoken or focused if you work at it. So if you're worried because you seem to be ISFP yet you don't want to be stuck the way you are now due to it being your 'personality type', don't worry, you can change a lot about yourself, despite your type being what it is - you will just probably always have certain preferences that come with ISFP as a rule of the theory. But an ISFP isn't stuck to being a certain way/type of person, and doesn't start off as the same type of person either.

    But this is all just my view of things, and I'm pretty new to this theory myself so I apologize if any of this is wrong (someone please correct me).

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding your post though, and I hope I helped your understanding in some way. Good luck with choosing your type, and remember it's not a restriction, and you can use it to change if you use it wisely!
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    Oh, it's real enough (I mean, in the sense that ANY of the types are 'real', haha), it's just that some of the descriptions you come across, just like any of the types, may be more behavioral in nature vs cognitive, so it may not be great. There are a lot of terrible descriptions online.

    fwiw I relate to many of the descriptions, and I do happen to fit the artistic aspects, but there's a lot more to me than just the description, and like anyone, I don't fit everything that's said, nor am I bad at everything I'm 'supposed' to be bad at. Mbti is simply about preferences and is a big picture 'summary', if you will; and there's tons of variability within a specific type, when you get into the details.

    Also dominant feeling means there can be tons of variation within a type, due to each person having a personal set of what the deem valuable/meaningful.
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    All personality types have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the idea of personality types as a whole can be questioned.

    Still though, there are physical (including neuroscientific) correlations with personality. An ISFP will have strong use of regions for feeling, especially concerning the act of deep listening, and will be a versatile who can react swiftly to incoming data from the environment, and quietly/humbly navigate the social arena in an adept way.

    The weaknesses will come in the areas of intellectual and logical thinking. Some may be weak socially, but I think that is more typical of the IN types.

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    This thread is the most ridicilous thing I've ever read in my entire life.

    ISFP's aren't a real personality type?

    How about I tell everyone in the world that women aren't real, or that animals can talk?

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    I do not understand why you don't believe ISFP is not a real type.
    You can probably link all the types to a mental disorder.
    I don't see anything wrong with never growing up, in fact sometimes I think we lose a vital part of ourselves when we do.
    This could have more to do with me being a 9 but when I was younger I feared losing my innocence as I grew up.
    I am a very spiritual person so this is important to me..

    but anyway, cognition is not a mental disorder unless the way one acts causes significant distress to themselves or those around them.
    and believe it or not there are people who love ISFPs as friends, and others who even want to take care of us for nothing in return.

    I have this friend who is constantly saying how all he ever wanted was a wife he could take care of and support through school.
    he is genuine but twice my age lol

    What I mean is that not everyone sees the ISFP as selfish or untalented.
    you may see it as someone acting out for love and attention, you might even be right, but every parent makes mistakes.
    kids find a way to cope.

    ...sorry, I'm about to start rambling hippie stuff about how everything will be ok because it's imperfectly perfect and don't worry be happy, lol.
    so i'll just end my post here and maybe edit it later.
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    Isfp is just the merging of deep feelings with self expression. It is the artist archetype. I think people have to actually do some art to qualify, like drawing, painting, sculpture, design, dancing, etc. Many are quiet people that don't get noticed.

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    ESFJ is the only real type. You're all just in denial.
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    ISFPs may not exist, but ESI's and SEI's sure do.

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    This is why typing should be based on function stack and function stack alone.
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