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    Default What type is she?

    I'm studying maths and there is a girl in my group who I really can't type. She's very self-confident, smart and I would say "victorious". She often makes me laugh and talks without stopping. She has like million plans a minute like: starting to learn Italian, going to Paris, becoming a professional fitness instructor, ordering pizza or making sandwiches together or "Hey, let's play a game!" She's ambitious and likes to get good grades, but she's not that obsessed with it. She VERY OFTEN says she's amazing at this, at that and she is the best at french etc. She says she likes to have much free time to engage into her hobbies like yoga. She's not traditional, says she doesn't want to have kids because they disgust her... On the other side she seems pretty much an artist, often draws something and shows her "look how beautiful" pictures to everybody. She's talkative and often talks out loud what she really thinks. What do you think? She's definitely E, propably N and T. Not sure about the J/P though... I would say ENTJ but she can be an ENTP or even ENFP, I don't know...

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    My first instinct was actually ESFP.
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    I actually met an INFP who was exactly like this once. If you're sure she's an extrovert, then I'd guess ENFP.
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    She didn't seem like a T by what you wrote, but let's stick with that. You know her far better than us!

    So... ENTX. What you are describing is definitely Ne, so I'd go with ENTP.
    Although, what seems like Ne over the internet, may just be a socionics ENTj-Ni (like me).
    Here are the descriptions for the socionics subtypes that may decide what MBTI type she is:

    The intuitive subtype is affable, kind and pleasant in dialogue. They possess a developed sense of humor that frequently makes them the soul of the company. Very mobile, restless and scattered; always hurrying to make use of time. Inspired, vigorous and optimistic. Enterprising: safely takes risks and applies new ideas. They have difficulty focusing their attention on one thing for a long time. Diplomatic and gallant with everything, especially the opposite sex, but can show familiarity towards closer acquaintances. Due to their propensity towards impudence they often change steps within their plans and when they make ethical mistakes are quick to correct them by means of jokes and various services. Behaves simply and naturally. In conversation they like concern the interlocutor, to embrace/kiss and joke. Gestures and gait, when deprived of their underlined solidity, appear quite natural.

    Interested in new, unusual or poorly understood phenomena. Curious. Usually reads a lot and has a wide circle of interests. Likes to surprise others with sensational news. Good at seeing potential prospects of various ideas and undertakings. If he is sufficiently provided for, prefers to occupy himself with that which is interesting instead of that which brings a return. Can get thoroughly engaged with one project or problem if for him it is interesting or beneficial. Needs periodic emotional shake-ups. Feels delighted to have fun in a circle of friends. Loves those who are friendly, confident, optimistic, and can elevate the mood with provocative humor. Poorly sees how people relate to him. Afraid to show his feelings first and doubts them for a long time. Dislikes rushing things. Due to this, may manifest initiative with much delay, when the opportunity is already gone.

    Which one do you think fits her the best?
    Also, are you completely sure about T? And N, for that matter...
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