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    Default ESTP Personality Type Description

    I. Extraverted Sensing (dominant)

    "No other human type can equal the extroverted sensation type in realism, His sense for objective facts is extraordinarily developed. His life is an accumulation of actual experiences of concrete objects, and the more pronounced his type, the less use does he make of his experience. In certain cases the events in his life hardly deserve the name "experience" at all. What he experiences serves at most as a guide to fresh sensations; anything new that comes within his range of interests is acquired by way of sensation and has to serve its end~. Since one is inclined to regard a highly developed reality-sense as a sign of rationality, such people will he esteemed as very rational But in actual fact this is not the case, since they are just as much at the whim of their sensations in the face of irrational chance happenings as two are in face of rational ones. “Psychological Types.P363

    The Extroverted Sensing type is the quintessential extroverted perceiver. The nature of such types has been depicted in the ENTP and ENFP profiles. The Extroverted Sensing type is more quintessential to :he essence of Extroverted perception because Sensation is less in tune the mind than Intuition and therefore embraces more freedom to explore the external world. Since the perceptions are unfocused due to :he lack of an internal unconscious agenda which the Introverted Sensing types tend to be well known for, the Extroverted Sensor often finds himself scattered. This is even more so because of the above mentioned lack of affinity with the inner life. In this regard the Extroverted Sensor is threatened by such a problem to even a greater degree than the Extroverted Intuitive. "The sensory function is, of course, absolute in the stricter sense; everything is seen or heard, for instance, to the physiological limit, but not everything atnuns the threshold value a perception must have in order to be apperceived. It is different when sensation itself is paramount instead of merely seconding another function. In this case no element of objective sensation is excluded and nothing is repressed (except the subjective component already mentioned)." Psychological Types E362
    The Extroverted Sensor may easily be overwhelmed by the influx of sensations from the external world. This makes him keenly aware of his immediate and physical external environment, but unlike the Extroverted Intuitive, not at all is he well aware of the complexities of the world that lays ahead of him. This is the case for the Extroverted Sensing type because all too easily he misses out on the big picture of life, such a defect is nearly a necessary entailment of a lack of proper involvement of intuition, Just like the sensation of the Introverted Sensor, his perceptions orient primarily around the past or memories as they are impressions of the concrete, external objects rather than concoctions of the imagination. However, because the Extroverted Sensor is much less attuned with the inner life than the Introverted Sensor, his impressions tend not to lust as long and tend not to date as far back as that of the Introverted Sensor. Above all~ he lives in the here and now. The sense impressions could be intense at the moment of their formulation and a short period of time afterwards, yet as soon as the external source of stimulation has been removed, the strong impressions begin to wither away. 'It was good while it lasted' is a quintessential motto of the Extroverted Sensor. It is those moments of intense sensual stimulation that this type lives for. All ceases to exist when they occur, the past, the current inner being of the individual and least of all the future begin to be overwhelmed by the intense longing to live in the present moment. Memories are best preserved when they are linked to the experiences which engaged extroversion to the maximal degree as well as are easily tied to entities of the concrete, external world.

    The Extroverted Sensing type tends to be intensely attuned with the immediate external environment which defines the course of his thought and action. This has the potential for great impulsiveness and great risk taking, Such a type, especially in cases of neurosis is least in tune with the power of inner restraint because Extroverted Sensation in itself lacks the attunenment with the mind, unlike the Extroverted Intuition, and unlike the Introverted Sensation lacks the attunenment with the inner being which vouches for self-preservation.

    The attitude of the extroverted sensor tends to be casual and lighthearted as the external environment tends not to be seen as an end in itself, as is typical of an extroverted perceiving type. This draws him in close affinity with the comical side of life. Such an affinity with the external environment renders the Extroverted Sensor fraternal for the same reason as he two other Extroverted Perceiving counterparts. Since there are no inner ties to the external environment, the Extroverted Sensor has an easy time moving from one environment to the next, therefore unlike the Introverted Sensor is experimental in nature and tends to have an easy rime with change in lifestyles. This also has a tendency to lead to the here and now hedonism and a careless attitude in general. Such a relation to the external environment allows for the Extroverted Sensor to easily change images, as is also the case for the Extroverted Intuitive. The Extroverted Sensor is allowed more fluidity in the regard that he is in closer affinity with the external environment.

    However, his image manipulation shall be successful only if it stays grounded in the simple and in the concrete. He does not have the capacity for complex scheming that the Extroverted Intuitive seems to have a natural talent for. Inevitably, the Extroverted Sensor is tied down to the convention due to the lack of innovative thinking on his behalf. However, within such a conventional protocol he shall be quite fluent.

    "He is by no means unlovable; on the contrary; his lively capacity for enjoyment makes him very good company; he is usually a jolly fellow, and sometimes a refined aesthete. In the former case the great problems of life hang on a good or indifferent dinner; in the latter, it's all a question of good taste. "Psychological Types E364. He is often a gifted entertainer due to the aforementioned light-hearted attitude of Extroverted perception. Due to the aforementioned awareness of image, the Extroverted Sensing type easily sees what all others see and what he needs to do in order to receive a certain reaction from others. He is not like the Extroverted Intuitive orator who senses how people respond to his ideas, but he merely perceives what instincts his actions evoke from others, For this reason he tends to be very talented in industries of sales and advertisement. People cannot help but be taken aback by his presentation as he simply appeals to the instincts that lie at their very core and determine the essence of their passions and motivations, On the other hand, his strong ties to the object and the way it is to be sensed also renders him a target for such manipulation. Unlike the Introverted Sensing type who may protect himself from the influence of immediate sensations by detaching into his own, private subjective perceptions~ the Extroverted Sensory type is directly influenced by the object he is facing. Unlike that of Introverted Sensation, his perceptions hold no immediate focus~ therefore he could easily be swept away by passions for exciting and irresponsible behaviors such as gambling, womanizing, and substance abuse. This often happens when he looses himself in the object and distances himself from his own inner life.

    The more removed he becomes from his inner being, the more lighthearted and thoughtless his behavior becomes. Introverted Perception is most concerned with security, this function is the shadow of this type and the more he extroverts, the more out of rune he becomes with this faculty. Cultivation of auxiliary Introverted Thinking rectifies many of such problems as this is the faculty that shall make one in tune with his inner being.

    II.Introverted Thinking (auxiliary)

    Introverted Thinking~ as a faculty of Introverted Judgment endows the ESTP with direct access to the inner being. This function focuses on the inner life directly, and has an abstract quality of judgment that the very concrete Extroverted Sensation tends to lack. Development of Introverted Thinking allows for the ESTP to solve problems of the concrete world that have engaged his five senses~ By these merits they may become gifted athletes and mechanics; The judgment of their auxiliary function will endow them with the focus and discipline necessary to succeed in those endeavors, Introverted Thinking of this very concrete type seems to be in a very idiosyncratic relationship with his real nature.

    The Extroverted Sensing type is very down to earth and simple, yet Introverted Thinking undoubtedly gravitates towards complexities and abstractions. He sees life in terms of abstract and complex symbols which he has no notion of how to properly understand or explain to others due to his low capacity for abstract perception. This is most distinctly expressed by his lack of intuition. Yet this aspect of the ESTP personality must not be overlooked. Introverted Thinking in this case is very much concerned with fairness, consistency and directness of communication. However, when the object gains ascendancy and Introverted Thinking becomes enslaved by Extroverted Sensation, it becomes self-serving. The ESTP in this case will use the skills he derives from a well functioning Thinking faculty to appease every desire stemming from his dominant Extroverted Sensing facility.

    III.Extroverted Feeling (tertiary)

    Extroverted Feeling can be primarily seen as an expression of the ESTP's values. By and large it is used to support the tendencies of Extroverted Sensation and Introverted Thinking. It tends to be used as a vehicle to further the pursuit of pleasure and image.

    IV.Introverted Intuition (inferior)

    A pettifogging captiousness follows, or a grotesquely punctilious morality combined with primitive, "magical" superstitions that fail back on abstruse rites, All these things have their source in the repressed inferior functions which have been driven into harsh oppositions to the conscious attitude, and they appear in a guise that is all the more striking because they rest on the most absurd assumptions, in complete contrast to the conscious sense of reality. The whole structure of thought and feeling seems, in this second personalities to be twisted into pathological parody: reason turns into hair-splitting pedantry, morality into dreary moralizing and blatant pharisaism, religion into ridiculous superstition, and intuition, the noblest gift of man, into meddlesome officiousness, poking into every corner; instead of gazing into the far distance, it descends to the lowest/eve/of humans "P.365 Psychological Types.

    Intuition of the Extroverted Sensing type, just like that of an Introverted Sensing type. Ever since the Intuition of the Extraverted Sensing Type is introverted, it is focused on the more abstract entities described above by Jung. Inevitably, the ESP develops a hostile attitude towards such matters until Intuition is further developed.

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