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  • Esfj

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  • Istj

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  • Isfj

    3 75.00%
  • Estp

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  • Esfp

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  • Istp

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  • Isfp

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  • Entj

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  • Entp

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  • Intj

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  • Intp

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  • Enfj

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  • Enfp

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  • Infj

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  • Infp

    2 50.00%
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    Default What's my MBTI type Video
    If you have other questions, please feel free to post.

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    I hope this is the last my type thread I create. The other one didn't get responses so I created a new one.

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    idk. maybe INTP or ISFJ.
    You are so arbitrary.

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    You seem Ne/Si, yes. Almost overwhelmingly so from both the sheer lack of intensity in your demeanor and voice in combination with your lack of awareness with time, as if thoughts sort of just flow from one thing to the next without much direction (not meant to be taken negatively of course, NeSi is a beautiful creature). I'll go with ISFJ.

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    I say either ISFJ or xnfp, and I'm a teenager BTW which is why it's more unclear. Great, this might be long rambling but at least it's narrowed down, what are differences between ISFJ, enfp, and INFP? And I certainly don't want to come off as unsure, so I'll list some tendencies I have:
    Often browses Internet watching vlog videos
    Open to hobbies, but does very few of them
    Looks at past, decent memory but could forget
    Doesn't act tyrannical when stressed, may talk to someone about feeling
    Could sometimes pause and run out of ideas
    Not very physical
    Doesnt read books much
    Likes some fiction, but barely reads/watches it unless combined with reality
    Gets lonely sometimes
    Actions are influenced by others easily, their feelings, experiences
    Dislikes trying something too hard and ends up failing
    Sees many identity possibilities, well I'm only a teenager, so I am different person everyday
    Likes being more dominant than submissive
    Hard time to push self to do something
    Tries to detach when alone from any feeling
    Can't concentrate easily
    Tries coming off as more serious and decisive
    Very unsure on the inside, curious, overthinks
    Can be scared of future possibilities
    unaware of having a core value or not

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