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    Quote Originally Posted by great_bay View Post
    Being the only one of myself in the room of course. I hated being called or known as weird. I was always the least popular one in at school. However, at the internet cafe, I was modernly popular among the group of N friends.
    Actually I was this way in school too. Elementary school anyway. I was that "one kid" who for whatever reason the entire class year decided to ostracize (except for maybe that 5% who didn't care and would talk to you anyway). I don't know if being "that kid" is a type thing but I can see how it might be particularly bad for an INTP. My INTP sister is kind of like that too. She finds it harder to socialize and she has different interests than most of her classmates. For both of us, however, it started to get better when we entered high school. I was at my best in college, I think.

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    You may have to just throw something out there and see who's picking up what you're putting down.

    I do that sometimes when I don't know anybody in a room.

    But I'm one of those introverts who gets mistaken as extrovert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    And yet, you haven't answered my question. Simply stating "because I'm an N and they aren't" does not answer why you feel this way.

    People you don't like are just automatically sensors, huh?

    You know, it seems as though a lot of people discover MBTI one day and test as some sort of intuitive type. They read about their result and find out that they're a "rare breed." Intuitive definitions are often geared toward hinting that intuition is "superior" to sensing. People suddenly have a reason to why they always feel different from everyone else. And they get smug about it. They come here to complain about how they're always suppressed by SJ types and that being an IN type makes them smarter and better all around. They're left out because they're better than everyone else and others are too stupid to understand them. Never mind that common types regularly feel alone and unable to connect on a regular basis.

    Is that what you're here for? Is that what you've come to complain about? There are plenty of other judgmental threads for you to contribute to instead of making your own. Go ahead and browse for a bit and you'll find a myriad of "which types do you hate" threads that you can contribute to.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tippo View Post
    What is that supposed to mean? If you've got something to say, then say it.

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    Been there! When I was a kid I didn't know many, if any other N types at school. I was constantly being seen as weird by everyone else, and as a fragile young ENFP it made me pretty miserable because all I wanted was to have friends I've always had a knack for finding other intuitives, ever since I can remember I've just known there was "this trait" that most people didn't have and whenever I found someone else who did I saw them as a kindred spirit. Finding MBTI made me happy because I was finally able to understand "that trait". These days, I have many wonderful S type friends who I love, but honestly I still prefer talking to other intuitives. Not because of some ego complex, just because they can understand where I'm coming from better, my S friends occasionally look at me like I have a third eye lol. I think the N loneliness thing is probably more common in N dominant types (INFJ, INTJ, ENFP, ENTP) but that's just my suspicion.

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