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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
    I sometimes struggle with Fi and Si. xSFJs are near impossible for me.
    If they're a type 9, it can be hard sometimes to distinguish between INFP and ISFJ. INFP 4s are pretty clear cut, but 9 can throw a wrench in things.

    ESFJ and ENFP is a pretty big mix-up too. Spongebob is a big example. IRL I think ESFJs can be averse to their own type if they initially test as ENFP, because of limited online descriptions. Also they might be focusing too much on how they appear to others (ESFJ 2s can easily present as stereotypical ENFPs, especially nowadays when being quirky and free-flowing is socially desirable) while not focusing enough on why their mind leads them to that kind of behavior in the first place. I think ENFPs (especially 7s) will entertain any possibility though. I typed as ESFJ 7w6 for like a day or two.

    Mentioning @Starry here just because she also brings up the ESFJ/ENFP phenomenon a lot too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PocketFullOf View Post
    I heard it is this true in your experience?
    The hardest types to diagnose, as a rule, would be those far removed from your own experience.

    I am sure an ENxP would be quite adept at picking up another ENxP.

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