Both are maternal. Both can be soldiers. Both can be stuck in their ways but differently and both can be a bit emo at points. Both can fight for their friends.

Isfps are slightly more imaginative and can predict information due to tertiary ni.
Isfjs are more experimental and theoretical due to si and ti.
Isfps are serious and isfjs are goofballs.
Isfps need to go out more and isfjs need to connect with people more.
Isfj si would be like maka from soul eater
Isfp fi subtype would be lucy from elfen lied.
Both look stern,both are vengeful and both have strong attachments to a certain male character. Here's the difference when lucy fights there's a sense of bloodlust and vengeance and its dark but in a youre dead way. With maka there's a certain naiveness and eccentricity and simpleness to her melancholy and she fights out of duty.

Isfj fe subtype pyrrha from rwby. She's a bit more warm and inviting and polite to people around. There is some of melancholy to her but in a i need to connect with people way. She's a simple girl who looks complex.
Isfp se would be neon katt from rwby. She's just as warm and inviting to others like pyrrha but with her it is more in a here and now way and her fi come off as obnoxious to yang. And her color in her 1st attire is obviously the definition of se. She is complex but looks simple.

They look similar in enneagram 2s 4s 6s 9s and maybe 1s