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    Default Is my boyfriend an ISTJ?

    My boyfriend has done the test and comes out as an ISTJ but I don't feel like the description is him. Also, having read the forums the personality just doesn't seem to relate.

    There is no doubt he is an ISxJ but I am curious as to whether he is an F or T. How can I work that out?

    He is kind, patient, quiet, he likes what he likes, quite judgemental, a bit bossy (but so am I!), not overly thoughtful (a bit selfish), very practical, feels emotions very hard but doesn't know how to deal with them...

    Any ideas!?

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    The ' not overly thoughtful ' part sounds istjish. Isfjjs tend to be quite thoughtful. But you also mentioned he feels emotions to say. Tell us more about how logical vs. emotional he is... Is he fairly direct/blunt or more diplomatic/tactful, trying not to offend?

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    We can't type him from this but I see no reason to conclude he isn't ISTJ from this limited description.

    Character traits aren't really the best way of ascertaining type.
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