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    What type do you think is prone to be the most resilient and least resilient? Is resiliency more about external factors like motivation...? Why?

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    Prolly ENTJ.

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    Also my type. I'm very good at coping with things. I've never met an ESTJ who lost it on account of stress or anything else (at least, not in public). The closest I ever come is a shaking voice (and that's only when I'm PMS-y ) I would say I'm more resilient under pressure, e.g. deadlines. Under pressure, I'm all business - I instinctively turn off my emotions, because they only get in the way.
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    I am one of those people who "does what needs be done, no matter what".

    If I can't finish a project that night? I'll get up at 5am to finish it.
    If its a tough week ahead? I'll stay in that weekend to work on stuff.
    Weeks where I average 4 or 5 hours of sleep are not uncommon and I generally don't complain.

    I owe a lot of it to energy drinks. Then again, I know people who would just give up and not even bother with taking in enough caffeine to get the job done. Also, back when I didn't have energy drinks, I was still stoic in doing more than I was probably physically capable of sustaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDK123 View Post
    What type do you think is prone to be the most resilient and least resilient? Is resiliency more about external factors like motivation...? Why?
    Hard to say definitively. Of course ENTJ is stereotypically going to cut a swath through life, haha, but I think some with the idealist temperament can be incredibly resilient in the true sense of the word. i.e. They fully engage with a difficult situation but they will not lose the biggest parts of themselves in the process and will bounce back or come back even stronger for the experience.

    ISTJs I've known just keep on keeping on too.

    Off the top of my head, I think it comes down to determination / discipline / adaptability without giving up any part of yourself. Attitude to change is big too - truly accepting that things are rarely static can be very empowering.

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