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    Default ESTP female( video example)

    ESTP YouTube

    Key parts. 1.36- ESTPs are known as the doers, they are men and women of action, they don't sit around and contemplate, if they want something they go and out and get it. 4.34- 5.32- concrete / extrovert/ rebellious. Concrete- " and i painted my body with fluorescent paints and i put a bikini on and i put a FLASHING fluorescent black light in front of me and turned all the lights off and danced in front of it to a song by the who".

    S types are very concrete, so you'll hear them describe things as they are, things they wore, the color of the things they wore. Rebellious- my father punished me afterwards, ESTPs are the most rebellious type,, they hate rules( all Ti users do) and being told what to do. Extrovert- i loved it, i lived for it, i drank it and that's when i felt most comfortable.

    5.32- lack of Se stimulation( action/ excitement) sometimes it was fun, Se types seek fun and physical thrills. More of her rebellious streak, issues with authority figures.
    6.00- the most revealing part- She's in tune with what's happening around her, she likes tension, excitement, the feeling of being on the edge.

    6.30- ESTPs are aware of how they are being perceived, they are fully in tune with their environment and know their audience. What am i talking about- look at what she's DOING, playing with something in her hands, your focus is on what she's doing, you're not looking in her eyes because she's diverted the attention away from that, she's in control,, you're concentrating on what's she's doing with her hands and that's where she wants you to look. "In a sense, they are able to operate people with much the same skill as ISTPs operate instruments, machines, vehicles' and other tools. It might be said that people are instruments in the hands of these Promoters, and that they play them artistically"
    6.57- She's dominant and direct.

    Her enneagram is 3- YouTube. Notice when she's asked about Nile Rodgers, the first question, she gives Nile a compliment in a professional kind of way and thinks that's it but the interviewer continues to ask questions about him, diverting the attention away from her and she becomes more and more frustrated, did you contact him- she doesn't want to be seen as the person who contacts someone else, she says but......and then brings it back to equal ground, not putting somebody else above her, she wants to maintain an air of impressiveness, Her nostrils flair up, she brings it back to herself at the end- he can work with anyone that's good.

    Of course their is many many great clips you can watch, she's such a great example of an ESTP female.
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    The women are not marriage types. Hookup and move on. Madonna, Marlene Dietrich, Love and hip hop mostly all women on that show are Estp. Estp do not like consistency, routine, nor stability. She will have fun and get bored at the same time.
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    She is an ENTJ.

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    An ESFP

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