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    Default MBTI Research Question


    I was curious if anyone has known about research that has gone into testing MBTI validity? Not just the Forer Effect, but rather, has anyone gone into the research of showing how specific someone can go with a personality test and how that correlates with a person's agreement with the test?

    For example, two people take the test. Both test as INFJs. One gets the NF profile, the other gets the full INFJ profile. What is the correlation between specificity of the test results and agreement?

    I am not asking for opinions on the matter (just to save time). I am wondering if anyone knows if research like this has been done before, and if so, if they could point me towards it.

    Thank you.
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    I have researched articles related to the question you have asked and have not found any. To my knowledge, no peer reviewed article exist on this. However, I have not had access to CPP articles and there may be some information there, though the source may be considered to be "biased" in favor of the MBTI compared to other scientific journals.

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    Only publishers usually fund such studies. The official MBTI manual lists a whole bunch of studies. For agreement on all 4 preferences on Form M it's about 78%. The lower the subject's reading level and/or IQ the poorer the correlation. One study on "community adults" showed 58% but I don't have how that group is defined. When I ask for shows of hands in workshops I always get around 68-75% agreement--unless a lot of the attendees are from different subcultures.
    They hold it's a self-reporting instrument and not a diagnostic test. Isabel Myers thought that people didn't really like being told what they are so the theory explanation/instrument results/interpretation process would be more productive than a diagnostic test...

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