Hi! I am having a lot of trouble finding my type. I used to think I was an ENTP but a friend of mine pointed that I may be an ESTP instead and I am just not very good at self-analysis and I can't really tell which one I am. I've tried a lot of things and read some stuff as well, but I am still not sure. I'll give you some information on what I think of each cognitive function so you may have an idea of what is going on (note that I am far from an expert at this):

Te - I don't believe I have high Te since I like to keep things flowing and improvise. I create a broad strategy for anything I have in mind and then I deal with what comes up on the way, without caring too much about method or details. I change my mind with some ease.

Ti - I do belive I have high Ti. I am a pretty logical person and I do make most of my decisions based on what I think about the situation rather than what I feel or what I value. I don't think it is the first function, though, since I rather experience the world first, and then think about it than going the other way around. I don't like to spend too much time thinking (but I may overthink when stressed).

Fi - I don't believe I have Fi in my stack or else I think I would have a pretty much clearer vision of who I am and what I believe. I have trouble understanding my feelings and will think more about the environment I am in (or at least think about that first) than about myself.

Fe - I am also pretty sure I have Fe more or less on the third position, since while I will use logic first, I can still have a good grasp of what others are feeling or at least the general atmosphere of a social situation. I will think about the other person while speaking, but I will not care too much about social expectations and norms.

Now that's the tricky part:
Im pretty sure I am an P, probably an ExTP, but I am finding it difficult to determine what functions are my first and last at the stack

Ne - I thought I was a high Ne user because I can quickly change ideas and trails of thoughts, and I also can lose interest in a subject fairly easily. But I am not sure if I think too much about possibilities and I am not so prone to debating as ENTPs appear to be.

Se - My friend thinks I use Se beacause I care about aesthetics and I like new experiences. But since these are extrenal behaviors and I suck at discerning why I am doing something, I am also not so sure. Plus, I am not spotsy, I lose myself pretty easily on the streets and I don't think I as direct as ESTPs seem to be. I do enjoy sensorial experiences like eating in a different restaurant, taking a hot bath or going to a theme park, tho.

Si - I guess if I was to say which function I use the least it was probably going to be Si. I hardly ever notice changes in the way things were, I don't care too much about past experiences (in fact I won't remember them very well at all) and I am not very sistematic in any way. That's why I thought I was an ENTP, I thought our inferior function should be the one we use the least, or struggle more with, but...

Ni - My friend also said that we actually do use our inferior function more often than we think. And If I think about it I guess I use more Ni than Si. I have some "hunches" or intuitions in the most general sense of the word, and a lot of the times I will follow them and think about it while I do my thing (instead of thinking first and then leaping in). But they are usually good, I hardly ever get in trouble because of them. I also did asked a lot of questions to a MBTI blog about that, and one thing thay said was that the inferior Ni will freak out about the future and de inferior Si will freak out about the past (if I undestood it correctly), and in that case I am totally more prone to worry about the future than about the past - as I said I don't like to deal with the past too much.

What do you guys think about that? Are there any questions that I can try and ask myself? I am at a point that I really want to kick MBTI out of my life, but I won't because it's annoying to not know what type I am, c'mon, haha

Thank you so much!
Sorry about the weird english