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    Quote Originally Posted by hurl3y4456 View Post
    What makes you certain of your type based on the functions?
    The fact that some feelings can't get conscious to me while I notice that those feeling get conscious on others makes me identify myself with a certain type of feeler, which according to Jung is introverted feeling. Until now, I have never felt pleasure. It has been my research question: How is pleasure when get conscious? and couldn't find answer if I kept referring to my experience. I'll have to read literature that explain the theory of pleasure or may be ask my sister or my mother, who I think will be able to at least tell me something about pleasure feeling.

    When I have the Fi, The opposite function of extroverted thinking must be in my stack also. To identify which one my perceptive function is to check how the judging function works since,according to Jung, it works in pairs. I used to make a sclupture using Plasticine since kid, and since kid I fold origami, and I used to play toy keyboard also makes me identify extroverted sensor type with Fi, and I was sent by the school I attended in for math competition and the fact that I learnt math even without any assignment when I was in elementary school and realizing that math is an thinker thing with intuition, makes me type myself as Extroverted thinker and Introverted intuition.
    math and cognitive function

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    A lifetime of personal observation
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    Because of ego-attachment to an image of yourself.

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    Reading and observation, even asking other people.
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    Reading books on ennea and other systems, or else online resources on the functions helps. The opinions and observations of people who know me well her are aware of the system too. Thinking about my own behaviors, how it compares to the functions, what I relate to, what doesn't fit. It was 2016 or 2017 when I began to go down the typology rabbithole. It was late 2015 that I took the test that first got me interested in it.
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