I don't know much about ENTJ males but they are so friendly to me, they are the one who always initiate the conversation, which i find it hard that someone will be openly like this to me, one ENTJ(currently talking), when i'm not in the good situation he angry, subrogate, and want me to deserve best that why i like him and another ENTJ, my old friend, are so open mind, when i'm cannot prepared things in time he offer a subject to help me. i'm so admire about them two. i think they are very warm people, I don't know if i take the test right that I'm ESTJ...may be I'm ISFP that why i fall for them, i don't know why i always fall for ENTJ and i dont know ENTJ will fall for me or not but could you make me a point in which ESTJ (girls if can) and ENTJ boy will be romantically in love??