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Thread: INFJ vs INFP

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    Default INFJ vs INFP

    How would you differentiate INFJs from INFPs? I'm not sure where I fit so I want to get this off my chest. Thank you.

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    I think the easiest way to tell the difference is distinguishing between Ne and Ni.
    INFPs have high Ne, so they often come across as funny. They like to tell stories and flit from idea to idea. They are often interested in the patterns they see in the world. They might seem like a more subdued ENFP. INFPs often have very distinctive facial expressions.
    In contrast, INFJs have high Ni. They frequently describe their thought process as being very abstract and impression-based. Rather than flitting from idea to idea, they sometimes appear to wander slowly between ideas. They often come across as mysterious and they seem to like it that way. There's an unmistakable 'Ni gaze' that INFJs are known to have, where their gaze is lowered but not focused on any object, rather, they appear to be lost in thought.

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    infj's tend to be more guarded in how they present to the world.. they often have a sort of social mask that can almost seem extroverted... it's not really the best way to sort them, but it strikes me as significant... generally i find infp much easier to read, while infj come across as a bit more nebulous until you become close (as in i don't misread them, but often feel unsure)... i have really only known two infj well, though infp tend to hit things off with me often... anyhow, i am sure someone will drop some function based sorting methods in awhile...
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    Following dichotomy, it's literally P or J, that's it, only difference - the functions-in-attitudes have no place in personality theory, if you're following the MBTI - they're not tested for and have absolutely no scientific validity - so disregard everybody that suggests anything related to them, if you're after your MBTI type - it's dichotomy, and dichotomy only - and that means the difference is P or J, that's it - no more, no less.
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    I've read that INFJ is actually a perceiver while INFP is a judger. Which makes sense.

    INFJ = Ni Fe Ti Se
    INFP = Fi Ne Si Te

    INFJ leads by intuition and uses extraverted feeling as their main socializing tool. They'll be attuned to the needs of others and kind of selfless, while also very aware of themselves and individualistic. Which is weird.

    INFP leads by introverted feeling (Me Me Me, my values, my feelings, I'm so special usw) and primarily socializes via intuition. So you see, they are polar opposites in this sense.

    My INFJ friend has a sharp individuality and basically does what he wants all the time but he'll be also asking you how you feel all the time. He doesn't make an effort to be likable, he's very independent, but you don't mind because you know that he genuinely cares. He might lash out at you occasionally and criticize you harshly because you don't understand the importance of some global issue, but you don't mind because it's so obvious that he's doing it because he cares.

    My INFP friend is a lot more wishy-washy and also a lot more entertaining to talk to. He could be an amazing psychologist because of the Ne-Fi combination. He listens attentively and responds right on the bat, and debates with him can easily become philosophical. You couldn't have the same conversations with the INFJ, not because he's not smart but because he is not likely to waste precious time entertaining you or himself with empty, ego-based possibilities/delusions. If you have some feeling-laden theory about yourself which you really want to discuss the INFJ is more likely to smile and politely dismiss you while the INFP will play with you, enjoy exploring the imaginary field, help you unravel it, and because they introvert their own feelings, they won't get in the way. They will give you something of themselves while keeping the focus on you, which is awesome. I see my INFP friend as the best listener I know, I could talk to him for hours and he always gives me the impression that I'm learning something about myself, progressing or something like that.

    The INFJ is effortlessly deep. They might be saying absolutely normal shit like I'm hungry, I'm happy it didn't rain today, and yet they will strike you like they are some sort of fairytale character and you don't really know why. Their N is focused on themselves. The INFP is the opposite, he needs you to realize his own depth. They are much more likely to consciously try to be a character, and they will seem a lot more average and human. Also more mischievous and playful compared to the seriousness of the INFJ.

    i've read that ENFP is the most introverted of all extroverts. Could it be that the INFP (which has the very same functions in a different order) is the most extraverted of all introverts? (As for the INFJ, I have yet to find a more introverted type, haha.)

    I think the J/P is apparent in this sense, that he INFJ is more likely to dislike someone while the INFP is more likely to relate to everyone.

    Another thing that just came to mind- both of my friends have a talent for music. While the INFJ friend is your typical music nazi (you have to study, music is discipline, you won't grow if you don't study, theory is beautiful and it's not so hard, if you can't stomach it it means you're not serious and you just want to waste your time, hedonism is an insult basically) the INFP friend just happened to randomly pick up a guitar by imitation, asked me to teach him some "easy chords" and in a couple of weeks there he was playing songs, composing, strumming really heavily and confidently, just having fun with no pretenses and no sense of guilt or shame. He had no interest whatsoever for theory, he would call the chords "this one" and "the first one you showed me" but he could use them so who cares about the actual names?

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    To the point of INFPs being the most extroverted introverts, I'd have to say probably not. ENFPs and ENTPs often appear like introverts because they use dominant Ne, which doesn't necessarily need people to be used and doesn't match a stereotypical extrovert profile.

    I see dominant Fi as something deeply personal and inside oneself.

    Thinking about my one INFP friend, he could seem like an extrovert when around friends. He admits that he strongly desires genuine connection and is expressive and talkative. But, he is at the same time withdrawn and rather sensitive socially.

    Another INFP friend of mine is more of a classic introvert.

    These two INFP friends of mine also were the ones who initiated my friendship with both of them (then I introduced them to each other). Then again, I joke that I'm an Fi magnet. Introversion and extroversion is a gradient. That's why sometimes you have things like the introverts making an effort to become friends with the extroverts.

    My INFJ friend is very similar to both of them in many ways. She even has the same first name as the aforementioned female INFP which I think is interesting (it's a common name though). I'd also have to describe her as more of a classic introvert. The difference here is probably that the INFJs Fe makes her focus more on the needs and wants of others, making her extremely agreeable. Whereas, the INFPs with Fi are a bit more "This is what feels right to me, I'm not budging an inch no matter what the prevailing mood is."

    I think INFJs can appear extroverted, but are really not extroverts at all. Then again, I feel Ni tends to be hidden from view because most people don't understand it and the Ni user conceals that part of themselves.

    I have another friend who also claims to be an INFP. But I don't see it. She's worlds apart as far as temperament goes than the many Fi doms who I've encountered. She definitely seems far more extraveted and can be rather pushy, over confident, and aggressive. I think she's really an ENTP with an unhealthy reliance on tertiary Fe.

    I also suspect that a friend of mine from high school that i haven't spoken to in awhile is an INFJ as well. We used to work on group projects together and were always a really good team (as INFJs and ENFPs tend to be). She's more of a classic introvert as well. I should reach out to her and see if we can meet up sometime when we're both in the same area.

    Regardless, I find that when one mixes the NF and NT types, the conversation and interaction can go on for hours without any of the introverts getting burned out. I've seen it many times. Some of my favorite memories have been made just sitting for a meal with my NFP friends (and occasionally others) just talking about anything and everything.

    Overall, I adore both types. They're generally the kind of people I find easy to talk to. Though they'd probably say that about me.

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    I had a worker infj in my house , Fe is so evident .... The selfness from fe is so strong ... working to others , smart , creative , good to solve problems..., yeah infp are alot more selfish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Non_xsense View Post
    I had a worker infj in my house , Fe is so evident .... The selfness from fe is so strong ... working to others , smart , creative , good to solve problems..., yeah infp are alot more selfish.
    Fe does not equal selfless and Fi does not equal selfish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notmyapples View Post
    Fe does not equal selfless and Fi does not equal selfish.
    Exactly. One of the most selfish individuals I know is a ESFJ.

    Fe = directly tied into the external emotional environment

    Fi = great depth into the personal internal emotional environment

    For Fe users, especially FJs, the world is a great connected mesh, with everyone directly connected to everyone else. For NFJs, this seems to be more conscious than for SFJs, given my discussions with SFJs.

    Fi users are much more about looking at the world as a series of islands. And again, NFPs seem more conscious about all this.

    Fi space is a sacred space of great insight and power, but one that is fairly uncomfortable to FJs. Fe space is a wonderful mosaic of interconnected individuals that can be fairly uncomfortable to Fi users, who, at times, seem blissfully unaware of the impact of their words and deeds on others.

    Ultimately, there can be great similarity of outcomes for NFPs and NFJs, they just go about it in a completely different fashion.

    INFPs use Te to communicate and often do so poorly, as their inf Te is a poor tool to express the mighty depths and insights of their Fi. INFPs can be much more direct and rough in their language.

    INFJs use Fe to communicate, so their words will often take a direct relationship to their intended audience and alter accordingly.

    All INFs will appear similar at first glance, just like ISFs are very similar, up to a point.

    I found the best typing method is looking at people under stress, following the work of Naomi Quenk and her book, "Was that really me?" Excerpts of the book for each type can be found by googling the type "in the grip of the inferior function" (ex. INFP in the grip of the in short inferior function"
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    ― Bertrand Russell, Sceptical Essays
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    I've tested both INFP and INFJ. I recently read the post about role in groups, and I believe I am more Behind-the-Scenes than Chart-the-Course, and I understand Behind-the-Scenes is more INFP. I'm also famed for how I can flit from idea to idea, which I believe is more INFP.
    Although a friend from Columbia feels that zooming from idea to idea, ending up miles from where you started is classically Latino. Note: I am not Latino myself, so can't really comment on what is classically Latino :-) But yes, my Columbian friend is very much an idea flitter himself.

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